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Savannah's Playground in Myrtle BEach is free for anyone who enjoys a park. Myrtle Beach Savannah's Playground won the S.C. Municipal Association Achievement Award. This public park is located at Grand Park near The Market Common (within the city of Myrtle Beach) It includes trash cans plus a rubberized surface. Official website. Rest rooms are now open at Savannah's Playground A block of 4 private rest rooms are not open at Savannah's Playground, located near Crabtree Gym and the Market Common. It is also handicapped accessible. The Grand Opening was held in n July, 2018.

This $1.5 million doaller park was the brainchild of John Rhodes. Funding came from a variety of sources. Don't miss ut! It is FREE

Savannah's Playground

Here's a short Gallery of my photos - Savannah's Playground

Myrtle Beach Parks
and Playgrounds

Savannah's Park in
The Market Common

Aaderson Famaaily Park
Ocean Blvd.

Chapin Park
16th Ave. N. and Rt. 167 S.

Futrell Park
DDunbar Streett.

Nance Plaza
9th Ave. Kings Hwy..

Justin W. Plyler Park
Boardwalk on Ocean Blvd. downtown

Garden by the Sea
5504 Ocean Blvd.

Valor Park
The Market Common

Grand Park
The Market Common

Warbird Park
The Market Common

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City of Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach
s aand Recreation

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Center Park 1400 Outrigger

Cherry Grove Park
2018 N. Ocean Blvd.

Cherry Grove Pier
415 -53 Ave.

Heritage Nature Preserve
5611 Heritage Webcams.html

Hill St.
2346 Hill Street

McLean Park
#3O Oak Drive

North Myrtle Beach
Sports Complex
150 Citizens Circle

Ocean Park, 1915 S. Ocean Blvd. .

Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve
3613 Duffy Street

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City of North Myrtle Beach

Photo - Barc Park Myrtle Beach
Public Parks and Playgrounds North Myrtle Beach
Public Parks and Playgrounds Myrtle Beach
Georgetown Co. Public Parks
Area Free Parks and Playgrounds

East Bay Park
Morgan Park
Morse Park Landing
Pawleys Island Nature Park
Pawleys Island South Access Park

Pole Yard Public Boat Landing

Here's a list of Horry County Parks including Conway, Myrtle Beach,
North Myrtle Beach and

Chapin Park renovation complete!

This park has been renovated by adding sidewalks, removing the fence,and thinning the canopy. The city has painted the pergola white, and a new sidewalk has been added

Chapin Library is home to Art in the Park! Free parking. Local events..

Don't forget your furry friends!
Free Public Dog Parks - Barc Parks
Where you and your dog run free
1.) Off 62nd Ave. N. and Hwy. 17 Bus.
2.) Mallard Lake Drive in the Seagate Community.

State Parks: Myrtle Beach State Park and Huntington Beach State Park are both located nearby. Both of our State Parks have an entrance fee, but they hae a lot to offer...more than worth the price of admission.

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Myrtle Beach - Best Parks and Playgrounds, 2022
...including the FREE
Savannah's Playground

public parks offer plenty of green open spaces providing fun
for you and your family - and best of all, they are totally free.

By Patricia Blackstock

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