Lyon, France is a remarkable 2,000-year-old city with a population of 420,000. Known for fine cuisine and Renaissance buildings, it has been protected since 1998 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lyon is the 2nd most important city in France and the Archbishop's seat is here. We also visited the L'Atelier De Soierie, the silk factory. It was in Lyon that the Jacquard loom was invented.
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Lyon, France
Lyon, France Port
Louis XIV
Lyon, France bicycles
Driving Directions
St. Jean Cathedral
St. Jean Cathedral
St. Jean Cathedral
La Fresque des Lyonnais
La Fresque des Lyonnais
Cité de la Creation
La Fresque des Lyonnais
St. Jean Cathedral
Lyon, France
Lyon, France
Lyon, France
Art and print store
begger in Lyon
Lyon, France church
St. Jean Cathedral
Above: The people on the building belong to a massive trompe l'oeil mural. The painting, called La Fresque des Lyonnais, includes dead and living luminaries from in and around Lyon. It's one of many wall frescoes by Cité de la Creation a group that has since been commissioned to paint wall murals for other cities in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Israel.
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