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Sandals Ochi, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Jan. 31 - Feb. 9, 2017

I'm Patricia Blackstock, and my husband is Wally Snider. We have been enjoying adult couples-only resorts sinceb1997 when we discovered Sandals!

This was our second vacation at Sandals Ochi. We first visited this resort in Feb. 2013, and at that time we knew we woud love to make a return visit. It took while, but this vacation was well worth the wait. We have vacationed at many Sandals Resorts (as you know if you've been reading my reviews over the years.) Sandals Ochoi meets or exceeds the rest for attentiveness, service, food, and overall "welcome." We met so many returning guests this year who loved to tell us why they have choses Sandals Ochi year after year. It does not have the beauty of the newer Sandals resorts. It does not have an outstanding beach. It doesn't even have a Café de Paris! But it makes up for all this with superb service and attention to detail. And oh yes...The Rabbit Hole! My photo gallery is linked below. ) You'll need the password 'capers' to gain entry.

We were greeted by name from the first day forward. Management and employees are exceedingly detail-oridnted, a perk for being a Diamond Level guest. (Last year at Sandals Antigua there was never a mention of Diamond Level - not even once. We were treated like first-time visitors to the Sandal's chain. Overall it was a disappointing vacation due in a big part to the accommodations. You can read this review from last year's vacation, linked the bottom - vacation link.

But Sandals Ochi knows how to do it right! We were presented with cookies on a plate, plus a 1-lb. bag of Sandals Mountain Blend Coffee.

We really enjoyed the white-glove luncheon for Diamond Level members which was a wonderful way to meet long-time Sandals fans, compare memories and share resort information. Thank you for hosting such a lovely lunch, Ochi staff!
Photo 1 - Photo2 - Photo3

We booked the Club Level (formerly concierge) which has been our comfort zone for several years. We had the pleasure of working with two concierges - Tenniel and Shawne. They were both very helpful and we enjoyed their company as well as their service.
Thanks, Tenniel and Shawne!

Our room was on the top floor of the Riviera Beachfront Tower, overlooking the beach. This is the same category we booked in 2013, and we still think it ffers the best patio views in the resort. Although small, both sides of the patio are walled in, so there is no chance of your privacy being invaded by your neighbors. While I'm certain we did have neighbors, we never saw nor heard anything on either side. In the past, I;ve read complaints of noise in that building. Maybe it was becuase we were on the top floor and the noise didn't drift that far, but we were never bothered.
Room photo gallery (Photos rotate every 5 seconds. Click any photo to stop rotation.)

Bar Room Service: We requested a bottle of Bailey's Original Irish Cream, Pinot Girgio, Chardonnay, and Champagne - all of which were delivered to our room each day or or on an "as needed" basis. It was perfect. Thanks, Sandals Ochi!
Some of our requests even showed up in our morning coffee!

Returning Guest Night: Tuesday. Because of our vacation schedule, we could have attended two Returning Guest dinners. However, as much as we enjoyed meeting other guests and chatting with some of the staff members, we decided once was sufficient since the order of events, announcements, awards, etc. is pretty much the same week to week. We were presented with a bottle of Appleton Special Run and mentioned in the list of Diamond Members. Returning Guest 1 - Returning Guest 2 - Returning Guest 3

White Night - Chocolate Night: Wednesday. Because of our vacation dates we were able to attended this event twice. It was a truly amazing production, probably the best we've seen at a Sandals resort. It included live music, dancing and beautifully-designed costumes. And of course there was enough chocolate to feed the entire United States Armed Forces!
Photo Gallery (photos rotate every 5 seconds. (Click any photo to stop rotation!)

Bars: There are 11 bars on the property but our favorite was the Polo Lounge on the Hillside. It is beautifully decorated in dark wood with an expansive bar, a piano and seating both indoors and on the huge outdoor patio. It has the look and feel of Old Money. But our most-frequented bar was the swim-up pool bar, just above Water Sports. A special thanks to Capprice at our nearby pool bar. If she did not see us at the bar she would often seek us out at the pool to ask if we needed anything. One of the many bars - and another. Just walk or swim right up and enjoy your favorite drinks. The bartenders were good about taking requests and they love to offer their own speciality drinks. Since we are frequent Sandals travelers, we knew our favorite drinks in advance: Mudslide, Hummingbird, BBC, Chocolate Martini, Miami Vice, Jamaican Smile, Dirty Banana, American Flag, B52, Bob Marley, and even a Funky Monkey!

Super Bowl:
We always seem to end up at Sandals for the Super Bowl. Sandals know how to do these events up right! Lot of wide-screens, plenty of food and drinks...and everyone cheering for their team! As anyone who watched this event knows it was an amazing game this year!
Super Bowl - Super Bowl 2 - Super Bowl 3

House keeping: Fantastic job! We never had to ask for anything, and I think that may be a first. There were always plenty of towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. etc. The coffee pot was always clean with plenty of coffee, tea and creamer containers. We always enjoy the “towel art” left on the bed to surprise us at the end of the day.
Towel 1 - Towel 2 - Towel 3 - Towel 4

Nightlife Entertainment: We loved the almost-new addition at Ochi…a Speakeasy named the Rabbit Hole. We also enjoyed the piano bar a few times, and of course the Jamaican talent was excellent! Here's our video (YouTube) of the Rabbit Hole:

Local Entertainment 1 - Local Entertainment 2

Photo Gallery of the Rabbit Hole Speakeasy Photos rotate everyy 5 second. Click any photo stop rotation.

Red Lane® Spa:
We always look forward to our couples massage! We combined our 30 minutes with another 30 minutes and up-graded to an hour-long Deep Massage. Our room credit took care of the difference. While I would not choose this massage again (a little too deep for me) it was an excedllent experience and we veery much enjoyed our massage

16 dining choices and 12 bars - and not enough time during our 9-night vacation. On our first full day we made our reservations through the concierge office. We asked for and received 2 nights at Kelly’s Dockside. From our past experience at both Sandals St. Lucian and Sandals Antigua, we knew one evening was not enough. The food was fantastic, Kimono’s has always been a delight and this time was no exception. Our first experience at Le Gourmand proved to be outstanding. Valentinos, The Reef and Neptune’s were all very good.

The weakest restaurant in our opinion is the Southern Table. We would pass on this one next time. Of course part of this may be that we live in the South and we have plenty of award-winning chefs and restaurants specializing in southern dishes. We are spoiled. The grits here tasted like Cream of Wheat. I'll bet you pigs to polecats they didn't contain any heavy cream! Or proper amounts of cheese. The other uninspiring food irtems we tried were meh.

A few photos: Chateaubriand from Le Gourmand, Roasted Lamb from Le Gourmand Lobster from Kelly's Dockside

We did not take advantage of the “breakfast in bed” which also comes with Diamond Level, although we heard from other guests said that food and service were both great!

Sunset Cruise:
By the time we took the Sunset Cruise we had already met some other guests and were happy to see them board with us. It ewas a fairly long cruise - about 2.5 hours - but the time passed too quickly as we enjoyed ourselves. And since it’s Sandals, there was, of course, lots of food and drinks throughout the cruise. The staff seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we did, and everyone loved seeing the beautiful coast with a sunset before we docked. Photo Gallery of the Sunset Cruise Photos rotate every 5 seconds. Click any photo to stop rotation.

Wally enjoyed the snorkeling each day except one when it was too cloudy. Snorkeling trips were closer to the resort than on a previous visit. They used to go out to further sites including the sunken boat wreck, but now there is additional fee of about $25. to go out that far. Must be a cost-cutting move and we were sorry to see that happen. Thanks to Captain Albert (Fat Abert) as well as Wesley and Tashane - The snorkel boat - Watersports sign

Glass Bottom Boat:
Not much to see but a few small fish. As we came back along the coastline, other resorts were pointed out to us. The kid on the boat said “There's Sans Souci. It means ‘without care’ because they don’t care.” Apparently he thought this was funny. We have vacationed at Sans Souci and it is a beautiful resort. We heard practically the same thing on our previous stay at Sandals Ochi. Come on, Sandals. Don't knock your competition. It doesn’t help your image.

We spoke a few times with the GM, Ramel Sobrino. He seemed to be everywhere at once and obviously loves his job. Here we are, outside the Riviera Beachfront Tower.

Sandals Ochi was a wonderful vacation for us. We met so many delightful guests and staff members, and the overall experience was outstanding. we miss y'all already!

The rest of the 40+ more photos in a gallery

Suggestions for improvement:

Even though we had in-room registration, it took 45 minutes to get our bags. That’s a long time when you’re anxious to get out of your winter clothes and into shorts and a t-shirt.

Riviera Beachfront Tower. It is showing its age and is badly in need of an update. I said the same thing when we were there in 2013, but the only improvement is extra lighting in the bathroom. While I still think this level has the best views in the resort, it is far from the tech age we're living in now. If nothing else, replace those ancient lamps by the beds and put in some ooutlets with USB ports as you find today in most hotels. The lamp shades are frayed and worn out, and the inside of one was dark with splotches. In 2013 we had some internet equipment, but in 2017 we have a lot more. We needed to plug in and charge each night: 2 Apple Watches, 2 laptops, camera batteries and changers, plus 2 Apple Phones. These rooms are not properly equipped, and in these days of fast-changing technical advancements I should not have to climb under desks looking for outlets I might have misssed.

Red Lane® Spa - If Sandals wants to claim the title of a 5-star resort, they should not allow their spa people to come around bothering people at the pool in order to pimp their products. People are at the pool to swim, drink, read or nap. This behavior does NOT happen at a true luxury resort. They also need to cut back on the the sales pitch after a massage or treatment.

We missed having a Cafe de Paris which we love at other Sandals. We especially missed it when we discovered there was no ice cream available except for soft-serve (like Dairy Queen.)

Many thanks to our travel agent, Amy McHugh with Dream Makers Vacation Services
She has been helping us plan our all-inclusive vacatioins since 2007 and we wouldn't think of booking without her help and advice. If you are considering a travel agent for your next vacation, tell her I sent you. (There is no fee to you!)

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