~ Moon Palace ~ Cancun, Mexico ~
~ Chichen Itza and Xpu-Ha~
~January 12 -20, 2004~

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Towel Art
In-room Jacuzzi
Moon Palace Resort Review
The photos on the right were taken at Chichen Itza (Mouth of the Well of the Itzas.) Possibly the best known Myan ruin, this city was the most important in Yucatan from the 11th to the 13th century. The majesty and enormity of this site are unforgettable! An architectural hybrid, it incarnates much of the bloody history of the Maya, from the steep alter stairways down which sacrificial victims were hurled, to the ornate beauty of smaller structures. These photos include the pyramid, the large ball-playing court, the Observatory and the sacrificial well, once filled with precious offerings.
The photos below were taken while parasailing. Truth be told, Wally took them. I was too busy measuring how far we were from the safety of the boat. But when we got off, I was ready to do it again!
Xpu-Ha is a spectacular ecopark located south of Cancun Mexico on the Riviera Maya. Wide and powdery, Xpu-Ha beach is a beauty! Built in the former Xpu-Ha Ecopark, the Xpu-Ha Palace Resort features two-story bungalows in clusters of eight buildings throughout this tropical park.
Our second trip to Moon Palace was in April 2005 for Mike and Amy's wedding. This is a QuickTime Movie. Please allow time for it to load. Thanks for viewing our photos!