Couples Swept Away
Negril, Jamaica - February 18 - 25, 2010
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Our room at Couples Swept Away
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Our room at Couples Swept Away, the grdens, plus pictures of a day day trip to Couples Negril
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Page 2 - Resort Gardens, Our Room, Day at Couples Negril
Page 3 - Bars, Restaurants, Food and Drink at Swept Away
Page 4 - Catamaran Cruise, Beach and Pool
Page 5 - Sports Complex, pool, beach pictures and shops.
Page 6 - Review of Couples Swept Away

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Food, bars, restaurants, and drinks at Couples Swept Away. Feathers, Lemon Grass, The Palms and Patio Restaurants
Catamaran Cruise, Negril Coastlline, Couples Swept Away
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Pools at Swept Away, a Catamaran Cruise along the Negril coastline, and many photos of the boat and shoreline.
Couples Swept Away Sports Complex - Fitness Center Couples Swept Away
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Beautiful 10 acre sports complex and fitness center at Couples Swept Away! Photos of shops and the beach, Margaritaville, and anything that did not fit with other pages in this Swept Away review.
Our Couples Swept Away Resort Review
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Our Review of Couples Swept Aaway
Food, Baars, Restaurants at Coules Swept Away