The Drifters

At Home! Enjoy the Original Drifters
Singing do-wop
at home in Myrtle Beach!
Music and Singing

Oldies But Goodies!
Soungs you Remember

Old School is New Again!

Plus Christmas homemade videos of the Drifters!

with the Drifters Myrtle Beach
At Home with the Drifters, Myrtle Beach
The Drifters at Home in Myrtle Beach
At Home with the Drifters, Myrtle Beach
Visiting The Drifters, Myrtle Beach
At Home with the Drifters, Myrtle Beach
The Drifters in Myrtle Beach to celebrate the Christmas Holidays
Many thanks to Barb Russell for inviting us to their beautiful home for several hours of excellent food, good fellowship, and spontaneous entertainment from the Drifters

We met so many good people! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and being with all of them. Russell Henry is one of the original Drifters, and has been with them for 50+ years!

Also present were Richard, Chuck and Vernon. I so enjoyed watching them nteract with each other. It's easy to ssee that they are old friends who care deeply for one another as they share their memories. Their laughter is infectious!

Barb and Russell's home was beautifully decorated for Christmas and it looked like a layout for a Southern Living Magazie cover.

Theoffice contains many awards including the  "2014 Excellent Pioneer Award" from 'Rolling Stone', Times Square N.Y. Lots of Gold REcords, showing their billboard hits, plus so many other statues and awards.

And ifyou think their musical careers and various successes have gone to their heads, I can assure you there is not one pretentious Drifter in the bunch.

Photos of The Drifters at home

I posted 3 Drifter videos: :

The Drifters video1

The Drifters video 2

The Driftrs video 3

Halloween with the Drifters and 4 Tops from Legends in Concert and others)

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photos of the wedding
Barb and Russell Henry April 27, 2017


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At Home with the Drifters, Myrtle Beach