Vintage Myrtle Beach Postcards and Photos
Old Myrtle Beach postcards and photos
postvard - 2nd Ave. Pier Myyrtle Beach
Needle at the Pavilion
On the Beach
Myrtle Square Mall
Chapin Center Myrtle Beach
Ocean Forest Hotel
Old Corkscrew
Old Pavilion
Sea Cafe - Former location of Mother Fletcher's
Washington Park Race Trace Myytle Beach
Hawaiian Village Mini-Golf and Restaurant
Myrtle Beach Pavilion
Myrtle Beach Pavilion
1924 Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach downtown 1937
Ocean Blvd.
In front of Myrtle Beach Pavilion
Myrtle Beach 9th Ave. 1937

The following photos are from the Anchor Bank Collection of
Home Town Classics
from 1924 to 1937.
1. 2nd Ave. Pier 2. Old Pavilion 3. Chapin Shopping Center 4. Hawaiian Village Mini Golf
Ocean Forest Hotel
1. Myrtle Square Mall 2 and 3. Ocean Forest Country Club and Hotel 4. Astro Needle
1. Pavilion 2. The Corkscrew 3. Washington Park Raceytrack 4. Pavilion - Beach
On the Beach Pavilion
1. Seaside Cafeteria (Before Mother Fletcher's) 2. On the Beach 3.Pavilion 4. Pavilion 5. Thunderbird
The photos below were taken by Jack Thompson . He's the expert on old Myrtle Bach. Contact him if you're looking for prints.
Myrtle Beach Pavilion, 1949
Myrtle Beach Pavilion 1954
Myrtle Beach Pavilion, 1959
(1) Myrtle Beach Pavilion, 1949 (2) Myrtle Beach ,1954 (3) Myrtle Beach Pavilion, 1959

Oliver's Murrells Inlet
Oliver's Murrells Inlet
Also - view my "newest old pictures." Myrtle Beach as it was, and as it still is. But you'd better look quick!

This is the way we were!

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