What is the difference between
Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach?

By Patricia Blackstock
Mike, what is the difference between Myrtle Beach,
South Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach?

You're not the only one confused, and I am well-qualified to answer this:  I am a native Pennsylvanian (Altoona area) who just shakes his head when he sees something with just a brief name or initials to refer to a locatioon here. To make things more confusing, some locations have a variety of formal and informal names for the same place or road. Well, here's the bottom line! Hang on!

The CITY of Myrtle Beach is commonly referred to as the Boulevard, South or North. The "Boulevard" is Ocean Blvd. and mostly refers to locations in the middle - between about 3rd Avenue South northward to about 29th Ave. North. This includes the Boardwalk area.

HOWEVER, the Boulevard actually extends from the very Southern part of Myrtle Beach to 82nd Ave. North. The best way to determine if an address is in the respective section is to look at the street address and MAKE SURE you know if the words include "north" or "south" - or just an "N" or "S". If it's LOWER than 3rd Avenue South -it's basically "South Myrtle"" (about half the hotels/resorts and some amusements along Ocean Blvd. are in the same area.)  If the different addresses between 3rd Ave South and 29th Ave North, it's "downtown" or the middle "main boulevard", "strip", also many hotels/motels, plus the Boardwalk, teen clubs, amusements, etc.). The area North of 29th Ave. N.is higher-end residential, with very nice hotels and resorts - often discussed in this Forum - around the 5000 to 7500 block.

Streets and roads follow similar themes such as "South Myrtle", "North Myrtle", etc. The most confusion comes from multiple names. Business Rt. 17 is also "Kings Highway", etc).

Looking at the bigger picture, many folks refer to "Myrtle Beach" as if it includes the ENTIRE Myrtle Beach "Grand Strand" region, rather than just the CITY of Myrtle Beach. Therefore, some people refer to the municipalities south of Myrtle Beach such as Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet, etc. as "South Myrtle." Additionally, peoplerefer to places NORTH of the city of Myrtle Beach as "North Myrtle."If someone mentions North Myrtle Beach, be sure to ask if they mean the "north end" of Myrtle Beach or "city of NORTH Myrtle Beach!"

NOW to further complicate (or perhaps clarify) things- NORTH MYRTLE BEACH....
North Myrtle Beach is a separate city, 15+ miles north of the CITY of Myrtle Beach. Iy is made up of 7 municipalities that merged several years ago to become one city.

In between the CITY of MYRTLE BEACH and the City of NORTH MYRTLE BEACH are some areas such as "Restaurant Row" "Windy Hill" "Briarcliff Acres" etc. North Myrtle Beach, like most other municipalities, ALSO also has an Ocean Boulevard and at Rt. 17 that uses "North" and "South" as part of the address. THEREFORE, you may see an address that says only "2026 Rt 17N" - but you have to take note of the "N" for North. It could be BYPASS OR BUSINESS RT 17, and sometimes does not specify WHICH municipality; you have to figure out if it is Surfside Beach or maybe NORTH Myrtle Beach, The difference could be as much as 30 miles apart. Some businesses, venues, attractions, etc. address this problem with an on-line search, but be aware that brochures often use terms such as NMB- which means North Myrtle Beach.

I can't count the number of times I'm off (or on) duty and people approach me and say they've been looking for quite some time (in MYRTLE BEACH) for some place thwt had no city llisted, and it weas actually a different municipality. Or it said just "NMB" and did not know they meant the CITY of NORTH Myrtle Beach. Overall, the the largest points 0f confusion are incorrect addresses or questionable directions.

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This question has been posted several times in our our Myrtle Beach Message Board. I asked one of our locals this question since her participates on our forum. He is involved in law enforcement which keeps him active and current with Myrtle Beach
Difference North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Difference North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach Difference North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach