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Sandals Negril Review and Photos

The good, the bad abd the ugly! Jan. 10 - January 19, 2022

This was our 11th Sandals vacation, but it was our first to Sandals Negril. Thank you, Amy McHugh (https://dreammakersvaca.com/our-story) for your suggestion to vacation there

Due to the length of the drive from the airport to the resort, we hired a private driver who was quick and efficient without any small talk or stops. Thank you, Connie Darvin, Owner (http://www.dreamwithustravel.com/) for arranging this ride for us as well as helping us plan this vacation.

We loved the 7-mile long, only steps from our room. The ocean is a gorgeous combination of colors for daytime, sunrise and sunset.

We never had a bad meal, and the presentation of food and service were perfect throughout our stay.

The Concierge Club Level and our 2nd floor room were excellent! We requested (and weerw happy to see) a bottle of Bailey's Bistol Cream delivered to our room! (We never open any of the the provided open bottles in our room, so thanks, Sandals for spoiling us with this "arrival' drink!)

We enjoyed out patio and the scenery! Perfect views were presented every day of day, and fortunately for us we had no rain during our vacation.

We were were very unhappy to learn that we were not invited on the Sandals Catamaran cruise. We are Diamond Level members, and have enjoyed this cruise on previous Sandals vacations. And just to double-check before we left home, I printed out a page from Sandals telling me that yes indeed, due to our level status we would receive a Catamaran Cruise for 2 as long as we had booked at least 6 nights. OK...can't wait!) So upon arrival I gave the paper to our Concierge Aisno who assured us he would take care of it.

However, we never saw that piece of paper again. The next day we were told that a cruise was not taking place during our visit. I asked if this may be due to COVID? The Concierge said he did not know. (The Concierge should have answers to questions like this!) And the really strange thing is that other guests told us they had seen the Catamaran cruising in the waters just before our arrival.

So Sandals, this information needs to be made clear to your guests, along with the not-included Internet fees when you bring your own laptop. In the official Ssandals Negril web page (http://www.sandals.com/negril) I was informed that wi-fi is available in rooms and common areas. They need to add that "available" does not mean "included." Tricky wording. Sandals?

And why did these Internet fees concern us, you may ask? We could use Sandals extremely slow basic connection at no extra cost, but that's if you plan to spend your entire morning and into the lunch hour looking at your slow wi-fi connection. No matter where you carry the laptop (inside or out) you will not get good reception if you don't upgrade. So you'll probably do what we did - grudgingly pay the price. The fee is $42.99 per week ( the extra coast for the other 2 nightd) for faster service. (Other pricing for less or more days.) What a huge ripoff! I used to think that "Sandals All inclusive" meant "all inclusive." Instead, Sandals seems to be getting off track.

Wally did some snorkeling while I was happy to lounge by the water. He reported he had a fun time ... the water was calm and and offered lots of colorful fish.

The Piano Bar exists, but we never saw anyone playing the piano. One night a guest sat down and played a little, but he was not professional.

The local entertainment was always very good to excellent! We enjoyed watching talented locals as they sprang to life on the stage.

We always make new friends when we take a Sandals vacation. We so much enjoyed meeting Jim and Robbie Hilyard (from Philadelphia.) and we hung out with them whenever they let us follow them around! :-)

Last but not least, we would not return again to this Sandals Resort. No catamaran ride. No piano player. Too high priced wi-fi which hardly worked after paying their outragious price, and an overall feeling that even the staff admitted things could be better. If any of you have read this far, please let me know if you have been to an all-inclusive you feel surpasses the Sandals chains. We may be interested for our next vacartion.

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