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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:10 am 
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I'm sorry I didn't get this information online sooner. This has been an extremely busy month for us so far, and I've had to let some things slide for a few days in order to keep up with other schedules.

I know that many of you have been anxiously waiting for photos from the meet-up last night. I had met everyone except Cindy from Roanoke, and I was looking forward to finally getting to know her. Cindy is one of our "old" members, and she's a regular on the board. Many of you know that I often tease Cindy about not liking grits. How can a GRITS (girls raised in the South) not like grits?

Cindy brought her two children as well as her mother and father to T-Bones, so I was finally able corner her mother and ask what happened to Cindy. Her mother told me, and I quote "Cindy was switched at birth." OK...I'm making that up. But her mother DID tell me that she herself eats grits and does not understand why Cindy turned out to be the way she is. Cindy's parents are very good-looking and as you can see from the picture, they've passed their good looks on to Cindy.

Bob, Dawn, and Josh were able to be at two meet-ups this month. I did not have as much time to spend with them last night as I did at Flo's last week, but I know that Wally was able to spend some enjoyable time chatting with them after dinner. I'm sorry that my photos of you did not come out well, and I made an executive decision not to post them here. Others were taking pictures, so perhaps they will post them in their online albums.

Betsy, who was not happy that our group had to be separated at Flo's, took it upon herself to call T-Bones and insist that we all be seated at the same table. Thanks, Betsy...that worked out well. It was also good to see Nathan again. He begins post-graduate work at UVA in Charlottesville next week while Betsy continues her higher education at Winthrop University here in SC.

It had been a year since we saw Dawne, Frank, and their 3 children Kyle, Sarah and David. Dawne is a such a joy to be around, and she'll make you feel very special when she flashes her beautiful smile your way. As all of you know, Dawne serves as our Official Greeter, and because of her sweet outgoing personality, she is a perfect choice for this job. She has also volunteered for other duties on the board which would not be the same without her. It was wonderful to see this family again. As you will see in the photos below, Dawne knitted a beautiful afghan throw as a housewarming gift for Leo and Charlotte.

Bob, Mary, and their three children Vern, West and T.J. took advantage of the two meet-ups that were scheduled close together this month. As I told Mary last night, these meet-ups are a lot like family reunions, but the children are all better behaved!

Charlotte was not able to be at the meet-up last night due to computer problems and her work schedule. Seeing Leo is always a pleasure, and I appreciate everything he does for our board, both online and in person.

I don't think Bret, Katie and the girls have missed a meet-up since they moved here. How they do it, and manage make it look effortless, is beyond me. But there they are, smiling and greeting our other members. Even Noelle and Kylie are starting to recognize their message board family members. It was fun last night watching Vern, West and T.J. entertain them after dinner.

As always, T-Bones is a good selection for consistently good food. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to show up. Your support and obvious enjoyment at these meet-ups means a lot to me.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 12:54 pm 
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Okay, so same church, different pew. Last night was another outstanding Myrtle Beach Message Board meet-up, this time at T-Bones in Murrells Inlet. I love these things. I really do. But I'm gonna have to mortgage my house to pay for all these nights out if you people don't stay home and give us a break! :-)

I'm joking, of course. It was great to see nearly all old faces and one new one (Cindy from Virginia). It was also great to be seated at one long table and not separated into different rooms, although I still have problems in getting a chance to talk to everyone because the conversations can get so engrossing.

About 45 minutes into the evening, Bruno and Annie (Aurora) called from Ohio on their drive home to Ottawa to say hello to everyone and to ask, "Where's Canada?" They're just too cute for words.

Anyway, on to the pictures. I didn't take as many last night because Bob (Dawn's husband) got to talking about boats and we ended up planning our "Circumnavigation of the Globe: 2008".

This is Brett with daughter Kylie. ... 2/original

The "O" on the top of Brett's hat does *not* signify that "Personally, I'm A Big Zero", as Josh suggested. It is instead the symbol of The Ohio State University, whose motto is "Collectively, We're All Big Zeroes".

I'm just kidding all you zany, crazy Ohio people. Back! Get back!

This is Bob making out with Dawn. ... 0/original

This was after he was already warned once about public displays of affection. The man has no self-control whatsoever. Who can blame him? He's married to Dawn.

Here is Dawne and All-star mechanic Frank, whom you'll hear more about in Dawne's trip report next week. It's amazing what he can do with a corkscrew, cat gut, and a broken brake line. ... 1/original

Dawne is not a real person. She's an angel posing as a human. Think about this. She's one of the most prolific contributors to the message board. In all she's ever written, I can't recall a single entry that hasn't been expertly composed with perfect pitch and tone and rock solid wisdom and advice. Can you? And who she is in print jumps into life in person.

If I'm standing at the pearly gates someday trying to talk my way into heaven after my not-so-stellar life, I plan on playing my trump card as my method of last resort. "But Lord! I know Dawne!"

This is Cindy with her daughter. You can see the beauty gene here in all its glory. ... 3/original

I don't suffer very many disappointments at these meet-ups, but one of the great ones from last night was not getting a chance to talk as much to Cindy as I wanted. It was one of the first things I mentioned to Charlotte when I got home last night. "I sat right next to Cindy and probably only got to talk to her for five minutes." However, in keeping with the message board theme, Cindy was charming and delightful for the few minutes we had a chance to talk. Cindy, I promise that at the next meet-up I'll make it a priority to hunker down and chat.

One interesting story Cindy shared. Her husband (who couldn't be there last night) and Chapy work together in the Roanoke Fire Department as EMTs and paramedics (and neurosurgeons, cardiologists, and forensic pathology scientists [Chapy, did I get it all? Is there more to your job description/title? Please don't hit me with the hose again. It really hurts.]) Well, Cindy didn't know Chapy until she came to the Message Board and noticed a "Chapy" from Roanoke posting on the board and told her husband about him. "That's Craig, the guy I work with." It takes a message board to bring neighbors together. :-)

Then there's Nathan and Betsy, better known as Dudley Do-Right and Nell. Am I right??? ... 4/original

I know! You can almost hear his voice when you see that square jaw and that goofy cartoon face. "Nell! Get off those railroad tracks, Nell!"

Seriously, Nathan drove all the way down from Charlottesville to be at the meet-up with us. Well, that was the company line. The truth is he drove all the way from UVA to rescue Betsy from the railroad tracks. But her gain is our gain so we'll let him tell us the white lies about why he made the trip in order for us to be blessed by his attendance.

Betsy and Dudley add to the generations of message board "perfect couples" that seem to proliferate in our little universe.

Bob, Mary, and Vern (I think) mug for the cameraman. ... 8/original

Bob and the family are toughing it out while being in Myrtle Beach for TWO weeks. Bob: "It's tough duty, for sure, but we're gutting it out and hanging in there." That's just the kind of guy Bob is; a man's man, a studly man, a leader of men. He also can't golf the rest of this week because he hurt his neck last Saturday night while applying L'Oreal Hydrating Lotion under his eyes. "Hey, your skin dries out in that hot sun." Yeah, okay Bob.

Brett, lend Bob your hat.

Last, but not least, we have the local regulars, Wally and Patrish along with Katie. ... 9/original

Katie's a lesser person than she was back four months ago at her first meet-up. That's 38 lbs. lesser to be exact. She is a paragon of self-denial, determination, and consistency, especially in the face of all these meet-ups at tempting restaurants. Of course, half of the 38 lbs. she's lost have migrated to ME, but that's a story for another day.

And then there's Patrish and Wally, always the glue that holds us all together. Am I the only one around here who thinks Wally should run for office? Not just because he's perfectly cut out for the job, but also because Patrish needs to be a First Lady of something.

It was another great night in a long parade of great nights this summer. And then to cap off the evening, when I got home I had a call from Ed (pap2-4), my message board kin from Evansville, Indiana, telling me he wished he could have been there with us at the meet-up. Well, touche, my friend. I spend all these meet-ups wishing others could be with us.

Except for Chapy. I'm still traumatized by the hose.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:11 pm 
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Laura, you're hilarious :lol: . There is PLENTY left to me. Those pictures were very flattering to me (Thank God!!). "Miles to go before I sleep" etc... etc...

Thank you Dawne and Betsy for arranging this meetup. I really enjoy these. They are the highlight of my week whenever one is planned. Each time we head out the door for a meetup, Noelle tears out of the house like a crazy person screaming, "Let's go see the friends!!" Sometimes I feel like doing the same thing :ac15[1]:

I am so grateful to know all of you, and I look forward to your visits and vacations. Contrary to what Patrish said, I HAVEN'T made every meetup since I moved. I missed one, due to a scheduling conflict, and I will be forced to suffer the guilt of that for a good long time :oops:

It was wonderful to get to meet Dawne and her family. They are a beautiful family. Dawne's kids are so sweet. David didn't even get mad when Noelle charged him and pushed him into the wall (I was mortified). He just let her do it again and then chased after her. I thought, "Oh great. I'm going to have one of those girls that punches the boy she likes. I'm going to be on her school principal's daily call list!!"

I got to talk to Dawn (the other one), which I didn't really get to do at the last meetup. I'm so glad I got a second opportunity. She is on the lookout for future shopping buddies once she and Bob move here. Me: "Oooh Oooh Oooh!! Pick me! Pick me!"

Noelle was very happy to have another chance to play with the Lickfield kids again. They were having great fun at the end of the room. I don't think Noelle bothered to eat any of her dinner (besides the ketchup).

It was great to meet Cindy, because I've never seen a picture of her. Whenever Brett asks me who CindyVA is, I say, "You know! The penguin avatar!" haha. Cindy is so beautiful and friendly, and I love her long black hair!!

I could go on and on, but I can hear that Noelle just locked Kylie in the closet, and I need to go rescue her. I hope to meet everyone else in the near future!!!


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:22 pm 
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I am so glad that everyone enjoyed T-Bones as a meet-up location! As the old saying goes, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," so I used a few connections I had to arrange for us to be in that back room *wink wink*. LOL, not really...all I did was call ahead and beg and plead for them to surrender the back wing to us. It worked, and I'm glad, because I think it made it easier for us and them.

And in going along with that saying...I'm so glad to have the opportunity to expand the "who you know" category by attending these meet-ups and meeting all the wonderful people on the message board. None of the meet-ups have been a disappointment yet, and I find it hard to think that one will ever be. Nathan and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you all last night, and are looking forward to the next meet-up.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2006 9:59 pm 

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we had the good fortune of attending both meet ups this week. I originally was not going to attend this meet up and make the kids sit through two dinners with strangers, but we all had such a great time at Flos' we called T Bones and asked them to set another 5 settings at the table!. We were the first to arrive and folowed by Cindy and Dawne and families. Since I was at the early meet up I had the already met the rest of the group who filed in one at a time. The kids were excited to see Katie and Brett, actually they could not wait to play with Nolle again. I had a chance to talk with them more this night. They both seem to be very smart and ambitious young parents who arel raising two beautiful and personable girls.
I did not get to speak to much with Dawne but I did sit next to her son Kyle who compared to my eight grader, was very talkative and informative.
I had the opportunity to speak with Betsy and Nathan after dinner and catch up with their lives. Cindy was sitting down the table alittle so I did not speak with her all that much but her mother sat next to us and filled me in on the whole sorid story...if you want details just PM me (only kidding we could not get a thing out of her)
Again great meet up, great people, great food...thanks Dawne for putting us together (and Betsy too?)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 8:45 am 
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I had a great time at the meet up on Monday night. Really liked meeting all the board members and their families. Patrish was the perfect host we knew she would be, floating around from member to member making sure she spoke with everyone and enlightening us with her wit. She is really a great lady for doing all of this for us, makes us feel like family just being their together.

Thanks to Betsy for arranging the room and large table for us, we really had a better evening by all sitting together. I didn't talk with Betsy like I wanted to, but really enjoyed meeting her and Nathan. Good luck to both of you in your studies.

Dawne was exactly like I knew she would be, very friendly and truly interested in everyone and their lives, we discussed plans for the week and compared notes on things to do to keep our kids occupied while there. Our kids are about the same age.

Leo had Katies camera with him and was taking pics the tale end of the evening, he's such a great photographer,and we really missed seeing Charlotte. Katies kids are adorable and were very well behaved the entire evening.

BobL. didn't talk with him much but he seemed to be a lively friendly kinda guy and always wanting to have fun with things he does while at the beach.

DawnNoVA. was a very sweet lady , again, didn't talk with her much either except at the end of the evening, but enjoyed meeting her and hope to see her again at another meet up.

It's GOTTA be better at the beach!!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 9:39 pm 
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I really don't want to bore you all again with a repeat of what's already been said - how the meet-ups are a great thing to participate in, how everyone feels like you've known them forever, what a great bunch of people we have on this Board, how you feel like family immediately, etc., etc. But it's true - every word of it.

I was expecting 22 people at the meet-up and I had their names running through my head as we headed to T-Bones. We met Cindy from Roanoke, her mom and dad, and her children in the parking lot. We headed inside, knowing to ask for the back room that Betsy had reserved in her name for us. Thanks, Betsy!! That was great!

We walked in and I saw BobL and his family immediately. I recognized them from pictures I'd seen on the Board before but my tired brain couldn't come up with a name since I wasn't expecting them. They were a great last minute addition and thankfully Bob introduced himself and then it finally clicked. Being fellow PA'ers, it was great to meet them. Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to them very much but Kyle sat next to Bob and he had a nice time. Kyle had been complaining that there wouldn't be anyone there his age so he was happy to have some kids to talk to, and Bob and Mary very graciously included Kyle in their conversations.

I ended up wedged into the back side of the table so the pictures posted below were taken by Kyle and they're just candid shots - nothing posed so they're not as good as the others that have been posted before. I sat across from Cindy and we talked a bit. She lives in Roanoke and her family and my sister frequented a lot of the same places in the Smith Mountain Lake area. We compared notes on what we would do the rest of the week and where we planned to eat. I was shocked to hear her say that they'd eaten at Margaritaville with only a 15-minute wait for a table!

I ended up switching seats with Frank in order to sit next to Katie and it was so much fun to finally meet her in person and talk in person. She's a great mom and took wonderful care of her beautiful little girls while at the dinner. And what an inspiration to those of us on diets! She's doing fantastic and she looks great.

It was a surprise to see Nathan, whose picture I'd seen but whom I'd never met before. He's such a nice young man and I wish I'd had more time to talk with him and Betsy. Patrish and Wally were friendly and gracious as ever. They're like the King and Queen of MB, and rightly so. No meet-up would be complete without them.

I got to meet Dawn (the other one), her son Josh and her husband Bob. This is such a wonderful family. We talked RVs and boats for a while, both of which Frank and Bob have quite an interest in. They all looked so familiar to me, but then again I found myself often looking at people in MB and thinking how they reminded me of someone back home. Funnily enough, the next night we ran into Dawn at The Filling Station!

I enjoyed the small amount of time I got to talk with Leo. I was sorry to see that Charlotte had not come but it was understandable after hearing Leo's explanation. Fortunately we were able to get together again before our vacation ended and I got to see Charlotte. Leo's a true gem and someone you instantly feel as though you've known forever. Since he and Charlotte made their dream move to MB so recently I wanted to surprise them with a housewarming gift. I enlisted Katie's help to find out the color scheme of Leo and Charlotte's beautiful new home and I crocheted (not knitted) the afghan shown in Patrish's pictures. I love to crochet and this keeps my fingers busy (and out of the snacks) while watching TV at night. I also felt very close to Katie through emails and PMs so I crocheted a "tighter weave" afghan for her and Brett and the girls. This was tan with a dark brown lion's face cross stitched on it, and with a dark brown border. I figured with young kids they'd appreciate a touch of whimsy. I hope they all have many happy years in their MB homes.

The meet-up lasted quite a while and all the children (even mine, surprisingly) were very well behaved. I knew my kids wanted to leave long before we did but they really were good about it. I was so happy to be able to get together with old friends and meet some new ones in person. I can't wait until the next meet-up I'm able to attend. If you haven't attended one, please do. You won't regret it for an instant. Even Frank, who declares himself to be "as social as a rattlesnake" enjoys them and has a good time.

Here are my pictures, taken by Kyle. Unfortunately he didn't get everyone, but he did get most people.

Here's Cindy and her daughter (Chloe?), Leo, Dawn (the other one), Bob and Josh (and the side of Frank):

Here's Brett, Noelle, Katie, my arm, and Frank (who seems to be contemplating his leg :lol: ):

This one shows Sarah and David, BobL talking to Wally, Bob's kids and his wife, Mary:

And finally, here's Cindy's parents and her son (wbose name escapes me at the moment):

Myrtle Beach Travel Park - 1992
Apache Campground - 1993
Ocean Lakes Family Campground - 1994-2006; June 2009
Lakewood RV Resort - August 2007; 7/26/2014-8/2/2014 (in a rental unit)
Dayton House - December 2007
Dunes Village - 12/27/08-01/03/09
Oceanside Village - June 2016

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