Tommy Bahama Cafe
Ruddy Turnstone
Sticky Fingers
Big Butts BBQ
spider lily
Crepe Myrtle
Hot Dogs
Hurricane Earl
Gamecocks booth
Great Wallof China, PF Chnag
Hot Air Beer Bottle Balloon
hummingbirds in our back yard
Myrtle Beach State Park
Praying Mantis
Hpt Peanuts
Myrtle Beach State Park Pier
Myrtle Beach State Park
Myrtle Beah State Park
Spider Lily
spider lily
Myrtle Beach, SC - September, 2010
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Bwlow:At the Landmanns' lovely home! 1. Brian raises a toast 2. Shelly, Wally, Gail 3. Gary and Jen 4. Food! 5. Telling secrets! 6. Uh-Oh...caught LOL!!
Below: By Setember, we've almost filled our annual quota of festivals and funnel cakes. But we keep on enjoying them into the fall
Below: 1. The ocean when Earl passed by. 2. Storm coming! 3. MB State Pier Park 4. Thirsty pigeons 5. Hummingbirds in our back yard. 6. Butterfly
Below: 1. Hot Air Beer Balloon at The Market Common 2.3.4 - Red and white spider lilies 5 and 6 Orchids on the screened in porch at night
Below: 1. Crepe Myrtle, front yard 2. Field of spider lilies 3. Tommy Bahama Cafe - The Market Common 4. Praying Mantis on out screen 5. Ruddy Turnstone
Kenan on the beach
The Shriner's
Sat. Sept. 19th
Shriners Parade Myrtle Beach
Below: Grandson Kenan at Sticky Fingers 2. Amy, Kenan, Mike "Great Wall of Choclolate" at PF Chang 3. Mike, Wally, Kenan, 4 and 5. Myrtle Beach State Park
Below: 1and 2. Myrtle Beach Message Board meet-ups (love y'all!) 3. Wally's Seagate pals, dinner at Gilligan's Murrells Inlet. 4. Link to Shriners Parade
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