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 Post subject: Meetup 4-26-07
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:54 pm 
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We just celebrated another MBMB meet-up at Coldstone Creamery, Broadway at the Beach. I know - we always talk about how the meet-ups are like a family reunion or a gathering of old friends - and it's still true.

I need the meet-ups. They rejuvenate me and remind me how important this board is to so many of you. Thanks for showing up tonight. It meant so much to me.

Tonight's turn out included Jan and Mike (Jan), Bob and Bonnie (Bob P), Rich and Pat, (RichMax), Leo and Charlotte (traderboyNH), Coleen (beachxcape), and Katie and Brett with Noelle and Kylie. The only people who were new to me were Bob and Bonnie, and it was a real pleasure to meet them at last.

Wally had my camera on the wrong setting. Leo will discuss that later, and I'm depending on him for some photos.

Here's Bob and Bonnie, talking with Charlotte: ... rlotte.jpg
Brett and Katie brought movies for Noelle and Kylie. Here they are,
1. Brett with Noelle and Kylie:
2. Charlotte:
Leo taking pictures:

Are you wondering about the wrong camera setting? I was too! When we got home tonight, I loaded the pictures into Photoshop. That was when I realized that Wally had the camera on the the Movie setting instead of the Photo setting. He had 5 short .mov files of the Coldstone Creamery floor! I saved one for you:

Thanks to all of you for being at Coldstone Creamery tonight. Bob and Bonnie, it was wonderful to meet you at last! I look forward to seeing you at many more meet-ups! The rest of you know how much these meet-ups mean to me. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives to show up.

Brett, you're probably the best representative HTC could ever hope for. Tell them I said you are not being paid enough. Mike, I hope Jan will be able to find a job in the Grand Strand so you can move down here and enjoy lying on the beach while she works. Patty and Rich, please give us a call the next time you are here. Wally and I always enjoy spending time with you. Katie, you looked wonderful tonight. I'm sorry I didn't have more time to talk with you. Charlotte and Leo, this message board would not be the same without you. You make my heart happy.
Bob and Bonnie, I am glad we finally got to meet. Send me a PM...I would love to see your new home. Colleen, now that your are a "local" we need to keep in touch. We have a lot of shopping to do! I know you've been busy with your move, so thanks for taking the time to be with us tonight!

Hugs to every one of you who took time out to be with us this evening!

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 Post subject: Meetup April 26, 2007
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:58 am 
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So there's this scene in the movie "In the Line of Fire" where John Malkovich (wannabe presidential assassin) makes a phone call to Clint Eastwood (Secret Service agent) from Lafayette Park near the White House, threatening the life of the President. The call gets traced back to the phone booth in the park, which is directly across the street from the Secret Service office. Clint and 50 other agents burst out of the building trying to converge on the phone booth. When they get out there, they can't immediately identify the perp. Clint peers out at all the bystanders trying to see into the soul of a killer and spots what appears to be a homeless, mentally-challenged guy standing on a street corner. Their eyes lock. Malkovich, in disguise, knows he's been spotted and he takes off, dodging cars up and down Pennsylvania Avenue.

What does that have to do with our meet-up last night?

See this guy? ... 7/original

That's MikeL. Yes, that same cowardly MikeL who stalks people but refuses to show up at meet-ups. Actually, he shows up at meet-ups all right. He just never identifies himself. We spotted him staring at us from a safe distance, and then when I peered into his soul, he knew the gig was up and quickly sauntered off. I'm just telling you this so if I'm not able to attend a meet-up in the future, you can all be on the lookout because I can assure you Mike is circling his prey and taking your measure from a safe distance.

But enough about crazy, lonely, please-don't-arm-this-guy Mike. Let's get on to the functioning members of society.

Last night was the first meet-up I've attended where I was the only one who knew everyone. Patrish had never met Bob and Bonnie. Bob and Bonnie had never met Jan and Mike or Rich and Patty. Rich and Patty had never met Jan and Mike or Bob and Bonnie. Jan and Mike had never met Colleen, Rich and Patty, or Bob and Bonnie. Rich and Patty, Bob and Bonnie, Jan and Mike, and Katie and Brett had never met MikeL.

Did you get all that?

Never mind. It was another excellent night but as I said, I had already met everyone before so it resembled more of a reunion for me. Actually, now that I think about it Katie and Brett had met everyone before as well. So rather than tell you all again how wonderful all these non-stalkers are, let me just tell you about the evening.

First we bumped into Jan and Mike while we were walking toward Coldstone Creamery. Mike and Jan confessed to us that the lovely, sunny, clear-as-a-bell, 83 degree weather that has been a constant since they arrived last week was getting a little boring, so they were rather anxious to pack up the car and get back to murky, overcast, cool, and sometimes tornadoey Ohio, where apparently the chance to die in cyclonic F-4 winds on any given day trumps the paradise that is Myrtle Beach.

Nah, just kidding. They love it here and if it wasn't for Mike's illicit oxycontin business in Columbus, they'd be here in a flash.

Nah, just kidding again. I love Mike and Jan. They ooze fun. They're always laughing and joking around and they have just an incredibly sunny disposition. Of course, one of the symptoms of oxycontin addiction is a sunny disposition due to "feeling no pain". So you do the math. :-)

Mike and Jan: ... 6/original ... 7/original

By the way, notice the Coldstone Creamery cup on the table in that last picture? I told Jan and Mike that someday when they manage to emerge from the haze of their oxycontin addictions, they may not remember much about where they were on this trip, so I left the cup on the table so they could see "Coldstone Creamery" and at least have SOME idea of what they did and where they went in Myrtle Beach.

Oh, and one last funny story. Completely true, too. Mike and Brett, my OSU drone son-in-law, were standing over in a corner at Coldstone. Brett is going on and on and on about how Ohio State should have won the national collegiate championship in football last January but Teddy Ginn Jr. got injured in the first 4 seconds of play and that was the reason Florida crushed them, 114-3. So Mike, trying to be nice, is standing there letting Brett go on and on: ... 7/original

This went on for like 20 minutes, which is a LONG time when Mike is trying to eat ice cream and he can't enjoy the embedded M&Ms because some guy is puncturing his eardrum from the non-stop, high-pitched OSU whining. Fortunately, I had my "What's He Thinking?" filter on my camera. I don't normally post THOSE pictures because it can sometimes be embarrassing to people, but this one was just too cute to pass up: ... 8/original

If Mike shows up at the next meet-up in a Michigan hat, well, now you know why.

When we got to Coldstone, Rich (richmax) and his lovely wife, Patty arrived. I love Rich. The guy is a card. A hungry card as it turns out. I lost count at three, but let's just say that the people behind the counter at Coldstone were on a first-name basis with him after his second "Gotta Have It" sized "At The Cocoa Banana Cabanaâ„¢" sundae. Here's Rich reloading on visit number three: ... 5/original

Here's Rich trying to hide in a corner with his third sundae: ... 6/original

The man is a credit to the dairy industry.

Seriously, Rich and Patty are just outstanding people. Something I didn't know until last night is that Patty is also a personal trainer (in addition to being an excellent school teacher). I found this out because as we were talking, Patty learned about my weight loss activities (which involves mostly not eating food) that have resulted in a loss of 19 lbs. in six weeks. Patty followed me around all night telling me how I needed to eat more sensibly and that not eating at all would result in all kinds of negative nutritional repercussions. Her heart was in the right place, but walking behind me all night and chanting in that sing song voice of hers, "You're gonna DIE" just didn't help a whole lot.

Nah. She didn't do that. Well, she didn't actually SAY it to me but she was saying it with her eyes. I may have misread that, however. She could have been saying, "I can't believe my husband just ate THREE giant sundaes. We'll never get to retire here if he keeps eating through our 401-K money."

Of course none of this is true. Well, some of it is. Patty really IS a personal trainer and Patty probably DOES think I'm gonna die. But that's the fun of Rich and Patty. The mischief on their faces allows you to paint an entire faux world when you get around them.

Rich and Patty: ... 3/original

Shortly after greeting Rich and Patty, Bob (BobP) and Bonnie, the newest homeowners in Myrtle Beach, arrived. Bob and Bonnie closed on their house last week and are slowly burrowing through their garage full of belongings trying to find clothes to wear. Bob showed up wearing his "Basketball is Life" t-shirt: ... 1/original

He said he really wanted to find his "Oxygen Harnessed by Enzyme Complexes In The Mitochondrion Intermembrane Space is Life" shirt but apparently it's in a box under a dry sink in the garage. Maybe next time. I can't wait to photograph that one. I'll be sure to bring my wide angle lens. Bob and Bonnie are so smart it's scary. Whenever I say anything about anything at these meet-ups, Bonnie has that look that practically shouts, "That's not right. Bob, tell him he's wrong. That's just NOT RIGHT, PEOPLE!". But she's too polite to vocalize it so she just smiles and lets me lie my way through life.

No, seriously, she's just so nice that I have to believe there's gotta be some deviant thought process going on in there. And being the paranoid schizoid that I am, it's probably directed at me. :-) Bob and Bonnie are practically our neighbors so we'll hopefully be seeing a lot of them in the coming years. And trust me, when I get more dirt on Bonnie's deviant thought life, I'll report back to you all.

Then there's Colleen. I think other than Patrish and Wally and Katie and Brett, I've been to more meet-ups with Colleen than any other member. Colleen is closing on her palatial estate in Hillsborough out near Conway next week. She was at this meet-up without her husband, Brian, who is apparently wandering throughout Canada looking for specialized fruit tarts that grow only in the wilds of Manitoba. Colleen is beautiful, smart, witty, and charming. In other words, she's way too good for the rest of us slobs. But she's also humble so she hangs out with us. Kind of like Arvil Lavigne chugging beers with the roadies after a concert. Here's Colleen with Wally, Patrish's husband: ... 9/original

I had the "What's He Thinking?" filter on for that shot, too, but I'm unable to post that one for reasons I won't get into. Wally, remember -- unmarked bills only, and if anyone follows you to the drop zone, the picture with the thought bubble is ALL over the Internet. Understand?

Here's another shot of Colleen: ... 4/original

Before you canonize her, though, she's not perfect. She knew about my diet and that I wasn't having any ice cream, so she would take her "Cookie Doughn't You Want Someâ„¢" sundae and purposely eat it 3 inches from my face. And no matter what we were talking about, she'd always bring it back to the ice cream. "Yeah, so that screened porch in our new house overlooking the pond out back is fabulous. Not as fabulous as this INCREDIBLY SMOOTH, RICH, CHOCOLATEY SUNDAE, though!" It's easy to see how even beautiful women can have a mean-spirited underbelly, know what I mean?

Colleen. Seriously, she's absolutely the girl-next-door.

Katie and Brett and the girls were there. I always get chastised by Katie for not taking any pictures of them at these meet-ups. So Katie, here you go. ... 8/original

Maybe I'd take more in the future if you could train Kylie NOT to jam both her forearms down her throat in family pictures.

Aren't those two grandkids of mine the cutest?

Finally, there's Wally and Patrish. Completely true funny story. Patrish asks Wally to take some pictures using Patrish's camera. So Wally lines us all up in a staged pose and steps back to take the picture. He's pressing nearly every button on the camera and nothing is happening. He puts down the camera and examines it as if he's just discovered a new life form. After a minute he says, "Wait! I've figured it out. Line up again." So we get back into our pose. 30 seconds later we're still standing there and Wally's fingers are fondling the camera, desperately looking for a shutter release. Finally I march over to him, grab Patrish's camera out of his hand, and give him mine. "Here, use this". After I tell him where the shutter button is, he finally fires off this shot: ... 5/original

Wally. The poor guy. Dude, it's a camera. They've been around since Matthew Brady took pictures of Marsha-Marsha-Marsha during the Civil War. Of course the rest of the night he's walking around STILL trying to figure out how to use Patrish's camera. He sent me a few photos from the camera last night when he got home. This was his best, one of Noelle: ... 2/original

Wally, how fast were you running when you took that picture?

I know. Keep the guy away from electronics at all costs.

Wally and Patrish. You gotta love 'em. ... 0/original

By the way, I was scolded last night because I take pictures of everyone else and none of me. Well that's because my arms aren't long enough. But Wally, despite his electronics IQ of 37, managed to take one of Charlotte and I again using my camera. ... 2/original

So now will you all shut up?

It was a GREAT meet-up last night. Practically nothing of what I just said in this note actually happened but on the other hand if I told you everything that ACTUALLY took place each and every time we got together you wouldn't feel compelled to attend one because you could just wait for my transcript. If you want to have one of the best times of your vacation, show up at a MB2 meet-up. You'll make new friends, laugh your double-chin off, and walk away trying to remember why it is you haven't moved here yet.

And if you see Rich hiding in a corner of Broadway at the Beach eating a sundae, just phone the number Patty's sewn into the back of his sweater. Hopefully she can stop him before the retirement funds are depleted.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:21 pm 
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Things I loved about this meetup...

1. We brought the DVD player for the girls, so we could enjoy our conversation and not chase toddlers around. (We learned our lesson after the last Coldstone meetup)

2. I tried a new flavor of ice cream that was YUMMY! (Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate chip ice cream).

3. I got to chat with Bob and Bonnie finally (I didn't get much opportunity to talk to them at the last meetup, because Dad was hogging them to himself. LOL!). They are wonderful people, and Bonnie has a really enchanting smile. I hope to see them at all the meetups!!

4. Even though I was suffering from the evil PMS monster of death all day long, everyone miraculously managed to put a smile on my face and force me to enjoy myself completely. This leads me to only one conclusion... the cure for PMS is a meetup! haha!

Have I told you lately that I love y'all!!

Jan and Mike, I can't wait to see you again in July!! Rich and Patty, please hurry up and move down here. No more dawdling! :whip2:

Patrish, that video cracked me up. Wally sure has a knack for technology! HAHAHA!!!


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:35 pm 

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Ahhhhhh...ANOTHER great meet-up!!!!! :notworthy:

It was wonderful finally getting to meet my condo neighbors, Rich and Pat, my house neighbors Bob and Bonnie (congrats on your new home!) and my fellow #24 Nascar Cheerleader, Jan. Jan's husband Mike was a delight to chat too even though I don't recall that he's a big #24 fan. Ok Mike, if that's the case, I won't hold it against you! :roll: The really neat thing about meeting all of them is they are exactly who they are on the message board - interesting, friendly, outgoing, genuine and lots of fun to chat with.

It was also a complete joy to spend time with the people I consider my closest friends: Patrish, Wally, Leo, Charlotte, Brett, Katie and the girls. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of all of you now that I am a MB gal. Patrish - dig those extra comfy shopping shoes outta the closet and the secret credit card - whoa....are we gonna have a ball!!! :nanner:

The night was filled with laughter, interesting stories, great ice cream, and an incredible feeling of closeness to everyone, including those who I was meeting for the very first time. We certainly are blessed to have such a great group of people on our message board and this meet-up is just another testiment of how special it is that a gathering of people from all parts of the country, walks of life, age groups, and educational backgrounds can come together and genuinely enjoy time together. A meet-up is a must-do for all the members when you're in town. You won't be sorry!!! But beware...they are as addictive as spending time on the message board!

Footnote: Leo...I'm calling you soon - hope you achieved your goal! If not, get busy so you can have some of that "Great Wall of Chocolate" Cake. And I promise not to tell Charlotte I saw you sneaking into Five Guys last night, you sly devil. :???:

~~Life's A Beach!~~
Time flies when you're having RUM!!!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:59 pm 
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Mike, apparently you're never allowed to bring up Ohio State in conversation with me. I'm the one who'll be blasted and labeled a lunatic fan. Which normally would be fine [see avatar]. But not when I really didn't do anything to merit it! :dontknow:

I purposefully wore a Red Sox hat to this meet-up, in an attempt to do away with these crazy rampant rumors that I do not own any hats without a "Block O" emblazoned on it. I'm not sure how that whole thing got started, but there you go.

Everyone at the meet-up was great, and it was wonderful to get to see everyone in person on such a lovely and warm evening. If you haven't been to a meet-up yet, or even if you have, I would absolutely recommend attending one if you happen to be in the area when one is held (or in the 614 on July 1st... WOO HOO!!).

And just to tease you into coming to one, I'll let you in on a little secret: those in attendance last night got to witness Leo actually be wrong about something. So what if it was something small and petty. He is almost never wrong, so it was special none-the-less... So come next time, and see if something spectacular takes place while you're there!!

-- For those who are not hip to today's lingo, 614 is the area code for Columbus, OH. (that means you, Leo & Wally...) :tongue3:

~ Brett

"You can go become a tiger, a bear, a lion, or any other animal that is a mascot at schools across this country. But there is only one place in this world you can become a Buckeye. Are you ready to be a Buckeye?" ~Woody Hayes, addressing a new recruit

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 3:54 pm 
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traderboynh wrote:
...See this guy? ... 7/original

That's MikeL. Yes, that same cowardly MikeL who stalks people but refuses to show up at meet-ups. Actually, he shows up at meet-ups all right. He just never identifies himself. We spotted him staring at us from a safe distance, and then when I peered into his soul, he knew the gig was up and quickly sauntered off. I'm just telling you this so if I'm not able to attend a meet-up in the future, you can all be on the lookout because I can assure you Mike is circling his prey and taking your measure from a safe distance...

Oh Leo - I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's a case of mistaken identity.

I WAS indeed there, but you spotted the wrong guy. Actually, that was my decoy. I gave him $20, with instructions to act that way to throw you off. Ironically, the decoy later told me some guy named "Wally" sweet-talked him into handing over the $20 - and his NASCAR belt buckle .

HERE is the REAL photo with me in the background: ... ingleo.jpg

I was using a film camera, so don't have the photos yet. But fear not - I gave the film to Wally to develop. He ASSURED me that he's just as competent with his dark room skills as he is taking pictures of his own.

traderboynh wrote:
...Mike and Brett, my OSU drone son-in-law, were standing over in a corner at Coldstone. Brett is going on and on and on about how Ohio State should have won the national collegiate championship in football last January...

Huh? Ohio State has a football team? :bootyshake:

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:11 pm 
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While I hesitate to try to add anything to the comments already offered about last night's meet up, I feel that to not say anything would lead someone to think that I didn't agree with the assessment that meet ups are very worthwhile events to attend.

Of course, Leo pretty much said it all--or maybe a little more than all. Leo, you can definitely make up stuff! I always enjoy reading Leo's posts, but when you have the opportunity to actually be there to know what really happened, it's interesting to read his take on things, to say the least..

It was a pleasure to meet everybody, and it is true that apparently there aren't any board participants that you wouldn't be proud to call your friend. I have to say it was special to finally get to meet Patrish (and Wally, of course). Don't get me wrong, it was great to meet everybody; but to see the happiness on Patrish's face as she got to visit with some of the people who make up the board was a special experience.

Bonnie and I plan to make it to as many of the meet ups as we can; both to get a chance to put a face to a name and to say "hi" to regulars.

P.S. Bonnie and I made the move to our new house a week ago, and even though we have a Conway address, we feel as though we are now official residents of MB!


"Don't give up, don't ever give up."
Jim Valvano 1946-1993

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:17 pm 
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Sorry this response has been so long in coming, but between downing ice cream sundaes at a record clip and driving the 948 miles back to lovely downtown Keene, NH, I have been otherwise occupied.

I will agree with Leo about three things in his version of the meet up. First attending one will be one of the highlights of your trip to Myrtle Beach. The people are always incredibly wonderful and fun to be around. Second, he and Charlotte did bump into Jan and Mike on the way to Coldstone, and I know this because Patti (notice the spelling, Leo!) and I were about thirty yards behind them and witnessed the meeting, and third, Patti was very concerned about Leo's poor eating habits and did warn him about the eventual physiological breakdown caused by this extreme fasting. Other than that, I would have to say we were at a different meet up.

We certainly enjoyed seeing folks we had met met before; Patrish and Wally, Katie, Brett, Noelle, and Kylie, Charlotte and the aforementioned Leo. Meeting Jan and Mike, Bob and Bonnie and Colleen for the first time was a great experience and we look forward to seeing them at future meet ups.

This is not meant to slight anyone else at the meet up, but I must single out one truly brave and dedicated individual, and that would be Charlotte. Despite the insurmountable task of riding herd on Leo and knowing all the while her efforts will be futile, she maintains a sunny and warm disposition. Poor Charlotte was attempting the entire meet up to enjoy herself, but at the same time constantly having to monitor Leo's whereabouts and activities. We can only cringe in horror when we attempt to imagine what board life would be like without her incredible efforts to control Leo's wild rantings. May I say, thank you, Charlotte, from all of us.

We are looking forward to seeing y'all again in August.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:34 pm 
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As everyone has already posted, it was another great meet up! We had a great time meeting Charlotte, Colleen, Bob & Bonnie, Rich & Patti, and seeing again our Message Board Diva - Patrish, Wally, Mr. Imagination Gone Wild - Leo, and Brett, Katie and the girls, who are growing so fast!

Hanging out at Cold Stone really gives you the chance to talk with everyone, although I regret not talking with Charlotte more. I really would like to know how she does it. :notworthy: Y'all know what I mean!

I will have to say that Brett didn't start the Ohio State conversation - so Mike's to blame for that one! :clown:

It was a wonderful evening spent with friends and we look forward to the Ohio Meet Up in July!

Visiting paradise since 2003!

Vacation pics 2014

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