Myrtle Beach, SC
Spring, 2009
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Mt Atlanticus Myrtle Beach Mt Atlanticus Mini Golf Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach Sate Park Daffodil in our garden
1. and 2. Atlanticus Mini Golf 3. Myrtle Beach State Park in black and white 4. One of our first spring flowers
Pawleys Island Beach House Grande Dunes Panorama
1. Faith's Birthday! 2. Pawleys Island 3. Grande Dunes Marina (enlarges to a panorams) 4. Surfer's board
Huntington Beach State Park Pampas Grass
1. Beach House - Myrtle Beach 2. Marlin Quay Marina 3. Huntington Beach State Park 4. Pampas Grass
1. Garden City Beach 2. Azaleas from our bushes 3. Pelican MB State Park 4, Muhly Grass
rose in garden Buster Wally and Ann
Wally and me
1. Rose in garden 2. Me and Wally 3. Buster sleeping in the yerd 4. Ann and Wally
Atamasco (Easter Lily) growing wild at Myrtle Beach State Park Market Common
1. "Oil painting" (Photoshop) Myrtle Beach Statre Park 2. Atamasco (Easter Lilies) MB State Park
3 and 4. Barnyard Geese at the Market Common
Pet Laws Myrtle Beach State Park
People swimming 4-19-09
1. MB State Park 4-18-09 2. and 3 Game at the Market Common 4. Laws for Dogs, Myrtle Beach State
Earth Day Market Common
Earth Day - Market Common
1. 1. - 4. Earth Day at the Market Common 4/17/09. 2. Laurie Marinelli, Artist 3. Art show 4. For the kids
Turtles at Market Common
White Azaleas Pink Azaleas
1. Turtles at Market Common 2. Earth Day Market Common 3. and 4. Azaleas in our yard.
Sandals Yellow Hibiscus Pink Hibiscus
1. Link to my photos of the First Anniversary at The Market Common, April 4th. 2. Link to our vacation pictures March 2- March 12. 3.and 4 Hibiscus in bloom at the Market Common
Mother's Day
Dragon Race Market Common
Dragon Race Market Common
Above and Left: The First annual Dragon Boat Festival at The Market Common, was hosted by the Christian youth ministry organization, Ground Zero! The $40,000 it raised from the event went to the Ground Zero Ministry, which reaches out to local teenagers at a time when they need it. The dragon boat teams consisted of 22 members, each racing in colorful Dragon Boats along the lake. The four 41-foot boats weigh 550 pounds. Each boat has 20 paddlers inside, one drummer and one person in the rear steering. The ancient sport of Dragon Boat racing is the fastest-growing sport in the Western world.

April was a big month for us, as we moved into a new house.

Dragon Race Market Common
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