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Put a freeze on your Soclai Security. This is highly recommended! Google 'Clark Howard' for more information.
The most common crime (especially March through Novenber) is car break-ins. Always remove anything of value from your car, ad double check to be sure it is locked before you walk away. Beach parking areas, expecially around N. 67th, 64th, 48th and 34th) are returning targets

Memorial Day Weekend: The population in the city of Myrtle Beach swells to 500,000 on this weekend. The actual population within the Myrtle Beach city limits is 32,700 (in 2019.) About 300 police from South Carolina were added to the current number of police. The Grand Strand brings in 16+ million visitors a year (2018) For every 100,000 people, there are 1,488 violent rimes reported (June 18, 2020)

Crime Prevention: IMPORTANT Add the number below to your contact information before you arrive at the beach. Always ALWAYS lock your car. DO NOT leave anything ofvalue in sight from your car windows. Iff uou notice someone (or something) that seems out of place, use your smart phone to get a picture of the license plate, please report suspicious people or activities. Do not hesitte to call this number: 843-918-1382.

The number of crimes (violent, property) are excessively high, compared to nayional statisstics were provided by the United States Consensus.

Question: So, do the numbers match the neighborhood?
Answer from Leo:
The question they are really sking is : "Is Myrtle Beach safe enough \ that I will feel comfortable living here?" The answer is YES!
When we first moved here, we started reading the newspaper online. Living in a resort location skews criminal statistics because of the transient nature and large numbers of petty criminals that frequent the place. Remember, our population increases to over 19 million tourists visiting each year. Statistically, even if a fraction of 1% of these people are shady characters, I don't think crime statistics are that far out of line. However, if you account for all that, you'll find Myrtle Beach in line with what you would expect to see in any similar size community that is not resort-driven.

Here's something to keep in mind from onw of our message board members! Leo: In crowds that do not have an immediate "solution", the local law enforcement organizations are VERY competent and amazingly successful in "getting their man" (or woman). There have breen countless occasions when some perp is at large on a Tuesday, and by Thursday the Sun News is reporting that he is behind bars, eating his moldy bread and drinking dank water. And trust me, these crimes show no evidence to go on when first reported, so tracking down these clowns is not easy. Even without this disadvantage, the detectives are extremely efficient. I've read crime stories to my wife from the newspaper and finished by saying, "They'll have this guy in cuffs by the end of the day." Trust me on this. I'm seldom wrong! "The bottom line is this ---I never feel uncomfortable living here. Clearly there are areas to avoid at sometimes during the night, but you're going to get that in any city or town of just about any size. Use common sense. But if you are worried about safety in your neighborhood, the local retail stores, malls, and business, parks, etc. you're wasting your emotional cycles. You can feel completely safe and at ease living here.

Question 2:
Why are crime rates so high in Myrtle Beach?

Answer from Mike:
It's true...Myrtle Beach does have a higher than average crime rate, due to its location and the larger number of transients during the smmer season Therefore it is NOT an accurate assessment. RELATIVE factors to most US cities. Most agencies and organizations who do these ratings, do not clarify their results, despite the continued efforts of officials.

The results are skewed by car thefts (typical of a focused, seasonal tourist spot) and assults/robberies - many of which are a result if active drug sale attempts on or related to youth-oriented clubs (not the teen-oriented ones, but rather the 20-something crowd) that continue to be closed by the city in a major crackdown on nightclubs, taking responsibility for crimes that occur on their premises.Also, a significaqte number of people claim loss of valuable items during their stay in Myrtle Beach based on "questionable" insurance claims. Sometimes hard to prove, but suspicious indications were already there.

Bottom line: Most of the crimes are not your typical tourist, but folks who have been in contact with other criminals or those whose behavior makes them vulnerable. Quite often, tourists will drop their safety precautions during vacation. So be double sure you check to be sure your vehicle is locked - and secure anything of value. Do not leave anything visible through your car windows. Be aware of your surroundings, and many concerns will be minimized.

Another question for Mike:
Even though Myrtle Bech has a transient population that contributes to the high crime rate, I'm ocondern3ed to find the crime rate is almost double to what you find in New York city. NY has a lot of tourists coming and going to be the stereotype of "Crime City."

Mike's answer:
As I specified above, the crime statistics are skewed by certain factors that aren't considered relative to other areas. Very few people are affected by any crime in the area are typical tourists who exercise normal precautions. Certain events such as those connected with youth-oriented visitation periods - (Spring Break, the "Senior Weeks" from early to mid-June through Memorial Day weekend, etc.) tend to greatly contribute to those skewed numbers. However, these raks fall significantly because several pro-active measures recently instituted by the city of Myrtle Beach and other Grand Strand municipalities) Any night club where patrons act against laws of the establishment willl be shut down. Myrtle Beach now has specialized "Night Operation" teams officers who detect, prevent and react to crime in ALL areas o the city. I have frequent contact with the Police and I perform various operations with them."

Myrtle Beach has also purchased some electric cars to replace the previous golf carts used in the Ocean Blvd. area. Bicycle and Segways have increased in number and coverage areas. Motorcycle patrols, trained dogs and more personnel have almost doubled. North Myrtle Beach does have a stronger crime rate, but it is because there is a smaller concentration of people

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