Springmaid Resort Beach
ornimental green peppers
Wally with our bikes
Black Crowned Night Heron
iyr backyard
Surfer Watersports
Myrtle Beach Pictures - September, 2009
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Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
Stunts on the surfboard
Here, kitty, kitty
Ripley's Haunted House
Summer Nights Brookgreen Gardens
Alan, me, Bruce
The Original Benjamin's
Sea Witch Mini Golf
Marina Inn at Grande Dunes
Gordon Biresch
Big Daddy's
Retired isn't just for shuffleboard
Harbor Marina - Bridge
Harbor Marina sign
1, Our back porch 2. flower at the beach 3. Brookgreen Gardens 4. BIG dog! 5. Old clock - The Market Common
1, Wally checks my brakes 2, &3. Ski stunts at Market Common 4. Bartender at Tommy Bahama Cafe 5. Pepper Plants
feral cats
Hard Rock Cafe
Dave, Betsy, Barbara, Bruno, Annie, me, Wally
More Myrtle Beach Photos

Myrtle Beach Vacations!

Pretty Smile at Webster's Ice Cream
1.Springmaid Pier 2, Beach near Springmaid 3. Global Awareness 4. Will they be on a milk carton next? 5. Zennias
1-3, Sunsets at Market Common 4. Ripley's Haunted Adventure 5. Food at one of the Market Common Art Festivals
1 & 2. Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs 3. The Tams 4 & 5. All ages love dancing to their music!
1. & 2. Feral kittens. 3. and 4. Harbor Marina - Socastee 5. Retirement isn't just for shuffleboard anymore.
Peaches Corner Menu
Ocean Front Grill
The Stylistics
Mad Myrtle's Ice Cream on Ocean Blvd.
Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach
Police survey the croud at the Boardwalk dedication
The fabulous Shakers
The fabulous Shakers
1&2 Charlie Thomas' Drifters 3.& 4. The Fantastic Shakers 5. The Stylistics. They were all in Myrtle Beach on Sept. 25 and 26 to celebrate the ground-breakingf for our new downtown boardwalk .
Monster Motion Theater
Peaches Corner
1. Police on bikes surveyed the crowds 2. & 3. Crowds watching the entertainment 5. Ocean Blvd. closed off to traffic
1. Ocean Front Grill 2. and 3. Peaches Corner 4. Mad Myrtle's Ice Cream 6. Ripley's Monster Motion Theater
Webster's Ice Cream
Ocen Blvd. in B&W
1, & 2. Webster's Ice Cream 3. Ocean Blouvard 4. Brookgreen Gardens 5. Black Crowned Night Heron
The friends row. :-) The last one is the jazz trio from Cool Summer Evenings at Brookgreen Gardens