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Pier Fishing in Garden City Beach

Charley the Pelican at Myrtle Beach State Park Pier

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier Fishing

Wally, Pier Fishing in Myrtle Beach

The Fish Chart below will give you an estimate of when the various fish are running in the Myrtle Beach area

The Fish Pocket Guide is a free .pdf from salt water fishing gov. It is called the S.C. Pocket Guide to fish in the S.C. Atlantic Ocean and it includes such fish as: Spadefish, Barracudas, Hogfish. Mackerel, Bluefish, Skip Jack, Trigger Fish, Puffers, Flounder, Sail fish, Whites and many more.

Another good source of information is Pilot's Home Grand Strand Fishing Reports.


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My Photos are For Sale!

Damage from Hurricane Matthew - photos! 2016

LINK: NINE EPIC PIERS IN SOUTH CAROLINA! Where you stay will probably determine the fishing pier you'll want to visit most often. Some piers are free to walk, while others charge a small admission fee.

Note to all pier/manages and owners: If you spot a mistake in your listing or if you have not been listed here or if you want to make changes in current listings... or if there is something else you want to tell me...please send an email with the subject 'piers'

Myrtle Beach State Park has added informational fish signs on the pier. The signs show photos of the fish, the fish's identity, limits, size restrictions and more. My photos rotate about every 5 seconds. Click any image to stop rotation. Atlantic Sharp Nose, Spotted trout and many others.

Myrtle Beach State Park Current Pier Fees
Myrtle Beach State Park Fun Facts
New addition: PIER PRESSURE (photo)

Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Signs! "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind" :-) Click any photo to start rotation.

Hurricane Matthew chewsa chunk from our local piers across the Grand Strand

National Marine Fisheries Service: New Regulations Population assessment updates for vermilion snapper and red porgy have been completed. The vermilion snapper indicates the population is not undergoing over-fishing and is \not over-fished (when there was not enough fish population.)  The stock assessment update for red porgy indicates the species is no longer undergoing over-fishing population based on assessment updates and NOAA Fisheries. Keep up to date with these links Conservation Commission South Carolina, NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office frequently Asked Questions (2016) You may also be interested in South Atlantic Seasonal Closures and Trip Limits Again, if you are planning to use a rental boat in the Grand Strand. NOTE: this fee is usually included in the base price. The local businesses are all aware of these circumstances.

License Fees Individuals fishing from the shore, private dock, etc. and those recreational shrimping and fishing, this does NOT apply to fishing piers where the fee is included in your admission to the pier, nor does it apply to fishing charters or Charter Boat in the Grand Strand where the license is already

More about license fees! Here's a photo of the S.C. Recreational Fishing License. For can download this.pdf that tells you exactly who has to pay a license fee and who does not! Adobe .pdf for Saltwater Fishing Rules and Regulations.

What fish will you catch? The most fish caught from the Myrtle Beach piers include grouper, sea bass, rigger, dolphin, wahoo and King Mackerel. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find fishing trends (with links to current trends)

About Surf Fishing:Surf fishing in Georgetown and Horry Co. with your fishing license, fishing in unsafe conditions is not allowed. Unsafe conditions would include people walking on the beach. swimming or fishing too close to people passing by at a "safe distance" from peopleo on the beachbeach. (Distance is not specified.) In Georgetown County, no fishing of any kind is allowed within 50 feet of any boat landing. Surfside Beach has their own rules and regulations. See SCDNR for more information.)

Got questions aboutlocal piers and fishing? Want to share your story of the one that got away? Let me hear from you on the Myrtle Beach Message Board!

Grand Strand Piers! What dish are running now? Here's the up-to-date Myrtle Beach Fishing Report

No limit on the following fish:
Please be a responsible angler and throw back any fish that are too small to eat,

Florida Pompano
Crevalle Jack
Cutlass Fish (be careful of very sharp teeth!)

Apache Campground PierLake Arrowhead Road, Myrtle Beach. Whether you just want to check out the view, take a scroll and enjoy live entertainment all summer long at the piere's covered center stage - or just fish all day long! It is open 365 days a year. Complete bate and tackle is available on the Apache Pier. Visit the website for rates and more information.

Crabbing Information from Apache Pier
Cherry Grove Beach Pier 3500 N. Ocean Blvd., North Myrtle Beach.Daily prices: $1.00 per person to walk. The Pier claims many record-setting catches including a world record 1,780 lb. Tiger shark and a 98 lb. record-setting Tarpon. Cherry Grove beach pier was built in the 1940s and has been in the Prince family since1965. It has withstood terrible winds and hurricanes.It was remodeled lengthened in 1999, after a visit from Hurricane Floyd. The Tackle/Gift Shop has bverything you need! (843) 249-1625.

DoubleTree by Hilton, (previously Springmaid Pier and often still called Springmaid pier) Before Hurricane Matthes in 2017, this was Myrtle Beach's longest pier at 1060 feet long, 36 feet wide, and with 110-feet at the end. A Myrtle Beach landmark, this pier hosted many tournaments and offers a beautiful ocean view. It holds the State record for Spanish Mackerel, and the biggest tarpon caught from the pier was125 lbs. DoubletreeSringmaid Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577.(843) 315-7156. Springmaild Pier

Myrtle Beach State Park is three miles south of Myrtle Beach on U.S. 17 business. Free to walk on the pier with your Pier Park pass plus paid entrance proof. Fishing Prices: A daily fishig pass is $7. Rod rental needs pass plus $8 rental fee and $20 refundable deposit. April - October 6:30AM-8 PM; Nov. - March: 10AM-5PM. Call Myrtle Beach State Park for more information. (843) 238-5326. Myrtle Beach pier report work has been completed. The state-funded project cost around $950,000.

14 Ave. Pier 1304 N. Ocean Blvd.A pier of one sort of another has been a part of this oceanfront location since 1926. In Sept. 1989, Hurricane Hugo did its best to shorten that lifespan. But the pier refused to buckle.  In fact, it was one of the only piers survived Hugo's force, Pierr 14 was closed for several months due to Hurricane Hugo. Visit the 14th Ave. pier from the link above or call (843) 448-6500 (Pier)

The Pier at Garden City The pier at Garden City Beach is free to walk. It is located 8 miles south of Myrtle Beach in the heart of Garden City Beach on the south strand.

The The pier in Garden City is 668 ft long with a rain shelter at the end of the pier. It is located on Waccamaw Drive, Garden City Beach, S.C. 29576. (843) 651-9700.

Second Avenue Pier 2ndAve. This pier is the most southern anchor to Myrtle Beach's famous Boardwalk which offers restaurants, fishing, and fun. Call 843.445.PIER (7437).2nd Ave. See my photos of this pier, damages by Matthew.

Surfside Pier was first built in 1953, and has been rebulit three times. The last time was in March, 1993. As far back as can be recalled, a wealthy group of business people first bulit the pier and the Tillman family later purchased it. During the 70s and 80s, the Holliday family owned aand operated this pier. After the "storm of the century" knocked it downn for the 3rd time. The pier was rebuilt and sold to the Scalise family. Severel years ago this pier was leased to the Kremers. Open 6 AM - 11 PM Surfside Pier, located at S. Ocean Blvd., SC 29575 (843) 238-0121.

Veterans Pier - Murrells Inlet ia free to walk If you want to fish, you will need a salt water fishing license Veterans Pier,any dock, bridge, jetty or private boat in the Murrells Inlet estuary. The Marshwalk, including Veteran's Pier is 1/2 mile long. This pier is open to the public (no fee charged) until midnight several days a week. There are several ramaps and walk-outs. Wheelchairs are available.

That other pier...

Garden City's "smaller pier" is free to walk and it's almost hidden!
For a quiet pier for families and anyone who wants some space for fishing, crabbing or just hnging out, Google for directions, or take Bus. 17 Garden Citt Beach. You will see two ocer-sized signs: One says Garden City Connector -the othere end saysPine Ave. - both signs point left. Go 1/2 mile to the dead end. Turn left and go to Elizabeth. The park is ssraight ahead. Just drive straight in and park free. You'll see a play area, outdoor barbecue stands, picnictables and a pavilion. Just past this point you will see a really nice pier. At the end of the pier you will find a shelter: And you will see some steps. You can crab from the shelter and seldom see anyone. I've sewen people pull up crabs here, and I'm always amazed to see it mostly unchanged. P.S. Let's keep it that way!

You're not "up north" anymore, so remember to take your heaavy-duty sun cream. and especially DO NOT forget your hat! You're welcome~ :-)

Also, be sure to check the daily reports from the SC Dept. of Natural Resources Salt Water Trends to stay current. The Pocket Guide is a free .pdf from salt water fishing gov. It is called the S.C. Pocket Guide to fish in the S.C. Atlantic Ocean and it includes various fish ...Spade Fish, Barracudas, Hog Fish, Mackerel, Bue Fish, Jack Fish, Triffer Fish, Puffers, Flounder in Myrtle Beach, North Mtrtle Beach and the Grand Strand piers

Barracuda April - Oct.
Blue Fish April -October
Cobia June - October
Dolphin April - Sept.
Flounder April - Sept
King Mackerel May- Nov.
Red Drum May - Nov.
Red Fish July - Dec.
Sea Bass Jan. - Dec.
Sea Trout July - Nov.
Shark May- Oct
Spanish Mackerel May - Dec.
Speckled Trout Spots- Jan., Nov.andDec. as well as Oct. and Nov.
Stripers Tarpon January, March and November

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