Sandals Royal Caribbean
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Patricia and Wally
2/3/08 - 2/12/08

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Row 1: Wally, me, Gini, Gordon; Jeremy Mutton and Leighton Josephs on
the Cruise for Reurning Members; Mary, Pat and me at the main pool;
Mary and Pat after dinner at the Oleander Room.
Row 2: Margaritaville from the Cruise for Returning Guests;
Beach Area; Gazebo and beach; Cruise for returning Guests
Row 3: Me, Mary, Leighton; boats; Cruise ship heading to
Montego Bay; Entrance of Royal Caribbean
Row 4: Fairweather offering hors D'oeuvres on boat;
flowers at Sandals Royal Caribbean

Row 5: View from patio in our room 323; gazebo and the
beach area, Gini and Gordon
Row 6: Views through the window of USAirways; Gini and Gordon,
Wally and I with Staff Member Grant

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Gini-gordon Jeremy-Leighton MPP-pool Mary-Pat-Oleander
SweetPea beach beach2 boat
boat-me-mary-leighton boats cruise-ship entrance
fairweather-boat flower flower2 flower3
frompatio gazebo gazebo2 gini-gordon3
goodbye-jamica2 goodbye-mobay gordon-gini2 grant