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...plus new drones from the city
and coast of California

NEW: 2020 - see new drones below

I have been disappointed with cams that are too small, pop up in your face, or contin obnoxious advertising...or just do not work at all. I strive to not let this happen on my webcam pages.

Anacapa Island Cove

Bear Valley Mtn. Ski Cam

Berkley Cam

Black Water Sound, Key Largo Cam

Carlsbad - webcam

Carlsbad Army - Navy Adademy webcam

Castro Street Cam 1
Castro Street Cam 2

Cayucos Beach Cam

Cayucos Streaming toward Estero Bay

Delmar Beach Overlook

Delmar Norh Beacham

Delmar Beach cam

Delmar Video Stream
video stream

Discovery Bay Cam

Disneyland webcam

Disney Springs balloon cam

Disney cam top of HJ Plaza Hotel Anaheim

Disney Land - Major attractions webcam

Fresh snow by drone in Palmdale, Leona Valley, 2019

Dodge Ridge Pinecrest

EF Campus

El Porto Web cam

El Porto Manhattan Beach

Eureka Airport KEKA Hermosa Beach cam

Hollywood Footprints Cam

Hermosa Beach Hollywood Footprints cam

Huntington Beach
City Pier Cam

Julian, CA city webcam

Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center

Laguna Beach
Various Tours

Laguna Beach Live cams

La Jolla Web Cam

La Jolla Inn By the Sea

Lava Monuments cam

Los Angeles
SoFi Stadium
Choose from 4 webcams
Los Angeles Intl. Airport cam

Los Angeles Port Cam

Malibu Beach webcam

Malibu Point webcam

Manzanita Lake Cam

Mission and Pacific beach surf report cam

Hollywood Blvd. Cam

Middlebury College Library cam webcam

Mission Beach Catamaran Resort webcam

Newport Beachweb cam

Moon Jelly Cams - Montego Bay

Morri Rock webcam

Morrow Bay Yacht Club webcam

Newport Coast cam

Pacific Beach Pacific Terrace Hotel webcam

Palm Springs Air Museum

Pebble Creek Golf Cams

Sacramento, CA Falcon Cam

Salt Creek Beach webcam

San Diego Boardwalk Cam
San Diego Paco Terrace Hotel

SanFrancisco Downtown webcam

San Diego Bay Ferry cam

San Diego Catamaran cam

San Diego Zoo. Scroll down - see 4 cams at bottom R. of pg.

Steinhart Aquarium
Shark Tank cam

San Francisco African Penguins cam

San Francisco cam Bayfront Panorama

San Francisco Skyline cam

Santa Cruz Beach live cam

Santa Monica webcam

Santa Cruz Harbor cam

Santa Monica Beach webcam

Santa Monica
Pacific Park cam

Tehachapi Mountains railway crossing cam

Trinidad Harbor webcam

Venice Beach Cam

Yosemite falls, dome turtleback, etc.

Yosemite, Village, CA

Best California Web Cams
California is usiig drones to lock down orders
due to the coronavirus virus. See more information below:
Drones fighting wildfires

Drone over Skid Row, LA

Dawn ro Dusk drone - San Francisco

Dana Point - Boat Parade

Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark drone

Coastline between Caramel (and Big Sur

Lake Elsinore Super Bloom 2019

NEW! 2020 - The Sky Guardian will conduct tests over San Diego. The goal is to intergate SkyGuardian drones into American skies in a variety of ways...read more here

NEW! 2020 Newbord grey Whale Calf Blows Rainbow, Capt. Dave's - So precious!Dana Point

Magic Kingdom 2019 Christmas

California's Magic by Drone
Los Angeles, San Diago, San Francisco

Fireworks at State Fair 2019

Venice Beach St. Monica, Griffith Observatory by Drone

Los Angeles Drone Flight

Los Angeles Drone at night

Oakland, CA Drone Flight

New Brighton to Capitola Village

July 4th, 2019 - Huntington Beach

California using drones to lock down orders imposed due to the coronavirus....
A police department in CAis usinf Drones attached with loudspeakers to help enforce the state lockdown orders imposed due to the coronavirus, according to a report by the Financial Times. The Chula Vista PD has purchased two drones worth $11,000 each. They are made by DJI, a Chinese company, and the department plans to also use night vision cameras on the flying vehicles. Read more here:
California police use drones to patrol coronavirus lockdown View it here:
Considering the dire prediction made by Governor Gavin Newsom in March that up to 25 million Californians could be infected with coronavirus, the situlation in California has been surprisingly well controlled.
Hi! I'm Patricia Blackstock, owner and webmaster of FunBeaches.com Through his CA webcam page I want to offer you a variety of good Calif. webcams, videos and drones. I check them almost every day to be sure they are still working. I love web cams but try to stay away from cams that are too small, are not working, or have ads that pop up in your face. Please contact me if you have comments, suggestions, or if you have anything else you want to tell me. I'm looking for the best CA web cams as well as some really good drones. I will be changing them and adding new ones on a regular basis. The mistakes are all mine. Please tell me if you spot any.

If you use an ad blocker, please turn it off for this page. These ads are the only way I make money from the work that goes into this web page. They are not in-your-face obnoxious,I promise! THANK YOU!

NEW! Drone laws in CA 2020

Drone stories: 2020

02/19/2020 Several communities in addition to Los Angeles have challenged the F.A.A.’s program. 'That promising technology should unleash widespread dismay is a lesson for an industry advancing on many fronts. Drone deliveries to homes and offices have been widely publicized, while the effort to bring back supersonic air travel may be less known. And the futuristic scenario in which pilotless air taxis fly across cities still seems fantastical. See news story HERE

12/5/19 - A new Helicopter KABC-TV Channel 7 was struck by an object believed to be a drone while flying over Los Angeles, the new IR7 HD wqas flying about a mile south of the 500 block

U.S. commercial drobe delivery will Finally Be a Thing in 2020
Practical commercial deliveries will take off, albeit with intense regulatory scrutiny

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How CA is handling drones due to the virus . Lockdown orders for the COVID19 virus. See below....