Roanoke Symphony Polo Cup ~ Roanoke/Salem, VA

A chance to go home and be with my forever friends -
the most beautiful women in the world!


Let's establish right up front that there WAS indeed a polo match. If you missed it, here's your proof! Virginia Highlands Pipes and Drums, Opening Ceremony

Even the Red Hats had their own tent. Note the well-dressed poodle in her purple dress and red hat!
Friends forever!
What's wrong with this picture? Max (right) is the only person in the 15 year history of Polo Cup to be caught on camera watching the match! Jim (left) raises a toast! See Judy's yellow cup? What do you suppose it holds? Something better than the champagne glass above? That glass above, which once held champagne, is now holding tequila. But what's in the yellow cup?
Is that blond woman under the tent dancing on her hat or stepping on picnic ants? We're all watching to see what she does next!! Judy, Nancy and I smile for the camera. But what's this? Judy has changed cups again. Is her smile getting bit lop-sided?
There are the yellow cups again in the hands of Judy and Ina Ray! By this time, Jim has appointed me Designated Driver. I'll love getting behind the wheel of their beautiful new Cadallac.
Nancy shows Jim a map she just sketched on a napkin, pointing him to the best tents for beer!
September 29th at Jim and Judy's home. Karen, Judy, Helen and I search for yellow cups but there are none to be found. Also missing is Ina Ray. Do you suppose there is a connection? Click to view the barbarous manners of my friends who must have found yellow cups. See the expression on Ina Ray's face to know who had the cups and contents! Is Max praying for Ina Ray's soul?
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