Bubba's Fish Shack Surfside Beach, SC
Ctabby Mike's Surfside Beach, SC
Crepe Myrtle - our back yard
golf ball diver - lake behind our house
Murrells Inlet SC - Marshwalk - Drunken Jack
White Egret - Murrells Inlet
Gardenia by garage
golfers - Wicked Stick Golf Course
White Egret - Murrells Inlet
Blue Jay in our garden
Gladiolus in the garden
Murrells Inlet SC - Marshwalk
Yellow Day Lily
Petunia in our garden
Hibiscus - Market Common - Myrtle Beach
Blue Jay at the feeder
Seafare all you can eat Restaurant - Surfside Ceach, SC
White Egret - Murrells Inlet
Myrtle Beach - Summer 2008
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1. -3. White Egrets - Murrells Inlet, SC; 4. Our backyard feeder, safe and friendly for smaller birds
1.) Bubba's Fish Shack 2. Crabby Mike's, Surfside Beach 3. Seafare, Surfside Beach 4. Giant Crab, Restaurant Row
1. Murrrells Inlet 2. Drunken Jack 3. and 4. Gladiolus and day lily in our garden
back yard bird feeder
In our yard: Gardenia, Yellow Hibiscus, Petunia, and Crepe Myrtle
1. Golf ball diver 2. Golfers - Wicked Stick Golf Course 3. Blue Jay guarding "his" bath 4. Blue Jay at our feeder
Maggie the cat in hiding
Yellow Day Lily
Meet Jasper
1. Maggie 2. Yellow Day Lily 3. Jasper 4. Maggie - Manassas, VA. July, 2008
Giant Crab, Restaurant Row
Maggie - catnip
Myrtle Beach State Park
Oleander - beautiful but deadly
Painter's Ice Cream Garden City Beach
Sam's World Famous Coffee! Garden City
1. Myrtle Beach State Park, August 2.Oleander 3. Painter's Ice Cream Garden City Beach 4. Sam's Corner Garden City Beach
SC Gamecocks at the beach
South Beach August, 2008
The beach before the storm
Watermelon overload. Name your price!
1. Gamecocks on the beach 2. South Beach 3. Before the storm 4. Watermelon overload
Debbie back massage
Janice and Carmen
hosted by Orvis at the Market Common
Withers Preserve at Market Common
Duck at Withers Preserve Market Common
Women's Night Out: 1. Catered ar Orvis by Tommy Bahama Café - appetizers and desserts 2. and 3. Her Body and Soul massages, foot treatments, facials, 4. hosted by Orvis at the Market Common
1. Me with Bob at the The Key West Band (Jimmy Buffett Tribute) 2. Me again 3. Withers Preserve 4. Duck at Withers Preserve