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Severe flooding 9/25 watch the drone.
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"Beach to Beach" - how the Carolina coasts are doing after Florence

Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand

Due to Hurricane Florence
record number of individual visitors on 9/12/18

By Patricia Blackstock

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Scott Krause and his drone explore Little River and Sunset Beach

14th Ave, Pier OUTAGE
web cam update below
Compass Cove cam
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Oceans One
Resort Cam
NEW! ComSurv
Web Cam
18th Green WebCam
Blackmore Golf Course
Dead Dog Web Cam
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Ocean Lakes
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Avista Resort
Avista Resort cam
Downtown Boardwalk
*OD Pavilion Cam
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Beautiful S.C.
Bar Harbor Beach
Bar Harbor Web Cam
Garden City Beach
WPDE web cam
Ocean Watersports
So. Beach Cam
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Between Wind & Water.
Bermuda Sands
Bermuda Sands cam
Georgetown Cam
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Ocean Drive
Cherry Grove Pier
North Myrtle Beach
Broadway @ Beach
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Grande Shores
Palms Resort
Beach cam
Jet Boat
Broadway@ Beach
Breakers Resort
Live beach cam
Guy Daniels Cam
Memorial, Surfside
7th Ave S.
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Cherry Grove Pier
North Myrtle -
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Marina Web Cam
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Cherry Grove
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Myrtle Beach
Coral Beach Resort
Coral Beach
North Myrtle Beach
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2 mile night drone
Boardwalk, downtown
Caribbean Resort
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North Myrtle Beach
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Sports Complex
Myrtle Beach Resort
360 interactive pano
Ocean Creek South
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Ocean Creek North
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Sea Captain House
WMBF Web Cam
2018 BEST from
Water Ski Broadcasting
WebCam Notes (and more)

It's not how many webcams are listed on a page, it's how many of these cams actually work! Thanks to all of you who have tasken time to contact me by e-mail, phone, I don't say it enough. A big Thank You! I appreciate all y'all's help.

3/5/19 Hey, y'all. I just added a new link (top right) from an anonymous e-mail. The copy said it was from Tilghman Resort which is in NMB. It links to BAB. I googled around and found ComSurv on FB but it didn't tell me anything about the cam. Also, the link is an IP address which points to ConSurv. So I'll let it ride. But if any of y'all can solve the mystery when you have nothing better to do, please let me know! Thanks!!

New - Shark Cam at Cape Fear - not far from Wilmington (hope this one continues to work!)

Scott Krause's Drone at Sunset Beach

Drive about an hour's drive north of Myrtle Bech, and you'll be at Oean Isle Beach, N.C. Here's the webcam from Salty Surf Shop!

Flyover North Myrtle Beach. When drone video loads, click twice to view full size.

Beautiful South Carolina drone from Scott Kruse

9/15/18 Myrtle Beach after Hurricane Florence

9/25 - North Myrtle Beach high water rescue truck overturned by flood water.

9/24 - Georgetown "You need to leave"

9/23 -Flooding at the Intracoastal Waterway

9/22 - Hurricane damage to Myrtle Beach

9/16 - Aftermath Hurricane Florence


Current Free Calendar of Events Free stuff in Myrtle Beach!

Many thanks to those of you who take the time to klet me know of new cams or webcam changes. I don't own or operate any of the cams, but I'll still do what I can to get it resolved. Send me an email (Patricia Blackstock)

Thanks to our message board member Brian - "Coastalbid") for posting this link to the newest cam at Riptydz....in the center of Myrtle Beach (It is linked more or less alphabetically above.) Wally and I had the pleasure of meeting Brian recently at Riptyds along with some other friends. THANKS so much for posting this cam!

3/31 - Thanks to Joe for the heads-up on this! 14th Ave cam is up and running.

3/26/18 Thank you Jim for the alerts about the Garden City Beach cam outage. It seems to be back online now, but the Surfside cam remains out of service.

3/6/18 - Thanks to alert Cam Fan Peggy who told us that the the Guy Daniels site is back online.

2/17/18 -I received a couple e-mails today, telling me the Surfside Beach Live Weather Cam is not working.The message says "A network error caused the download to fall part-way." Hummm.... I called the main number 843.234.9733 and reported the problem. I was told it would be reported immediately. If I miss a re-connection, please contact me. Thanks y'all! :-)

In light of the OD Pavilion outage, I'll tell you a story that goes back a couple weeks ago. My neighbor and I drove up to NMB to hear the Shakers...probably the biggest act of the season at the Horseshoe. Early in the season, North Mtyrtle Beach experienced a lot of flooding. It was decided that new drains would be the answer to avoid this problem.  Throughout the spring and summer, residents were forced to avoid the area near the beach due to detours and roadblocks.

Finally, we thought it was fixed. But then a neighbor and I were told it was called off....due to floods! There were actually people in kayaks paddling down the main street! We left the car where we parked and walked around the area.I took these 2 photos which show NMB as it should NOT have looked that night: Night of the flood 1
Night of the flood 2   This week I came upon Cooter Dougles on YouTube explaining that the streets in NMB are perfect...if there is no rain. OK. I know y'all are not happy with the substitute for the OD Pavilion not working....but it is all I have to give you. :-(

3/15I thought y'all might get a kick out of this. I was standing by the first pole you see when you look at the Oceanfront Bar & Grill cam. I said to Wally, "I wonder if any of the cam fans are watching right now." He says "If they were, they wouldn't know you anyhow!" So he took this photo! Hugs to all you cam watchers from the Net Nanny!

2/24 Here's a presentation put together by the Smithsonian Channel featuring Myrtle Beach! It's not a cam, but it's better than some cams I'll leave unmentioned. (cough cough.)

Not a webcam, but it will make you smile!
Cooter Douglas talks about a new pier

Don't believe everything you read about Myrtle Beach


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