" Old Myrtle Beach! Nostalgia at its best. This is the way we were. Some here, some gone, all remembered!
Astro Motel Surfside Beach, SC
old Carousel Motel Myrtle Beach
Golden Sands old Myrtle Beach Motel
Palmetto old Myrtle Beach Motel
South Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach
Sportsman in South Myrtle Beach
Virginian Motel Myrtle Beach
Sea Park Motel Myrtle Beach
Tradewinds Motel
Astro Motel
Simmer Sands Motel
Old motel near Murrells Inlet, lost to fire.
No Trespassing
Old motel near Murrells Inlet, lost to fire.
Wayfarer Motel Myrtle Beach
Oliver's Murrells Inlet
Oliver's Murrells Inlet
Cedar Hill Restaurant Murrells Inlet
Oliver's Murrells Inlet
1 and 2 Astro Motel, 1725 Hwy. 17 S., Myrtle Beach 3. Golden Sands, 603 Ocean Blvd.
4. Palmetto Vista, 600 N. Ocean Blvd,
Wayfarer Motel, 311 N. Ocean Blvd. 2. View from S. Ocean Blvd. 3. Sportsman Inn
The Virginian
J. Edward's Restaurant So. Ocean Blvd.
Surfside Beach, SC
Surfside Beach, SC
Captain Juel's - Little River
1. The Gathering Spot, 407 Yupon Circle 2. and 3. Old Myrtle Beach vacation homes 4. Peggy Ann Apartments, 4th Ave, S. 5. Holiday Shores, 7301 N. Ocean Blvd.
Ocean Blvd.
The Gathering Spot
1. Sea Park, 1501 N. Ocean Blvd. 2. Tradewinds, 201 Ocean Blvd. 3. Sea Echo, 14th Ave. N. 4. 7 Brothers, 102 N. Ocean Blvd.
1. 2. and 3. Oliver's Lodge, 2401 Hwy. 17 in Murrells Inlet (the insert is a "memory photo" of us, taken in 2007.) This location is now a residential home. In earlier years, it was home to a "reality" show. 4. J. Edwards, 2300 S. Kings Hwy. This restaurant was closed in 2011. This buiding is still standing but it's empty and in need of repair or being demolished.
1. Summer Sands Motel, 1402 S.Ocean Blvd. 2. Budget Inn, 101 S. Ocean Blvd. 3. Murrells Inlet 4. Moving out - SavMore 5033 Dicj Pond Road
old SaveMore Dick Pond Road
Peggy Ann apartments
Conway Kayak Company
Side Wheeler Restaurant near the RiverWalk
Pawleys Island Marina Yacht Club s
Old motel in Murrells Inlet, lost to fire Now it has been overtaken by Mother Nature!
Holiday Shores N. Ocean Blvd.
1. Pawleys Island Marina and Yacht Club 2. Pacific Beach Store near Family Kingdom 4. Conway Kayak Riverfront, now closed. 5. Carousel Motel, 492S. Ocean Blvd. 6. Wicked Stick Golf Course and the Clubhouse have been demolished. An Aldi Grocery Store and a new tire store are currently located in this area.
Wave Rider
407 7th Ave. N.
Chesterfield Inn, Myrtle Beach
793 Hwy. 17 S. Surfside
802 Hwy. 17 S. Surfside Beach
1. 793 Hwy. 17 S. in Surfside Beach 2. and 3. Back and front of Fountainbleau Inn, 701 Flagg St. Myrtle Beach (To be demolished soon) 4. Midtown Motor Inn, 309 8th Ave. N 5. Sun-Fun Motel at 2305 Withers Drive.
204 16th Ave. S. Myrtle Beach
View of South Ocean Blvd.
Beverly Motel, 703 N Ocean Blvd 
Front of the Beverly Motel, 703 N Ocean Blvd 
1. and 2. Back and front of Beverly Motel , 703 N. Ocean Blvd. 3. Crepe Myrtle, 7th Ave. N. 4. Crepe Myrtle Inn (2) and the Lancer sign at 401 7th Ave. N. 5. Mykonos, formerly Bullwinkles, being demolished. Photo: 4/9/16
Fountainbleau Inn, 701 Flagg St.
Fountainbleau Inn, 701 Flagg St.
Midtown Motor Inn, 309 8th Ave. N
Sea Palms
Crepe Myrtle Inn/Lancer sign
The Oasis Old Myrtle Beach
1. 2. Sea Palms (back and front), 308 7th Ave. N 3, 4, 5 The 24-year old Buccaneer Bay mini golf course located at 5894 S. Kings Hwy. Myrtle Beach, closed Aug. 16, 2013. This is the new WalMart, along with other developments
Sea Palms 308 7th Ave N
Time Out Bar, 520 8th Ave. N, Before the fire
Time Out Bar, 520 8th Ave. N,
NASCAR Cafe now for lease
Phillips Seafood now closed amd for leae
Sun-Fun Motel 2305 Withers Dr, Myrtle Beach
1. Sail Inn Motel 3507 N. Ocean Blvd. 2. 303 Flagg St. 3. Rainbow Court, 411 N. Ocean Blvd. 4. Hookah Heaven located at 510 N. Kings Hwy. 5. Flagg St. at 6th Ave. N.
Buccaneer Bay Mini Golf
Sail Inn Motel 2507 N Ocean Blvd.
1. Click on the burned building to view 7 photos - aftermath of the Georgetown fire, 9/25/12. 2. and 3. Beach View Apts. located on N. Ccean Blvd. between 21st Ave N and 22 Ave. N 4. Sand Dollar, located on the corner of Chester St. and 6th Ave, North. Listed for sale in Dec. 2013
303 Flagg St.
Hookah Heaven
Flagg St. at 6th Ave. N.
Mini Golf Old Buccaneer Bay Demolition Oct. 2013
Mini Golf Old Buccaneer Bay Demolition Oct. 2013
Beach View Apartments
Beach View Apartments
San Marco Villas Motel, 204. N. Kings Hwy
Sand Dollar
Former Pavilion
Site of Pavilion
1. and 2. I took these two shots in Sept. 2007 and came accross them recently when I was looking for something else. In case you have not already guessed, this is the site of the former Pavilion. I wanted to get inside and search for any treasures I might find in the rubble, nut it is titally fenced off. You'll find more Pavilion photos in the links at the bottom of this page. 3. Suck Bang Blow (S.S.B.) Four Corners Murrells Inlet. It was sold to an investor and later demolished. This is how it looked 5/5/2014. 4. Back of SBB, 5/20//2014.
deserted gas station, Litchfield
Suck Bang Blow 4 corners
German Baden Band Organ
1. The old German Baden Band Organ was first on exhibit in the 1900 World Exposition in Paris. (Listen to the music!) Featuring 89 keys and 400 pipes, the organ offered various dancing tunes. It ran on a system that was more than 100 years ago - hand-fed cardboard sheet music. After the Pavilion was demolished, the band organ was moved to Broadway at the Beach. But you won't see it there, and no one knows where it is or if it is ever coming back. 2. Noel Court Motel, 312 - 6th Ave. N. 3. Victory Motel 202 S Ocean Blvd. 4. Sand Bucket, 603 N. Ocean Blvd.
Noel Court Motel, 312 Sixth Ave. North
 Victory Motel 202 S Ocean Blvd.
Sand Bucket, 603 N. Ocean Blvd.
Waikiki Village, 1500 S. Ocean Blvd
Atlantic Holiday, 403 Sixth Ave. S
Southern Breeze Motel, 1901 S Ocean Blvd
The Oasis Motel 2, 700 York St.
1.Waikiki Village, 1500 S. Ocean Blvd. 2.  Atlantic Holiday, 403 6th Ave. S. 3. Southern Breeze Motel, 1901 S Ocean Blvd 4. The Oasis Motel 2 , 700 York St.
Ocean Liner Motel 109 N Ocean Blvd.
Oasis Motel 704 York St.
Ocean View Motel 204 N. Kings Hwy at 2nd Ave. N.
Atlantic Sands 308 2nd Avenue N
Sea Nymph 601 N. Ocean Blvd.
1. Oasis Motel 704 York St 2. Ocean Liner Motel, 109 N. Ocean Blvd. 3 Ocean View Motel, 204 N. Kings Hwy at 2nd Ave. N. 4. Atlantic Sands 308 2nd Ave.
Yorkshire Pkwy / Myers Ave
1. and 2. Surfside Beach 3. The walk behind Capt. Juel's Hurricane Restaurant (This ramp has been replaced)
1. Sea Nymph 601 N. Ocean Blvd. ( To be demolished soon) 2. Two new buildings that were never finished (due to bankruptcy) and homes later demolished at the corner of Myers Ave and Yorkshire Pkwy to make room for a new housing development. (See Market Common ball field oin background.) 3. 6th Ave, N. at Ocean Blvd. 4. Cathedral Bible College near The Market Common, close to the Red Cross building
Cathedral Bible College
6th Ave. N at Ocean Vlvd.
Old motel between 14 and 15 Ave S. Ocean Blvd.
7 Brothers Motel
1. Wave Rider, 1600 S. Ocean Blvd. 2. 407 - 7th Ave. North Myrtle Beach 3. San Marcus Villa Motel, 204 N. Kings Hwy. 4. Side Wheeler Restaurant at 5. Decaying steps of the SjyWheeler Restaurant in Conway
2. 204 26th Ave. 3. View of South Ocean Blvd. 4. The Oasis 5. Thee Doll House, standing empty. (6-14-16.) It was too dilapidated for repair and has been moved to another nearby location. 6. The Depot - sanding empty at 802 Hwy.17 S. Surfside Beach.
Old Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Nostalgia at it's Best
This is the way we were...

Some are Gone
Others Still Remembered

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Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood being demolished
1. Time Out! Bar, 520 8th Ave. N, after it was destroyed by fire on Oct. 25, 2012 2. Time Out! Bar before. the fire (This Photo property of Time Out!) 3. NASCAR Cafe, 21st. Ave. N, opened in 1998 and closed in October 2008. When it first opened, the food was good, but as time went by the quality dropped and we stopped going there. In Jan. 2011 it was announced that NASCAR was being remodeled and would soon open as the Pat Boone Family Theater. The remodeling took place, but the builsite stood empty. Now, remodeled again, this building has become the Hollywood Wax Museum 4. Phillips Seafood, 1807 21st Ave. N. Formerly it was Alabama Grill which opened in Myrtle Beach in 1994. Phillips featured Maryland-style crab cakes and a fresh seafood store, but the curb-style restaurant never caught on in Myrtle Beach. Phillips was torn down and the ground leveled on 12/3/2015. 5. Between 14th anda5th Ave S. Ocean Blvd.
1. Planet Hollywood in "the day" 2. and 3. Planet Hollywood being demolished near the end of Oct. 2015. 4. Cedar Hill Restaurant (Murrells Inlet) stood rempy for a long time.It is now the location of Graham's Landing Restaurant 5. Piggly Wiggly stands empty in The Market Common. It has now turned into 801 Billiards & Bowling - upscale bowling, games, mini golf, food and beverage - and even a Happy Hour. (Got kids? Take them to the mini golf. You'll be amazed!)
Thee Doll House 6/14/16
Wicked Stick Golf Course
Hard Rock Cafe
1. and 2. Hard Rock Cafe. The 2016 construction at Broadway at the Beach became a new Hard Rock Cafe and demolition of the old Pyramid. The first photos shows when were both were still open, during the transition. Photo two shows the bulldozers at work tearing down the old Hard Rock. 3. Riviera Motor Lodge, 714 30th Ave. S. in Atlantic Beach, North Myrtle Beach 4. Myrtle Square Mall. I took this photo in 2006, not long before the mall was flattened to the ground.
Riviera Motor Lodge
Piggly Wiggly Market Common
1.and 2. Palace Theatre in its glory days and then again in 2017 3. Garden City Beach
Garden City Inn 2018
Palace Theatre demolished
Palace Theatre
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