Red Cross Representative
Lee Zulanch
St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
Christmas Day - The Red Cross Annual Christmas Dinner

People without home or family had a place to go on Christmas Day due to the annual Red Cross Christmas Dinner.

Over the course of several hours, more than 3,000 people at Saint John's Greek Orthodox Church enjoyed a delicious Christmas Dinner. An additional 2,000 meals went out to others in Horry and Georgetown county.

Wally and I are among the many people who volunteer each year at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, helping to wrap Christmas packages, making home deliveries or whatever is needed.

6,300 pounds of turkey were cooked to perfection. In addition, one ton of bread was served along with 1300 pounds of stuffing, 900 pounds of green beans, and 1200 pounds of yams.  Bi-Lo donated $10,000 towards the cost.

Christmas dinner tables
Christmas dinner tables
Donna and her Gingerbread House
dessert table
The Dessert Team.
Debbie Conner
Clean up
1. Back of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church 2. The serving begins! 3 and 4. Some of the young volunteers
1. Debbie welcomes everyone to the Christmas Dinner. 2 and 3 People enjoying their Chrtistmas dinners.
1. The dessert table 2. and 3. People trying on clothes 4. Donna and her Gingerbread House.
1. The Dessert Team. 2. This firefighter stopped long enough for a bite to eat, then had to head back to work. 4. Cleaning up.

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