Photos For Sale

All photos taken by local photographer, Patricia Blackstock

Local Myrtle Beach photos plus the mountains of Asheville and more...see below

2019- 2020 - 37 local Myrtle Beach area photos

2019 - The always beautiful North Myrtle Beach

2019 - Asheville, N.C. photos for Sale

22 photos: Sunrise and Sunset

33 photos: Landscapes and Atlantic Coastal

39 photos: The Roads Less Traveled

23 photos Brookgreen Gardens - ancient oaks and and beautiful views.

15 photos: Shore Birds and Wildlife

20 photos: Buildings and Structures

36 photos: of Beautiful Jamaica

Please view my most recent photoa on my Facebook page! If you see something there you would like to purchase, send me an e-mail, message or call me.

Each photo in the slide show rotates every 5 minutes. You can stop the rotation clicking any individual picture in the slide show.

Purchase the photo(s) you wish to own by number or name, showing on or below the photos.

How do you receive your photos?

Send me an e-mail with the number and/or size showing on the photo you want to order.
When I receive payment, I will send you an e-mail to let you know your order has been processed. I will transfer your photos electronically, diretly to your computer where you can download and save them anywhere on your computer. This way you have no shipping charges.) I use so your photo(s) will be delivered safely (and free) at wherever sizes you request. The photo(s) you receive will be a very high quality that you can send electronically (or take) to any photo development location of your choice (CVS, Walgreen, etc. including both Costco aand Sams offer online printing.)

The photos in each gallery are named or numbered. I will need that number/name when you order.

Your cost is $20. per photo, for any size you choose. Refunds if you are not satisfied for any reason.

All photos are available in a variety of sizes - 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 - plus larger or smaller sizes on request. They are all $20.00 each. Your photo(s) will arrive on your computer, smart app in your choice of size(s) per your request. You can take or e-mail them electronically to anywhere you choose to order more prints.

Or you can mail a check to:
Patricia Blackstock
1521 Thornbury Dr.
Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577

Who am I? My husband and I relocated from Virginia to Myrtle Beach in 1998. My personal website, has been online since 2000. I designed and optimized many local websites for 15 years. I was graduated from UNC-Charlotte, and worked at The Roanoke Times in (Roanoke, VA) for 23 years. I got into serious photographyu in 2007.

My photo gear: CAMERAS: Canon 80D, Canon 60D, Canon Rebel. LENSES: Canaon Zoom 70-300, Canon 28-200, Sigma WA 10-20, Tamron 16-300. POST-PROCESSING:Photoshop CS6 and a slew of filters Photo Here.

Questions? Please contact me: Patricia Blackstock or call me:

Thanks for this endorsement from Emmy Sheilds, New York

My good friend Patricia Blackstock, has taken some absolutely breath-taking Myrtle Beach photos,

These photos capture the beauty of Myrtle Beach and its surrounding low country areas.

Her creative eye shines through in each and every photo she takes. Attention to detail makes these photos are a pure work of art.

Now they are available for sale.

Bring home a piece of Myrtle Beach local beauty to display. The beach is always calling, so let your Myrtle Bewach memories live on through her amazingtalent! You will not be disappointed!”

SC Coastal photos for sale
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