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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 9:45 am 
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We had a wonderful meet-up last night. As usual, everyone seemed to have a good time, and if anyone had taken notice of us they would have thought we had been friends for many years. That's the feeling that always comes out of these meet-ups...being together with old friends.

Peter and Lynda (Happy Hacker) get the award for traveling the longest distance to attend a meet-up! OK...I lied. They didn't come to the US just to attend a meet-up. They are from Portsmouth England, about 60 miles from London, and they like Myrtle Beach so well that they own property here and come to golf as often as they can find good airfare! We enjoyed spending time with Peter and Lynda. They are both absolute sweethearts and I hope this is the start of many meet-ups for them.
Lynda and Peter:

One of the many highlights of the evening was meeting Trudy (SparkyJane) who has been board members for a very long time, dating back to the "old" board. Trudy is vacationing with her sister Deborah this week from Virginia. These are two of the friendliest and outgoing women you'd ever want to meet. I felt right at home talking with them both. Trudy and I both brought a bag full of books to exchange, but I think in the future we'll have to come up with another way to do this. Poor Wally was feeling like one of those pack burros by the end of the evening as I told him to "Watch my backpack. Watch the camera. Watch those bags of books. Hold my sunglasses..." LOL. He takes it all in stride, bless his heart.

FINALLY, I got to meet Lisa (Pitsypits) her husband Kevin and little Georgia whose avatar graces our message board pages each time Lisa posts. Any of you following the trip reports will remember that this family had a few rough days at the beginning of their vacation, plus other problems even before their vacation began. It was wonderful to finally have a chance to talk to Lisa and have this opportunity to tell her how much we appreciate the time and effort she puts into the board. There are many times during the busy summer when someone will post a long list of questions. I look at it and sigh because I know it will take some research to locate all the information they want. By the time I decide to tackle the questions, I often find that Lisa has already posted, doing a superb job directing them to various references, or supplying new information. I hope that others who were here got some good pictures because several of the ones I took did not make it from the camera to the web site. But take my word for it, Lisa and Kevin are a very good-looking couple, and Georgia is beautiful! I'm sorry I did not have more time to spend with them.

Andrew and Julie from Toronto were here with Catriona. Yes, Julie is looking pregnant and she is one of those women who simply glow during their pregnancy. We are fortunate to have this couple embrace the message board family and attend meet-ups every time they visit. I understand that Leo and Andrew played golf the day of the meet-up, upholding a tradition they formed a couple years ago.

We haven't seen Jack (Hondo) and his wife Emily since a meet-up at Flo's in 2005. But as soon as we started talking, it was like being with old friends again, picking up where we left off. Jack has been a message board member since the days of the "old board." He doesn't post too often, but when he does it is always worth taking the time to read. I love talking to Emily. She has such a beautiful and cultured Southern accent...the kind that makes you think of Southern Plantations and mint juleps on the verandah. Which is exactly the image Emily presents in person, too:

Judy and Mike are our newest Grand Strand residents. Judy's username is Mammie, and although she admits she doesn't post much, she loves visiting the message board and reading all the posts. "I feel like I know everyone," she told me. We ended the evening by having dinner with Judy and Mike at Liberty Steak House. Mike recently took early retirement after 35 years of police work with the Baltimore County Police Department. They had their new retirement home built in Loris and they are happy with the builder and the fiished product. From the "It's a small world" department," I understand that Mike knows Bonnie's brother fairly well. Judy and Mike, we look forward to seeing you at more meet-ups. It was our pleasure to meet you, and we enjoyed dinner. Thanks for asking us to tag along. I was starved!.

One of the many advantages of the message board meet-ups is watching our incomparably cute children growing up. Again, I'm sure others have better pictures, but I'll post these anyhow: ... ,kylie.jpg

Colleen, Brian, Leo, Katie, Bob and Bonnie...I don't know what I'd do without you, and it was wonderful seeing all of you tonight. Thank you for your support of the board, for attending so many of the meet-ups, for giving up other activities or cutting them short in order to be with us, and for the support you are always willing give to me whether I ask for it or not. It is difficult to be able to spend as much time as I would like with all the locals who attend our meet-ups, and often I don't spend enough time with this core group. But I know you're there and I appreciate it more than I can say.

Thanks to everyone for another truly memorable gathering. The meet-ups mean a lot to me. When others come along and post better pictures, I'll remove my blurry ones! :clown:

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:43 pm 
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I'd like to take this brief moment to apologize to anyone who may have gotten the impression that I was being rude last night. Unfortunately, I was there by myself with the 2 girls, and they were running in 2 opposite directions all night. I felt terrible that I couldn't focus very well on meeting anyone or having a nice conversation like I wanted to. If you wondered why I kept interrupting you to walk away, it wasn't because I had no interest in the conversation... it was because one of my daughters found a greater interest in either checking out the nearest bar or drowning herself in the fountain. I wish I could have had the opportunity to talk more (and to introduce myself to some of you that I have never even met), and I feel terrible about it. But without Brett to help me and the girls outside in an open area where they could run off, I was very limited in my ability to focus on much besides where I could find a clearance sale on straight jackets in toddler size 3T and 5T. Please accept my deepest apologies if I offended anybody!!

There. That's taken care of. On to the pictures. These are my father's pictures. He is drowning in work and conference calls today, so he doesn't have the time to post these pictures and asked me to get them up on the board for him. This is the result of him SLACKING OFF yesterday!! Playing golf with Andrew while the rest of us worker bees had to clock in 8 hours. Tisk, Tisk. :mrgreen:

Here is the lovely Julie, who as Patrish said, is absolutely GLOWING! I was just a tiny bit jealous. I did not look nearly that wonderful when I was pregnant. She and Andrew make a great couple, and I'm really looking forward to meeting the new baby next time they make the trip down here....

And this is Julie and Andrew's daughter Catriona, who is incredibly adorable. She behaved so well last night, even though she hadn't eaten dinner yet. If that had been me, I would have been tugging on Julie's leg every 4 minutes and yelling, "MOMMY!!! FIVE GUYS!!!!" But little Catriona apparently has more grace and patience than me.

Here is Lisa (pitsypits) and Colleen. There is just way too much gorgeousness in this picture. I must avert my eyes before I am blinded. Check out those two wonderful women. I'm so blessed to have them as my friends. They are both truly beautiful on the outside and the inside.

Here is Lisa's daughter, Georgia, who we all know and love... the cutest avatar in the world. Georgia just loved Kylie, but unfortunately Kylie was being a total grump and did not want to return the love. I felt bad. Kylie got a stern "talking to" when we left, but she didn't seem to be paying attention to me at all. I'm sorry Georgia!! I would have given you a hug myself, but I know I'm just not cute and huggable like Kylie, huh?

Here is Peter (Happy Hacker) and his lovely wife Lynda, along with Julie and Andrew. Peter has a contagious smile, which you can see in this picture. I enjoyed the brief moment I had to chat with him. He and his wife are very sweet people... only proving the theory that this board not only attracts the nicest people in the country, but also the world...

Here are Mike and Judy (Mammie). I unfortunately did not get the opportunity to even introduce myself to them, and I'm totally embarassed about that. But since Patrish likes them and thinks they are wonderful, well gosh darn it, so do I!!! I really hope that I have a second chance to chat with you both at a future meetup.

Here's a shot of Wally and Bonnie having a great time. Bonnie and I are both wishing for the fall season to begin, and we both insisted on wearing long sleeves last night in protest of the 89 degree weather we've been having. haha! I don't know about her, but I was sweating. I guess I should re-think my methods of protesting.

Here is Trudy and her sister. Aren't they the sweetest sisters?! What a priceless picture! Thank you, Trudy, for being part of the message board all these years.

Dad had no picture of Jack and Emily, so we will have to rely on Patrish's picture of them. I have been waiting to meet Jack for 2 years. The dog with "orthodontic issues" always makes me laugh. It was a delight to meet him and Emily. I would have loved to chat more with them, but I could see Kylie and Noelle out the corner of my eye throwing bark mulch into the sky like confetti. :roll:

I'm so glad I had the chance to be there last night. Thank you to everybody who showed up. And thank you to Patrish and Ron, who work tirelessly to keep us connected from all parts of the US, UK, and Canada. :notworthy:


 Post subject: Fountain Meetup
PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 6:48 pm 
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Just a quick note to say how much Lynda and I enjoyed meeting everyone, it was nice to be able to put faces to names. Hopefully we can join you again on a future visit to Myrtle Beach. Thank you for all who work on the message board to make it so interesting and informative.
Peter (Happy Hacker)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 12:01 am 
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OMG ...(huh Oh My Gosh) ((for the slow folks lol)

What a fun looking group of people! I showed the family all the pictures and I hope we can become part of this family.

We are in the middle of packing everything we own into boxes. The hard part is sorting out the non essential item, track, stuff for storage, keep stuff. Its amazing how well my Wife is handling all of this. (but it was her idea LOL) I love this woman so much. She is my best friend!

Anyway, I am not a fan of moving. If it was out to me, I just take some clothes and my Culnary Pots & Pans. (oh and my Knives). I must have been some Nomad in my past life.. lol. We move in 5 days the movers are coming Thursday to load everything and we are leaving Friday am. I think Tonya said we are spending the night with her Mom in Charlotte and then on to MB :nanner:

I hope to meet ya'll (gosh I miss saying that) soon.

Michael :lol:

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:14 pm 
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Ok..I said I was pokey. :oops:

The meetup was great. I think my husband was thinking "oh, brother," but he went along like a good sport. He's been to two of them before, but I think he still has apprehension because he doesn't "talk to y'all" on the MB like I do. We got there early and walked around a bit and then headed on over to the fountain. Leo immediately know who we were and I'm sure Georgia was the dead give away! Georgia BATB Meetup

We first met Trudy (Sparky Jane) and her sister Deborah. They were staying at Beach Colony just about a mile down from where we were staying. They seemed to be having a great time. Soon I caught Patrish and Wally out of the corner of my eye. There is not a picture on this message board that does that woman justice. She is elegant and lovely...a svelt vision. Wally is as sweet as Christmas and he knew places in Ohio...brownie points!

I thought I heard a distinct UK accent and low and behold it was Happy Hacker, Peter and his wife Lynda. I really enjoyed chatting with them. They are so engaging and have wonderful senses of humor. Lynda kind of was hoodwinked into the meetup. I don't think Peter told her until an hour prior...Oh, by the way there's this thing tonight....

Here are some shots of them along with Wally & Deborah, Leo, Andrew & Julie:

Wally, Deborah, Lynda

Julie, Peter, Leo, Andrew

I also had a brief conversation with Judy -- recent transplant to SC. She and her husband, Mike, seem to be adjusting to retirement quite well! Next to them were Jack (HONDO, buck teeth pooch face) and his lovely wife Emily. Jack is VERY tall. Because of his avatar, he was a surprise to me. Never would have guessed that was Jack...not in a bad way, but his avatar is so goofy and he is so not goofy.

Jack, Emily, Mike, Judy

Shortly after we arrived, came Andrew, Julie & Catriona. Julie was a radiant expectant mother, who (although you couldn't tell it) was minding the heat, just a bit. We were comparing resort notes and things getting off on a shaky foot. Catriona is a sweetie.

Surprisingly, then comes Katie & the girls. I didn't expect to see them as she had something else scheduled, but she changed her plans. YAY!! All the girls immediately became acquainted and started chasing each other around and throwing pennies in the fountain for which I am sure there is at least $5.00 in pennies from all of us. They were very sneaky about it, too...when I was cashed out, they hit up Julie, then Kevin, etc., etc. Very enterprising young ladies. Georgia was in love with Kylie and wanted to hug her, but she wasn't havin' it! They had a chasing collision and Georgia felt so bad she knocked into Kylie and made her cry that she started to cry. Girls! they do cry a lot don't they?

Katie, Kylie, Georgia, Noelle & Catriona
Georgia, Catriona, Noelle & Kylie

Low and behold arrives Colleen & Brian. Colleen is so beautiful its scary and she's just a tiny little thing like Patrish. (We hate them-- only in a good way!) I really enjoyed talking with Colleen and Brian and you can tell they have without a doubt made the right decision moving to MB. They seem so enchanted with their new home state.

I could have chatted all night. Leo and Patrish both ensured me that they were only a phone call away should any other car/life circumstances get in the way of our trip enjoyment and I so appreciated that. What wonderful humans they both are! Truly magnificent homo sapiens! :notworthy: :notworthy:

We shuffled off to get a bite to eat...hugs all around. What a wonderful thing this messageboard is and, I'm sure, would confound some people you tried to explain it, but, nonetheless, it is a blessing to get to know so many wonderful people, either in person or vicariously through this board.


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