Myrtle Beach, S.C. - UFOs in Myrtle Beach
UFO Sighting in Myrtle Beach

Close Encouters? UFOs? Outer Space Aliens visit Myrtle Beach,S.C.
Something strange has arrived in Myrtle Beach!
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UFOs in Myrtle Beach! This exhibit has closed at Broaadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

But... Keep your eyes on the skies! UFOs have been a popular topic
on the Myrtle Beach Message Board.

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I was anxious to see this UFO exhibit Myrtle Beach because UFOs have been a topic of conversation on my website since it began in 2002. Every Spring, just like dandelions popping up in our lawn, someone will mention strange orange or yellow lights, spotted from their hotel balconies, and report them on my message board. I have met many of these people in person and I have no doubt they were telling me exactly what they saw.

UFO sightings in Myrtle Beach! After all...there were 59 reports of UFO sightings in 2012. Most eye witnesses describe orage secular objects in the sky as "fiery orange" and "red balls" over the Atlantic Ocean

So with an open mind, Wally and I visited "Encounters" UFO Experience at Broadway at the Beach

Beginning with Ancient Encounters at the entrance, we discovered UFO sightings date back to ancient Egypt according to hieroglyphics that identified the arrival of UFOs.

We viewed aliens in what looked like chambers or caskets. UFIOs in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

An interactive journey then took us to a Military Involvement and radio stations interviewing people who thought they spotted UFOs.

Based on reports from eye-witnesses, you approach as sign that says: "CAUTION: You are about to enter a simulated abduction gallery. If you are afraid of entering this zone, please let someone know and you will be escorted to another path for the rest of the exhibition." disclaimer!

The small room is filled with "fog"and bright lights, so it is difficult to see the room itself. Again, this is not a frightening experience (despite how Wally looks in the photo below!) What lies behind the "abduction" room is the real meat of this exhibition.

UFOs in Myrtle Beach! You'll view "specimen jars"of what may or may not be aliens, as well as interesting UFO quotes and UFO sightings from celebrities such Will Smith, David Bowie, Ronald Regan, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Carter, Jackie Gleason, William Shatner and more. You will even see a real alien spacecraft!

The walls throughout exhibitions are signed testimonials, photos and news clippings, UFO sightings, alien abductions, TV news information about Rosewell, N.M.and even two iPads!

And who can resist a smile when you see the adorable ET and a portrait of the original Star Trek is located at the Exit area! You'll also see posters and exhibits including UFO-related movies including District 9, Mr/ Jones, Mr. Smith, Cocoon, and Men in Black.

Encounters: U.F.O is fun fascinating and entertaining for all ages although the toddlers will probably get bored. There is no time limit on your visit, and we actually spent more time than I thought we would. (Or maybe we were abducted and lost an hour of of earth time!.)

Keep those UFO reports coming! If you invite me to spend a little time on your balcony overlooking the beautiful Atlantic ocean,  I'll be happy to share your personal experience here on this page. (I'll even bring my own beer! ;-)

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UFO Experience pricing

1. and 2. Entrance and Pricing 3. and 4. UFO sightings go all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Rosewell NM Flying Saucer capture Several interactive listening stations

Walls covered with UFO sightings, observations and captures. Roswell, NM news clippings regarding the Famous Flying Saucer capture, and UFO quotes from various sources. Wally was receiving transmissions and several interactive radio stations

Capture chamber warning inside the alien chamber room. Space Ship UFO

1. Simulated Chamber Caution" sign 2.

Wally in the Chamber Room 3. Alien space ship
4. UFO information

Alien Specimen Jar 1. Alien Specimen Jars 2. Alien Specimen Jar 3

The Alien Specimen Jar. Draw your own conclusions!

Green Alien

Aliens on display in some sort of tray or coffins, plus UFO information

1. Star Trek Poster 2. ET, live and in person! 3. Here we are with onee of the outer space aliens at the entrance!

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