Myrtle Beach, SC - December 2010
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Sweetgrass Baskets
1. New Boardwalk Sign 2. Gail and Gary - Christmas 3. Under the 2nd Ave. Pier 4. Live-Work area of The Market Common 5. Day Lily bightens our home
1. Awwww! December Birthday Babies! 2. Everyone loves a birthday party! 3, 4, and 5 .Birthday Dinner at Bonefish Grill
1.Camellia sasanque (lives in gardening zones 7 and 8)
2.Bromeliads 3. Red Christmasa berries (actually, the are Idesia polycarpa on an Iigri Tree) 4 and 5. Gazanias
Left - Old Cars: 1. Ford with "Master Glide Ford Power Steering." 2. Pontiac GTO 3. Old Chevy, decked out for Christmas 4. Affectionally referred to as a Rat Rod, based on a '50s hot rod.
1. and 2. Litchfield Exchange. Home to the Georgetown Cultural Council of Georgetown County, 3. and 4. Festival at the Market Common. 5. Murrells Inlet.
!. Shelly's Penelope, the Pug-nosed Persian 2 - 5. Christmas Eve with friends at Gary and Gail Landmann's home.
Christmas Eve
Nights of a Thousand Candles Dec/ 2010 (see Brookgreen Gardens, page 2 for more pictures of this event!
 Bromeliad Tree Nights of a Thousand Candles
Carousel Animals Brookgreen Nights of a Thousand Candles
Santa with kids
Janice and Carmen
Above: Christmas Day, 2001. Volunteering at the
Annual Red Cross Christmas Dinner
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