Sandals Royal Caribbean
Patricia and Wally
2/3/08 - 2/12/08

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Row 1: Jamaican Flag; me with Jeremy Mutton, Pat and the Magician
Row 2: Magician doing a trick without Pat's cooperation; Montego Bay viewed from boat;
Mary shows us how to Limbo
Row 3: Mary and I with Jeremy; Mary talks to the Peacocks; Mary, Wally and Me
Row 4: Mary and I; With Pat at the pool; Wally and I at Oleander Room, Sandals Montego Bay; Omar
at Sandals Montego Bay
Row 5: Views of Kensington Building - our room was 323 on the top floor; Pat on the Returning Guests' cruise
Row 6: Pat and Mary dressed for dinner and at the pool; me on our patio

jamaica-flag jeremy-me jeremy-me2 magician
magician2 margaritaville mary-limbo mary-limbo2
mary-me-dinner mary-me-jeremy mary-peacock mary-wally-me
me-mary me-pat-pool oleander omar from Montego Bay
our-beach our-pool our-room pat-boat
pat-mary pat-mary-pool pat-pool patio-last-day

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