Beaune (City of Wine) and Burgundy are synonymous with deep red wines, and though less well known, some fine white ones. The old town is surrounded by a well-preserved wall, and it provides a beautiful stroll through alleys and old streets.

Chalon, with a population of 78,000, is an inland port on the beautiful Saone. Today Chalon is an agriculture center for farming, livestock and fine vineyards. In 1256 it received its town charter from the Duke of Burgundy.

Perfectly preserved from the Middle Ages, the Hospices de Beaune was built in 1443. The hospital center, the Great Hall of the Poor, is still its original size. The earthy red roof tiles are covered in glazed multi-colors which create extraordinary geometric patterns. Until 1985, the kitchen functioned with modern equipment for the residents of the retirement home. It has now been restored to its appearance in the early 20th century. More Information.
Puligny-Montrachet is a commune in the middle of Beaune. It is one of the most famous vineyards in the world.
1. to 4. above -Claudia welcomes everyone! Wine-tasting at Cellier de la Cabiote Caves
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