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most unusual thing that happened to you in MB
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Author:  pop2748 [ Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: most unusual thing that happened to you in MB

The mess we had this last trip with the dishwashing soap wasn't the first time a wrong liquid has been used with our group. Few years ago a family member (No it wasn't Ruann or me....) Grabbed a bottle of green liquid thinking it was aloe and started rubbing all over his body for sunburn......It was shampoo.....
Good bit of his body was covered before he realized the mistake. Headed to shower. Don't know how much shampoo was on his body but there enough to cause a slick bath tub. He slipped, fell.....destroyed not just the shower curtain but curtain rod too....He's been called Bubbles ever since.

Late 80's. Sitting around community pool with two other families talking about beach trips. All wanted to go but nobody could afford a trip on their own. But. Three families together we could afford a decent place and split the cost three ways.
Spur of the moment. Found a rental in our price range. Turned out the house had originally been a single unit raised up on pilings. Owner had framed in the parking area under the house and made it a second rental unit. Wasn't bad idea except for one minor detail.
The floor of the unit was lower than the surrounding lot. No problem........ unless it rained.
Of coarse it poured the rain one day of our trip. Had a steady stream of water running through kitchen door and into unit. We mopped and sponged inside. Dug trench with tire tools and beach toys out in driveway to direct water away from door..

60's....Family trips with aunts and uncles......One uncle wasn't a die hard beach fanatic. He spent most of his time on porch with binoculars. We were too young to put two and two together at the time. He was keeping one eye on women laying with tops untied and other eye on the incoming tide. His goal was to see one jump up without her top.
Maybe second or third year of those trips. Yelling and screaming from the porch. Unc had finally got his wish.........

Author:  Lou [ Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  most unusual thing that happened to you in MB

Oh my goodness! It's humorous looking back, but when it's happening?? Not!!

Author:  4ever in Flip Flops [ Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: most unusual thing that happened to you in MB

Deanna - I would have killed my husband to see him there sleeping peacefully

pop2748 - Bubbles :hysterical:

Author:  dbusguy [ Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: most unusual thing that happened to you in MB

Remembered another

2006, staying at the Sea Dip and the toilet plugs up. I call down to the office. Guy says he's not allowed to leave the office as he's on his own. We'd have to wait until the morning or I could come down and borrow his plunger and plunge the toilet myself.

Like WTF??

Ya, so I got it and plunged it. That was the last time we stayed at the Sea Dip

Author:  ohiojo [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: most unusual thing that happened to you in MB

One year we were staying in a small house in Surfside...eldest daughter was with us...since was living at the time in Columbus , Ohio...used to locking her apartment up I go on out to the beach early and yes I have the house key...but darling daughter locks the whole house up...even the screen when she left they was no way to get back in...we had no key for the screen doors...hmm...thank goodness we discovered this early enough in the day to call the rental agency...they got someone to come out and get the scren door open...but it was Sunday so we had to wait awhile for them to come least we did not have to cut the screen out(which I was ready to do). So I missed a good two hours of beach time waiting on the door to be jimmied open.

Same trip...there was a bad storm one night...we were in what I often have called a "shabby chic beach cottage" meaning it was "old & cheap" but it WAS oceanfront...anyway during the storm the winds were pretty rough...that cottage swayed...creepy...but it survived the storm! Next year we did not stay there but we did drive by was completely remodeled...and I am sure a lot more expensive... :roll:

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