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10 Acre Fitness Center; Sports Complex and 10 Tennis Courts, miscellaneous pictures that didn't seem to go anywhere else.

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Swept Away Sports Complex pool
Swept Away Sports Complex tennis
Swept Away Sports Complex and fitness centers
Swept Away Sports Complex prices
Wally checks out various services
Swept Away Sports Complex and fitness centers
jogging trils
Juice Bar at the Fitness Center
Lee Issa
phone booth
Pink Beach Shop
Beach Shop
We were fortunate to meet Elias “Lee” Issa, owner of Couples. He was quite personable, and the staff members we chatted with all seemed to think the world of him. More information on the Couple's web site.
We loved the location of Swept Away due to the convenience of being able to walk the beach to many stores including Margaritaville (that's us above.) We even spotted this old phone booth!
1. Beaches. It's next door to Swept Away. 2. Breezes (formerly Grand Lido) is next to
Couples Negril. 3. 4. and 5; a few of the many shops near Swept Away 6. Stairs 7. Art
sarong dresses

Signs on the beach
Stairs in main lobby
local artists
Sitting area Sports complex