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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:03 pm 
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We really did plan to stop in at the meet-up, but it was Bob's birthday and there weren't enough hours in that day. Sorry we missed meeting the "new" people and catching up with our local friends. Glad everyone had a great time!


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:50 am 
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As everyone has said, this meetup was fantastic, as always.

We were there first, as Kyle had a nose piece fall off his glasses and we had to go to Lenscrafters to get them fixed. They replaced BOTH nose pieces for him and straightened them out too. Then we got our suppers and sat down to wait for our friends to arrive.

It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. When Della and Bill arrived, I surreptitiously checked Bill for puncture marks from a tranquilizer dart but Della assured me it wasn't necessary. Bill was there willingly. It was great to meet Della and her family. Amber is a beautiful young woman and Adam looked quite healthy, thankfully. Our prayers paid off!

Miriam was quite shy when she first arrived, asking so quietly that I had trouble hearing her in the noisy food court whether this was where the meeting was. We talked for quite a while and I was so impressed with her. The poor woman is dealing with builder frustrations with her new house all on her own, as her husband is jetting to the West Coast for his job. Hang in there, Miriam. I'm sure it'll all work out in the end and your home will be gorgeous and you can invite the entire message board over for barbecues in your backyard.

Chris, Marsha and Dakota are also wonderful people. I loved meeting them and hearing about their lives in small-town Virginia. I asked who did most of the posting on the message board, since they have a "family name" and Chris said it was usually him who does the posting. Marsha, you'll have to get your own screen name, like Pat White (from rpwhite) did. Or at least let us know (as you did earlier) that it's you who's writing.

This was my first face-to-face meeting with Craig and Mandy and their family too. It was great to meet "Chapy" and his beautiful wife and in-laws. Leo said it best when he said they are so photogenic. What a beautiful couple. It was great to hear that Sloan had a birthday, as my Sarah also had a birthday during our vacation. I don't remember even seeing Walker, as the kids arrived later.

I had joked with Kyle before the meetup about the possibility of BobL showing up with his family, as he did at our meetup last year at T-Bones in Murrells Inlet. Imagine my surprise when he did indeed put in an appearance. I ribbed him about it a bit and found out that his impromptu visits are just to avoid having to wear a name tag (provided for us by Patrish). Patrish, I think you'll have to keep name tags for Bob in your purse, just in case - he can't be allowed to keep getting away with this!! It was great to see you and catch up, Bob! And Mary, thanks for the money! (David and Noelle had asked me for pennies, but then they later were getting quarters from Mary!)

It was so wonderful to see Katie, Brett and the girls. We had played mini golf earlier in the week, so it was really nice to see them without 16 gallons of perspiration running off of us. David was quite smitten with Noelle and he still keeps talking about her. Frank was razzing Brett about coming to central PA sometime, to State College, to see a REAL college football team. Apparently there was some problem with the atmosphere in the food court, though, because Brett didn't seem to be able to hear him. He kept saying, "What?" "Huh?" "Sorry, can't hear you."

It was also wonderful to see Leo again. He had been along on our body-drenching mini golf game earlier in the week also (his "grudge match" against Kyle, who swears it's the pirate/boat themes that make him do so poorly against Leo and not Leo's superior putting skills) so it was good to see him again in a cooler climate. I highly recommend an indoor venue for future summer meet-ups.

And then there are Patrish and Wally. What can be said about them that hasn't already been said. They are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Every time I see Patrish I'm again struck by how beautiful her eyes are. Wally is the truest of true southern gentlemen. Patrish had the fantastic idea of having a book exchange and Wally gallantly carried in a huge shopping bag full of paperbacks. Unfortunately I only had two to contribute because I discovered upon searching through my home library that I had very few paperbacks. But Patrish graciously said, "Please, take as many as you want," so I came home with some books that I'm looking forward to reading soon.

I was sorry that we missed those of you who couldn't attend. I was hoping that Colleen and Brian would make it after she got off work. I wondered about Greg (sparkieg) and thought maybe he was arrested and detained as he tried to break Colleen out of her workplace. Glad to hear it was only a lack of showers that kept him and Jenny away.

I look forward to these meetups so much. I wonder about the statement it makes about me that some of my best friends in this world are people I've met on the Internet. I guess it's just a sign of the times we live in. I truly, truly enjoyed meeting the "new" people this year, and connecting with old friends again. I can't wait for the next meet-up that we're able to go to. I know Frank (who claims to be as social as a rattlesnake) and my kids all love these meetups too. Sarah and David, who sometimes get bored easily, were having a great time with the other kids. Thank you all so much for making our vacation that much more enjoyable.

I hope to have some pictures to post soon. I use Yahoo, and they're closing down next month so I had to move pictures to another place. I chose Flickr, which is automatically moving my old pictures, and in the meantime I can't add any new ones. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon and I can post the few I have. As Patrish said, the lighting wasn't that great in the food court so they didn't all turn out as I had hoped.

So, until next time...

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:15 am 
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I am probably the slowest poster ever on the message board! Actually, I did have one post completely wrote out and several times started another one.... this time I’m going to “git’r done”.

We had some “family issues” right before we left for our trip. Even questioned if we should go or not. I think my “lateness” in writing this kind of stems from not wanting to deal with what had happened any more than I had to. My aunt was driving near Bowling Green, Ky and lost control of her vehicle when a car went left of center toward them. There were five people in the vehicle, all were ejected except my aunt. She had to be “cut-out” of the vehicle and was lifeflighted. Her daughter, Lori, age 35, was killed. Lori’s husband was paralyzed and had to be life-flighted. Their son, Derek, who is only 17 years, old had minor injuries and actually had to deal with seeing his mom in a terrible shape and his dad being somewhat awake and alert to what happened... but not being able to get up to get to his wife. Lori’s nephew was the other person in the car. He also had minor injuries...but is also a young man...close to Derek’s age. We did decide to go ahead with our trip, obviously, but came close to leaving to come back home on Thurs. AM. (I even had the phone book out to find a MBMB member to call and let them know we wouldn’t be there at the meet-up.)

But, we stayed... and you all did my heart some good! It was good to just get out and spend some time talking and laughing. There must be some type of “public service” award or something in the area... if there is, this local “core” of members would have to get it. Taking time out of their schedules to make us visitors feel welcome... wow. Where else do you find people like that?! I was a “bit” nervous... but from that first hello, it was all ok. Honestly, before I knew it two hours had passed!

We enjoyed talking with everyone... sorry we didn’t get to talk as much to everyone as we would have liked to. Hopefully we will see you all again sometime.

P.S. to Patrish: I’m only an LPN. When I was younger, I used to have this “thing” with needles and veins. There was NO way I was going to deal with IV’s. Shots were ok... I could deal with that as long as I wasn’t on the receiving end!!

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