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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:23 pm 

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Will be in Garden City that week. If I remember right there were several others scheduled in town the same week.

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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 9:34 am 
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We had a gathering of old friends last night, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday.

This was my first visit to Fat Jack's. Basically it's a local hangout where they specialize in Wings. But they have many selections on the menu, and Alan (pop2748) chose the location because of its good reviews.

Donna and Ron (Lax Mom) are now "old timers" to the meet-ups. We first met them in April, just as they were settling into their home in River Oaks and getting comfortable with being locals. They are delightful to talk with, and as I've said before, they fit right into our Myrtle Beach Family. Thanks , Donna and Ron, for being with us last night!

This was Alan's meetup. He and RuAnn are staying in Garden City this year instead of North Myrtle Beach, so they have been adjusting to new sights and restaurants. They particularly enjoy the Garden City Pier that features various local bands in the evenings. Alan and RuAnn take their membership in our message board seriously. They were at the Gettysburg Meetup in PA, then drove straight to Myrtle Beach to attend another here. It's always good to see them, and this year RuAnn brought her friend Sharon, an ex-local now living in Charlotte. Thanks for coming along, Sharon.

Eric and Lisa weren't sure they could be at this meet-up, but their 4 children were involved in other activities and suddenly they found themselves free for the evening. Many of you have met them before, as they were message board members for several years before moving here from Ohio. Now they've become locals and an important part of our board.

It's always fun to see Katie, Noelle and Kylie, but I missed Brett who was teaching a class at their church last night. Katie looked stunning, as you can see in the picture. I'm in awe of how she manages the girls, keeps an eye on where the are and what they're doing, takes part in all conversations around her, and does it all with obvious enjoyment and without looking frazzled.

Charlotte and Leo are as much as part of the board as any of us. They make friends easily because they're both so outgoing and personable that you can't help being drawn to them. I overheard them asking Donna and Ron to come over to their house after the meet-up to enjoy some TV show they all like. This is typical Leo. You would be proud to have this couple as your friends or neighbors. Thanks to both of you for helping make last night another good memory in the history of meet-ups.

Barb and Jim, I'm so sorry you couldn't make it, but we kept watching the door! I'm also sorry that some of our other regulars (you know who you are) had previous plans.

Last but not least, I need to mention the ever-patient Wally who is always having to revise his schedule to accommodate plans I make. It has happened twice this week, and he is always a sweetheart about it.

Alan and Wally
Noelle and Kylie help me to blow out candles, while Katie watches to make sure Kylie doesn't fall face-first into the icing:
Donna and Ron
Leo and Charlotte
Leo (I leave the caption for you to supply)
Lisa and Eric
Happy Birthday to me!
RuAnn and Sharon

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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 9:38 am 
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beachxcape wrote:
I'm so sorry to have missed this meet-up!!! (New work schedule)

:party[1]: HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY PATRISH!!!!!!

I'm sure you all had a great time. Did Leo leave any brithday cake????
Missing you all,

Happy birthday Patrish!!!!!!!

39??? You're joking - you don't look a day over 38!

And tell Leo my TV is bigger than his! :lol:

Favorite quote: "Another Day, Another Buck Eighty-Five an Hour"

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PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2008 10:11 am 
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patrish wrote:

Caption- "Flowers??! Oh, Alan, you shouldn't have!" :love1:


Last night's meetup was fun. I wasn't too sure if I was going to be able to enjoy myself, because I knew Brett wouldn't be able to attend. Trying to socialize and chase 2 preschoolers around is a daunting task. But that's really the great benefit of being on the same message board as my father. Grampy's are good for watching kids! I could chatter on, enjoy my cake, and know that Grammy and Grampy had everything under control (Ok, so I had to get up a few times to break up some melodrama over whose turn it was to drive the arcade race car. But otherwise, all was well).

It was good to see Alan again, but he was dissapointed that Brett wasn't there. He had a few good stored up jabs for poor Brett, who is still in mourning over the Ohio State loss in January. I offered to pass along some messages to Brett, but Alan was merciful and said he'd let it slide. :lol:

I always love celebrating a message board member's birthday at meetups! It really feels like a big extended family... and well.... I just love any excuse to eat cake!! And boy did we have lots of cake last night! Dad brought a massive cake that would feed an army (or just him). And Wally also brought a cake. So we all know what Patrish will be nibbling on all day while she monitors the board. :hb2[1]:

Patrish, the fish you gave Noelle take 2 days to grow to full size. She has been staring at them all morning waiting for them to grow. I don't know whether to feel bad for her... or excited that she's amazingly quiet, and I'm able to get lots of work done! HAHA! In any case, she is very excited about it and told me I need to put water on her, so she will grow as tall as me. :clown:

Thank you, Alan, for setting up this meetup and including us in your vacation plans. And best wishes on grandbaby #5!


 Post subject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:37 pm 
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Happy birthday Patrish!!!!!
.......and many more-

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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 8:35 pm 
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patrish wrote:
I overheard them asking Donna and Ron to come over to their house after the meet-up to enjoy some TV show they all like. This is typical Leo.

Please...The man just LOVES to show off his giant television to everyone! :lol:

I'm glad you had a great birthday! Those cakes seemed mighty tasty!

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