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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 11:13 pm 
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What can I say that has not been said in so many past posts about meet-ups? What a truly wonderful group of people we've got on this board! Tonight was no different than past meet-ups. The cast changes, but the play remains the same, complete with a happy ending. Tonight's cast:

Julie, Andrew and Catriona (Toronto)
Stef and Chris - (lowcountrygirl) Putnam County, NY
....and the locals.....
Katie, Brett, Noelle and Kylie
Patrish and Wally
Bob and Bonnie (Bob P.)

But wait- I'm getting ahead of myself. As Wally and I were standing outside Joe's Crab Shack about 5:45, we noticed a woman hurrying up to us. Without any hesitation she said "Hi, I'm Judy!" (BeachLady from Pigeon Forge.) Unfortunately, her husband was not feeling well and they were not going to be able to be at the meet-up. She came by in person to introduce herself and to let us know she could not stay.

Judy, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you and Chris tonight, but hopefully you'll join us at a future meet-up. Thanks so much for making the effort to come by and introduce yourself. Here's a picture Wally took (using the correct camera setting):

The only newcomers tonight were Stef (LowCountryGirl) and her husband Chris. They are such a delightful addition to our Message Board Family! Chris is a painting contractor who also works for UPS, and Stef is a Realtor. Their house in New York is for sale, their son will graduate from high school this year. Their plan is to move here in the very near future. Stef has a bubbly personality, and you can tell that she truly enjoys every aspect of life. Even though I couldn't hear what she was saying, I just had to smile when I caught this expression:

Katie and Brett were at the meet-up with Noelle and Kylie. I am not posting many pictures because Brett was doing an outstanding job with his camera which puts mine to shame.

I can't say enough good things about Katie and Brett. We are so very fortunate to have them as message board members, and to be able to call them our friends.

Julie (Toronto Julie) was here with her husband Andrew and their daughter Catriona. Julie has been a member of the message board for many years and they have been to two prior meet-ups. Julie and Andrew are so enjoyable to be around. I learned two things from Andrew tonight. 1.) He is crazy about his new Apple computer 2.) Leo is a very good golfer.

Thanks for bringing Canadian candy for everyone, Julie! That was so sweet! Here's a picture of Julie, Andrew and Catriona, the picture-perfect family: ... triona.jpg

Bob and Bonnie fit right in with the Message Board family. Seeing them tonight was like getting caught up with old friends. The painting inside their new home is almost finished and they are still excited about being "locals." Both Bob and Bonnie have a marvelous sense of humor and I'm already looking forward to the next time we meet.
Bonnie, Chris, Stef and Bob - outside Joe's Crab Shack: ... ef,bob.jpg

To those of you who could not show up tonight, I'm truly sorry. You missed a fun meet-up. We were at Joe's Crab Shack from 5:45 until 9:00, and the time passed so quickly I could hardly believe it when I looked at my watch.

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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 12:12 am 
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Well, folks. I would try to type up a whole commentary on tonight's meetup, but I'm so doggone tired, I'm just going to have to post some pictures, and tell you I was in meetup heaven as usual. Brett and I got to spend alot of time talking to Andrew and Julie, who we love. After a couple hours, we intruded on the other table to barge into the conversations with Patrish, Wally, Bob, Bonnie, Stef, and Chris.

Here are some pictures. I apologize... I'm not the stellar photographer that my father is. Unfortunately he couldn't make it to the meetup, due to a dire emergency involving his hard drive crashing and losing all his work, his pictures, and his iTunes (my worst nightmare). Moment of silence, please, for the hard drive...
In this dark hour, Dad asks that in lieu of flowers, please instead send donations to his favorite charity... ME!!! :ac15[1]:

Anyway, back on topic, here are the pictures...

All of us (except Brett and Andrew)

Andrew and Julie

Bob and Bonnie


Patrish and me (it's like getting my picture taken with a celebrity!!)

Everyone eating, chatting, chatting, and eating

Stef and Chris were our Meetup Rookies tonight. This was their first meetup. I hope they will be attending many more in the future, because I really like them. "I like them" is a huge understatement, but since I'm falling asleep as I type this, that's about all you're gonna get out of me tonight. LOL! I got the pleasure of walking around Broadway with them for a little while after everyone left. I had them all to myself. Neener neener!!! :nanner: Seriously, though, they are just fantasic people, and I swear... Stef's hair is so gorgeous, you would never have known she burnt it all off when she was younger (except now you know, cuz I just told you. Doh!)

I am posting two pictures of them, because Brett and I were both taking pictures and then we got in a fight over who's picture came out better. hee hee :lol:

Wally had come straight from work, so he was still wearing his Wither's Preserve "uniform." The man is just so happy! :lol:

Here is Brett and Andrew deep in conversation

Brett would like me to publicly admit why he's wearing a large bandage on his arm. I was in a bad mood last week and threw a steak into a frying pan without thinking. The cooking oil splashed up and burnt his arm half off. Between you and me, I think he stepped into it just to make me feel bad. :roll: Kidding!! :lol:

Here are some cute adorable children who were at the meetup (Catriona, Noelle, and Kylie)...

Catriona is such a sweetheart, and she was such a good girl, even though she was awfully tired from all the vacationing. Notice the adorable braids and ribbons. Too cute for words!

It was a great evening. Unfortunately, I will be fat in the morning after eating Julie's Canadian candy that she generously brought for us all to try. I am currently in pain after all the food I ate.

Judy, I'm so sorry I just barely missed you!! I was so looking forward to meeting you. I hope you have a wonderful trip down here, and I hope to see you next time!!!


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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 9:51 am 
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Joined: Thu Jul 21, 2005 3:16 pm
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Bonnie and I had a great time last night at the meet-up. We spent the majority of our time at the table with Patrish, Wally, Steph and Chris. For some reason, Joe's Crab Shack said they couldn't push tables together, so we we were all close, but at two separate tables.

You all know about Patrish and Wally, so, I will focus on Steph and her husband, Chris. When we first met them outside the restaurant, I learned that Chris had reservations about the whole meet-up experience. Like husbands and wives of many of the board members, Chris is connected to the board only through his wife. He said that the idea of going to meet up a group of strangers for dinner seemed like a pretty unusual way to spend an evening on your vacation. I hope that he came away from last night's meeting with a similar view to the one that Bonnie and I had after our first meet-up a few weeks ago. If you get the chance to attend a meet up, do it! You won't regret it.

We all seem to get along so great that it is kinda scary. As Patrish said last night, it's like meeting old friends even when it's for the first time. Anyway, Steph and Chris were great, an I'm not saying that just because she offered to let me sample some of the shrimp she ordered! We did get a chance to talk with Julie and her husband, Andrew, and both are very personable and friendly. It is hard to believe that they drove 16 hours to vacation in Myrtle Beach, and, as if that isn't enough, they are heading down to Orlando from here for a week. Apparently, Canadiens love to drive.

Katie and Brett were their usual happy selves, (Brett filled in as the official meet up photogragher) but their two little girls deserve special recognition for how good they were. We have been to three meet ups with their family, and, the two little girls always act as though they have been going out to restaurants with large groups of people all of their lives.

We were sorry that Leo and Charlotte couldn't make it (as well as all the others who couldn't get there). Although the official story is that a crashed hard drive was the culprit, rumor around Broadway at the Beach was that Leo had gone off the wagon, gained 3 pounds, and couldn't face the ridicule.


"Don't give up, don't ever give up."
Jim Valvano 1946-1993

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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:09 pm 
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Ditto what everybody else said about the meet up, it was great! I really enjoyed spending time with everybody, and it was great sitting with Brett and Katie (at the kids' table). At the past couple of meet ups our parents were with us, so we got our own table and didn't get to mingle as much - so this was a nice treat.

We got to meet Steph and Chris (Andrew thinks that Steph looks like Stacey London from TLC's What Not to Wear) - great people. It was also delightful meeting Bob and Bonnie - fantastic people.

Wally and Patrish define Southern hospitality - like seeing old friends. Kylie and Noelle were sooo-o well behaved - I was a jealous Mommy! Love, love love meet ups!!! Hopefully we make it back in October so I can hook up with my Myrtle Beach friends again!

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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2007 10:06 am 
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Joined: Thu Nov 09, 2006 3:03 pm
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Hi Everybody!

I have to say I'm on a time limit here as I am still dragging my laptop to FED-EX KINKOS for internet. (I know Katie, you guys told me there are other places, but I just seem to be so comfortable here) (tee-hee)

I absolutely must tell you all what a great time Chris and I had the other night. Even Chris, who had reservations about the whole idea came away with a very positive feeling. We too feel as though we've known all of you for a long time and I am sooo glad that we finally got to meet!

We can not wait for our house to sell (please say an extra prayer for us) so that we can become locals along with Patrish, Wally, Bob, Bonnie, Katie, Brett and family.

I want to write more but the sunshine and warm weather are calling me. We will be leaving MB on Saturday morning. I will write on Sunday after I get a chance to look at the pics and really reflect about our 1st meet up. It was a wonderful experience for us to meet such a special group of people.

Stef & (the other new loser) Chris :joker:

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 11:17 pm 
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Joined: Thu Nov 09, 2006 3:03 pm
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Hi All,
Okay, so it's Monday instead of Sunday but this is the 1st chance I am getting to tell all of you what a really fantastic time Chris and I had with you last week. Chris no longer sees me as this loser on the message board chatting to people I don't know, and I think he was pleasantly surprised that no-one held a gun to our heads, robbed us or followed us home to NY with bad intentions! He asked me 3 times if I wrote back yet. (who's the loser now honey)? :wink: We both really enjoyed meeting all of you. not be a jealous mom! All of the kids were soooo well behaved. It was a pleasure to dine with all of the little ones. I have some photos but the ones of the girls are too dark to post. Actually, I'm not sure how to post photos to the message. I am sorry that I didn't get to chat more with you and Andrew. Hopefully, we will get the chance again soon. Also, I want to thank you for the Canadian candies. I really enjoyed the coffee wafer one. yum a licious!

To Colleen & Brian and Charlotte & Leo...We are sorry that we didn't get to meet you this time around. We are planning another trip (possibly) for September depending on the sale of our house- so maybe we will get to meet you then.

Chris and I finally got a chance to look at the photos. MY GOD! I have no idea what I was saying with that crazy photo Patrish posted. I hope it was as entertaining as the photo! (Good God) Did I mention that I tend to be a little dramatic? Wait, Patrish said Bubbly. I like Bubbly much better. Oh and Patrish, I have to do this or Chris will be upset...GRRRRR! This is me growling at you. Chris works for FED-EX and almost hit the floor when he saw UPS. :boxing: They are so touchy those guys! Geesh!!

Patrish and Wally were the perfect hosts! Patrish was very organized and ready to go with name tags and as usual, lot's of information. If I ever have a question, I know who to ask!

Chris and I walked with Katie a bit at BWATB where she was going to meet back with Brett and the girls. We were sorry that we didn't have more time at the table so even though our car was just outside of Joe's Crab Shack, we opted to take a stroll. It wasn't until she said something like "Gee, you parked on the wrong side too"? (or something similar) that I fessed up to taking the walk just so we could chat a bit. What a bummer that our tables could not be combined. We definitely have to get together again. I see us shopping and having lunch together once we actually move down. Katie, Whaddya think? And thanks for the compliment on my hair-yes, it's true. I lit it on fire when I was a todler. :oops: According to my mother, I was a little devil and into everything. Including the blue tip matches!!

Last but not least is Bonnie and Bob. I felt like I've known them forever from the second we met. It was a little weird. Actually, I'm pretty sure that is what drove me to be so open with my shrimp Bob, as I have been known to cover my plate from invaders but there I was, offering you to try some. All kidding aside, we absolutely loved meeting everyone and can't wait to do it again.

It is my hope that when our house sells, and we too become "locals" we will be able to go to many meet ups and become old friends with our new friends and that we can proudly say we met on-line and through this fantastic message board. Thank you Patrish!!!

If anyone can tell me how to post my photos, I'll add to the collection. I think I have a pretty decent one of us as a group.


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