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Patricia Blackstock
14th Ave, Pier
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18th Green Webcam
Blackmoor Golf Course

Avista Resort Avista Resort cam

Web Cam

Bar Harbor Beach
Bar Harbor Webcam

Bermuda Sands

Broadway @ the Beach
WebCam BAB

Breakers Resort cam
see below

Cherry Grove
Prince Resort cam

Caribbean Resort cam

Hey. yall! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your help with this web cam page. Thanks for letting me know when there's something wrong. Thank you for letting me know when you found a new cam. I don't say it enough, but I appriciate all of you. If you're on Facebook we have a message board there. It's named: "The Myrtle Beach message board"

* NEW! Local drones in and around Myrtle Beach. Here's Garden City Beach, Done video by Robbie Bischoff July 4, 2020. See many other local drone flights on this web page.

*7-26-2020 I was told today that DeadDog is aware of the cam outages and are in the process of getting them back online soon. Anyone wants to give them a call, the number is 843-651-0664.

*Contact me Patricia Blackstock (843-215-7338 or if you would like to purchase an ad on any page. I'm local (over 20 years of living in Myrte Beach) and I would love to see some local ads here. yours woud replace the non-local (google) ads you see now.

Bermuda Sands cam has been repaired and is working again! Thanks, Rob, for giving me a call!

Thanks so much to Bob and Lois for letting me know both the Garden City and Murrells Inlet webcam is back online!

Thanks so much to Sterling Catterton fopr discovering the link to Ripley's Aquarium (above) featuring their new Penguin webcam! Please note that they turn off the lights around 8 P.M. so these sweet penguins can get their rest!

Suggestions?Additions? Mistakes? Please tell me what you think. Thanks y'all!

Drone footage of three SC piers
Myrtle Beach and Boardwalk

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South Carolina inmate in jail: "May have used drones in prison escape," Officials google Say
Read about it here!

S.C. prisons go high-tech to ground contraband deliveries by drones. Call it the drone war. And South Carolina's prisons are fighting it with state-of-the-art technology. Drones drop tools used for daring prison breaks. They bring drugs and cell phones to imates waiting in the recreation yards. They can ignite riots from prisoners scrambling to grab the special delieveies.

New from Scott Krause: Here's a beautiful view of an aireal flight over Mansfield Plantation Georgetown, S.C.

Featured Drones - All over South Carolina drones are becoming quite popular. Ft.Sumter, Military drones that are used to find and kill terrorists overseas are being piloted in South Carolina and a permanent headquarters for the operation will be in the works soon. If you have some drones you think would be a good addition to this page, please send me the link!

From Scott Krause: Cargo Ship capsizes of the coast of Georgia. The Golden Ray "Roll on Roll off" cargo shop capsized in the St. Simon Sound in Brunswick, Georgia. She was built in 2017and it is the length of two football fields. Her gross tonnage comes in at a whopping 71,178 tons, and she is carrying 4,000 Hyundai and Kia vehicles that were to arrive in Baltimore. All 42 crew members were rescued, the last four rescued the day before this was shot. ©Scott Krause Aerials. View all Scott Krause's amazing Web Cams

Shark Cam at Cape Fear - not far from Wilmington, N.C.Some repairs going on. (google for directions) to Ocean Isle Beach. Here's the webcam

Flyover North Myrtle Beach. Wem the flyover loads, click twice for larger view.

Beautiful South Carolina grone from Scott Kruse

9/15/18 Myrtle Beach after Hurricane Florence

9/25 - North Myrtle Beach water rfescue truck, overturned by flood water.

9/24 - Georgetown "You need to leave!"

9/23 - Flooding at the Intracoastal Waterway

9/22 - Hurricane damage to Myrtle Beach

9/16 - Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Murrells Inlet
WPDE Inlet Cam

North Myrtle Beach
Ocean Drive webcam

North Myrtle Beach
Plantation Cam

North MB Park Lake
web cam

OD Pavilion, NMB
May not work. Warning.

Ocean Drive (NMB) WPDE

Ocean Ones Resort
Web Cam

Palms Resort Cam

Pawleys Island Cam

Ripley Aquarium Penguin Cam (open until 8pm)

Riptydz 3 webcams
Off 10 PM - 7 AM

Springmaid Pier WPDE skycam

Sea Crest Resort cam

Seaside, NMB Cam

Sea Captain's House web cam

NEW 7-11
Surfside Beach

Surf-off Guy Daniels webcam

Tilghman Resort

Traffic S.C. Web Cam

WonderWorks cam

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Compass Cove (N.E. and S.) Working again!

*17th Ave S. NMB
North Myrtle Beach

Coral Beach Resort cam

Dead Dog Web Cam
* see below for info.


Garden City Beach
WPDE webcam

Downtown Boardwalk
Earth Cam

Downtown Boardwalk 2

Grande Shores
Web cam

Garden City Beach Skycam

I received a couple e-mails to day, telling me the Surfside Beach cam is not working. Hummm....the message says "A network error caused a link to fall part-way." I called the main number 843.234.9733 and reported the problem.I was told it would be reportted imediately. Thanks, y'all!

You are likely aware tht there are many uses for drones outside of video production, but you may be surprised how many and how varied the uses are. And the number is growing fast. In fact, according to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), optimal integration of drones in the U.S. will result in the creation of about 100,000 jobs and an effect of $82 billion on the economy by 2025, not all of which will be in the film industry. The following list of 10 unusual uses for drones, picked mainly at random from a large variety. New uses for drones

In light of the OD Pavilion outage, I'll tell you a story that goes back a couple weeks. My neighbor and I drove up to NMB to hear the Shakers..probably the biggest act of the seasson at the Horseshoe. Early in the season, North Mtyrtle Beach experienced a lot of flooding. It was decided that new drains would be the answer to avoid this problem. Throughout spring and summer, residents were forced to to avoid that area of the beach due to detours and roadblocks.

Finally, we thought it was fixed, but then my neighbor and I were told it had been called off due to floods.  There were actually people in kayaks paddling down Main St. We left the car where we parked it and walked around the area. I took these two photos of NMB as it should NOT have looked that night!
Night of the flood 1

Night of the flood 2   This week I came upon Cooter Dougles on YouTube explaining that the streets in NMB are perfect...if there is no rain. OK...I know you are not happy with the substitute for the OD Pavilion cam not working, ....but it's all I have to give you :-(

I thought y'all might get a kick out of this. I was standing by the first pole you see at the Oceanfront Bar & Grill cam. I said to Wally, "I wonder if any of the webcam fans are watching right now?" He says "If they were, they wouldn't know you anyhow!" So he took this photo! Hugs to all y'all cam frineds from the Net Nanny!

Here's a presentation put together by the Smithsonian Channel featuring Myrtle Beach. It is not a web cam, but it's better than sime cams I'll leave unmentioned. Cough cough.)

Not a webcam, but it will make you smile. Cooter Douglas talks about a new pier

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