Family Photos - Myrtle Beach
Family photos on the beach! Myrtle Beach Affordable Beach Photography
Beach Fun on the shores of Myrtle Beach
Make memories!

Affordable Summer Family Photos
on th sandy shores of Myrtle Beach!

By Patricia Blackstock

* $80.00

Beach photos - Myrtle Beach
Family photos myrtle beach
Take care of your memories
because you cannot re-live them

Put your smart phone away and be included in every photo with your family!
Re-live your treasured Myrtle Beach vacation for years to come!

Whether you're looking for a beach celebration, an anniversary, birthday party, engagements, or reunions in Myrtle Beach, I will be happy to help you capture these special moments for an affordable price. My low prices make family photos on the beach affordable.

I do not do wedding photography, but please ask me for suggestions..

Beach fun! Take a look at the many photos on this page! Click any photo to open a gallery of rotating beach family photos!

These photo galleries show just how much fun we had together on the beach, and I hope they will make you smile too! I realize that each and every person is an individual, and thgat's what I strive to capture!

Click any photo to stop the rotation,

myrtle beach family photos
Photos on the beach in Myrtle Beach
* To keep my prices low

I accept payment in cash only. Additionally, I only shoot in Myrtle Beach, at your choice of the 2nd Ave. Pier, The Boardwalk and Myrtle Beach State Park. All 3 provide beautiful photo backgrounds such as a pier, popular Myrttle Beach attractions and plenty of dunes and ocean views. (There is an entrance fee for Myrtle Beach State Park.) Please schedule your photo date as soon as you can as I stay busy throughout tourist season. I do photos only once a week, so there are times I have to say no. Please call as much ahead as you can as my schedule stays full during the summer tourist season. There are no additional fees.

Here's how it works: Plan on 45 minutes to an hour of shooting time, depending on your stamina for physical activities. I will take 100+ shots during this time and choose the 20+ best (more photos for larger groups.) Your photos will be optimized and saved at a high resolution for printing. Also, I will size them to various standard sizes. We can talk about that when we meet. I use Photoshop CS6 and many photography filters. (See my "photo gear"at the bottom of this page.)

* The $75. fee is good for up to 5 people. Each additional person is $10. and yes, your dog counts as a person.

! Ask me for a price quote with no obligation.

Family Photography Myrtle Beach
Family Beach photography Garden City Beach

How about some photos of your dogs? Take a look at at the photo above right, and imagine a wonderful keepsake of your furry friend. Or send a personalized card from your dog to your friends! I love dogs and enjoy including them in photos on the beach, in a park, or in your home or condo. Call or e-mail me for pricing. Free estimate.

I will transfer your photos electronically, directly to your computer where you can download them. (I use

I offer photo restorations, family beach photography, graduations, engagements, expecting parents, and even your dog!

Pease contact me by phone or e-mail! Not on Facebook which I might not see in time. If I don't answer when you call (due to too many robo calls) please leave me a message. I promidse I'll call you back. Contact me with questions and/or to set up an appointment for your beach photos in Myrtle Beach. Please use the word photos" in the sunject line. Or call: 843-215-7338. I look forward to meeting you!

Patricia Blackstock, Owner and Webmaster of

My photo gear: CAMERAS: Canon 80D, Canon 60D, Canon Rebel, Canon PowerShot S95.
LENSES: Canon Zoom 70-300, Canon 28-200, Signa WA 10-20, Tamron 16-300, Sigma 150-500
POST-PROCESSING: Photoshop CS6 and a slew of filters. See photo here.

About Me! My husband and I have lived in Myrtle Beach since 1997.

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