Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel
Jimmy Buffett's LandShark Bar & Grill
Jimmy Buffett's LandShark Bar & Grill
Jimmy Buffett's LandShark Bar & Grill
Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel - Landshark
Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel
Myrtle Beach SkyWheel
Plus...Jimmy Buffett's LandShark Bar & Grill
Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, S.C. All photos by PatriciaBlackstock. Click photos to view in originaal size.
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* Boardwalk Cam!
Sky wheel (on the web cam)
: Myrtle Beach Web Cams

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Landshark Bar & Grill menu
LED lightshow. Skywheel at night
LED lightshow. Skywheel at night
View of Myrttle Beach Ocean Blvd. from Skywheel gondola
View of Myrttle Beach Ocean Blvd. from Skywheel gondola
Boarding the Skywheel gondola
View of Myrttle Beach Ocean Blvd. from Skywheel gondola
Ruann and Alan,waiting to boarwd the SkyWheel. Views of Ocean Blvd. and the shoreline from the skywheel. Gary and Gail, getting ready to enjoy the skywhee;
The LED Beautidul light show as the wheel turns showing various colors. The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is located on the Oceanfront Boardwalk. It measures 200 ft. above sea level, and it offers 42 climate controlled Swiss-manufactured enclosed gondolas and an impressive LED light show, every night. Biew the link to the official Myrtle Beach SkyWheel site.
Gail and Gary - SkyWheel
Sky Wheel Reflection
Alan and Ruann at Lankshark Gift Shop
LandShark Skywheel Boardwalk
Boardwalk and Sky Wheel
The Sktwheel looms over Jimmy Buffett's Land Shark Restauant inside the Landshark storeWith our friends, Ruann and Alan.
Viewthe Boardwalk from the Sklywheel. Enjoy a meal or a snack at the Landmark REstaurant. View of 14th Ave. Pier from SkyWheel, and the SkyWheel close-up showing off the LED lights
14th Ave. Pier - from the SkyWheel
Land Shark Bar & Grill
Land Shark Bar & Grill
Landshark Bar & Grill, menu, prices andf ood photos. Restaurant Review and Menu: Landshark Bar & Grill
Landshark Bar & Grill and Menu

The Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel (observation wheel) opened in May, 2011, along with Jimmy Buffett's Land Shark Bar and Grill. Next door to the skywheel entrance you'll find a store where you can purchase SkyWheel and Landmark souvenirs.

Located at the north end of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, the SkyWheel is 200 feet tall and it's the best way to see Myrtle Beach!

it is an amazing panoramic view from the Boardwalk to the ocean, including views of downtown Myrtle Beach and beyond! Tip: Pick a sunnyn and cloudless day or go after dark to see the lights of Myrtle Beach ans the Grand Strand.

The SkyWheel boasts 42 climate controlled gondolas that seat up to 6 people. Each ride lasts around 10 - 12 minutes and offers beautiful panoramic views. At dark you willo see an awsome display of LED Light Show, showing the SkyWheel in visid colors!