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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:19 pm 
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Thank you folks for the happy anniversary wishes. and thank you for reading my report. They always tend to get long. Patrish you are right about the exercise you can get at Brookgreen Gardens. We got plenty. The day after we left they had their first organized 5k race at Brookgreen. It might have been fun to do that race. It would have been a little different from the races we usually enter.

AND the area around Brookgreen is mostly flat. That's never a bad thing in my book. In October there is going to be a half marathon race in Georgetown. Especially after our visit there I thought I might like to enter that one. Unfortunately for me, the last part of the 13 mile race is run over one of those giant high-rise bridges. I realize that bridges make for an impressive setting and all, but for a wimpy runner like me that is not a positive. I shake my head when I think that Georgetown SC is located in one of the flattest places in the world. It is so flat that a good portion of it is under water at high tide. It is so flat, in fact, that the area is called "the low country." but when they have a big race they run it up the only mountain within 300 miles, a big steel and concrete man made mountain. I know I am being a wimp and when Jodie reads this she will roll her eyes at me yet again, but I'm going to have to think about this race for a while before I commit to it.

Well, here is the last part of my report:

Time to head home

We didn't waste too much time packing up and checking out. Ordinarily, check out day is not fun, but this time it wasn't dreaded like it usually is. The noise of motorcycles was growing more intense. It seemed like the earth was trembling beneath us. There was a low rumble coming from every direction, punctuated by the high pitched screams of engines being revved to just before the point of blowing up. Redlining the engines while sitting still was used as a form of communication, a greeting of sorts, between riders stopped beside each other at the same traffic light or between passing riders and the throngs of people sitting in one of the many beer drinking circles formed along the street. They seemed to get no small thrill from it all. I think I can safely speak for Jodie when I say that neither of us found the experience at all thrilling.

While we had not personally encountered any major problems with the motorcycles, I knew that the worst was yet to come, so for the first time ever, I was glad to put Myrtle Beach in my rear view mirror. I learned a few days later that my son's girlfriend and some of her friends arrived at Myrtle Beach that same day. All weekend, every time they stepped outside, they were horribly harassed by the motorcyclists, who shouted obscene comments at them and even barked like dogs at them. I'm glad we left before things got that bad.

We got off to an early start this morning not just because of the motorcycles but because we had plans to stop by Wilmington, as we often do, to visit with our daughter Kayla, a rising junior at UNC Wilmington. As I type this I stop to reflect on those words, “rising junior.” She is our youngest. Its true that they grow up in just a heartbeat.

For a change of pace we decided to go to Wilmington by the “scenic route” across the water. We drove north to Oak Island and then on to Southport, where we caught the ferry over to Fort Fisher. The ferry affords a rare glimpse of the ruins of Brice's Creek Lighthouse. It is on private land and only visible from the water. This ferry ride was much more fun than just simply driving to Wilmington, especially on such a beautiful day. We stood at the rail, near the front and enjoyed the view of the passing boats and the distant shoreline. Some kids were throwing food to the Laughing Gulls circling around us. I tried to get Jodie to walk up to bow with me and hold her arms out, feel the wind in her face like Kate Winslet in Titanic. I was going to stand behind her and hold her like Leonardo DiCaprio. Jodie, however decided that we'd best save that experience for perhaps another time. Standing in the sunshine with Jodie watching the breeze flow through her hair made me feel like the “king of the world” anyway.

We had lunch with Kayla at the Oceanic restaurant on Wrightsville Beach. It was a pleasant visit. On the way home we stopped in Rose Hill at the Duplin Winery where I tasted a glass of their newest creation, a semi dry muscadine they call “Going Coastal.” I also reinstated my membership in their Heritage Club. We arrived at home and got to bed as quickly as we could. It was not extremely late, but we had to get up early for that 5k race the next morning and needed to get some rest. The next morning Jodie topped off her anniversary week festivities by winning first place in her age group. That didn't surprise me. She's a good runner. As for me ...well suffice it to say that I did not win first place in my age group. We had a memorable, fun-filled week celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary. I didn't win the 5k but I guess you could say that I did win Jodie 25 years ago. I'll take that over a gold medal any day.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:40 pm 

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Awwww, your relationship with your wife, and the kind things you say about her are so sweet. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip report. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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