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Best New England Web Cams
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By: Patricia Blackstock

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CT New London webcam

CT Mystic drawbridge

CT New London:

CT Water’s Edge Resort & Spa, Westport

MA Salisbury Beach Cam Salisbury Beach

MA - From the Dreamland Harbor view - Room Nantucket

MA - USS Constitution cam

MA Boston Longfellow Bridge cam

MA Seaside Kennebunk Beach

MA  Sebec Lake webcam

MA Cape Neddick,  from lighthouse

MA The Lighthouse - York

MA Beachmere Inn

MA  Sebec Lake webcam

MA Booth Bay Harbor

MA  Kennebunkport

ME Bar Harbor Oil's Trolly

ME Bar Harbor video cam

ME Scarborough, Turnpike Holmes Road

ME Higgens Beach
Portland web cam

ME Higgins Beach
very low tide

ME 3 webcamss
Moosehead Lake

ME - Maine Maritime
Academy webcam

ME Stonington  webcam

ME Portland Head Light  Cape Elizabeth

ME Rockland Breakwater Web Cam

ME - Rockland cam

ME Sugarloaf Ski area

Skyline Cam

NY Statue of Liberty Webcam

NY Port of NY
Web Cam

NY beautiful skyline cam

RI Newport Harbor WebCam

RI Sherman's Main Newport Harbor

RI - N.E. Narragansett

RI Narragansett and Main in this cam

VT Burlington downtown cam

VT covered bridge webcams

VT Burlington
downtown cam

VT Middle College Library webcam

VT Burlington Church St. Market Place cam

November, 2020 - Flying self-righteous robot drones have made their way to the U.S. Last Friday, the mayor of Elizabeth, New Jersey, where more than 1,400 confirmed cases of COVID-19, announced plans to deploy drones to enforce social distancing rules.

Boston - a city emptied by the coronavirus virus:

On azny other weekday, this area would be bustling. Drone footage has captured how the streets are now nearly bare, due to the virus. With stores closed, bars and restaurnts hutdown, and many businesses instituting work-from-home policies, the familiar hussle of the work week was replaced by an eerie calm across Boston. Watch the aerial video below. Some of the previously busy streets and shops are completely devoid of people.

New England Drones
carefully selected to show you the best drones.

2020 - Covid virus drones? In New England, the neighbors said "NO." The People of Westport, Connecticut put a swift end to the "pandemic drones" Read more here

2020 - Filmaker documents abandoned area in New England with Drone Camera

View the NorthEast when fall foliage has arrived! It will take your breath away!

Providence, RI. This web cam leaves you wishing for summer!

RI The Block Island Southeast Lighthouse

There's a secret place in New York that you will never visit. It is named U Thant View the cam!

RI Matunuck webcam

New England by Drone

New England 2 Drone 2

Stunning Drone footage in Boston

Groton, CT by Drone

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NH Hampton Beach webcams

White Mountain
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NH Wild Cat from the roof

NH Dubllin, on the site of the Thomas Building

NH Jenness Beach cam

NJ Wildlife Cam

NJ Seaside Heights

NJ Atlantic Highlands

NY skyline caLibertym

NY Stateue of WebCam

NY Hudson River and NYC Skyline Cam

NY - Port of New York WebCam