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Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1
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Author:  pop2748 [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Vehicle. Once again. Trying something different. Jeep Wrangler. Plan was to replace toy car with a rag top we could get our old arthritic bodies into. Long story short. We kept the toy car. Traded the fully loaded Kia Sorrento for a used mortar box on wheels. On the positive side. Like a kid with a Toys R Us catalog. I'm having a blast shopping the on-line 4x4 parts catalogs......
Surprisingly. Friday night all pre-vacation errands and chores had been made. All that was left was to load. Even with rear seat folded up there wasn't a lot of space. Took it out. Now had about the same storage as small pick up.

Saturday morning only "to do" was haul dogs to kennel. Always a pleasure with a beast for a pet.
Back home. Loaded and on the road at 8:30. Minor wrinkle in plans. Figured it would be pushing 10 I had made plans to stay in Lumberton again. Out this early we could have made it to beach easy. Oh well.

Wasn't sure how Jeep would be on the road. Wasn't bad. Rode and ran great. Handling was a bit hairy. Short wheel base doesn't track like a longer vehicle. Slightest drift/correction is pretty quick. On your toes entire drive. On the relaxing/tiring scale the needle leans a bit to the tiring side.

No Rush. Time to kill. Noon. Game time. Started exploring Winston-Salem exits for sports bar to watch WVU game. Several twists and turns found an Applebees. Had lunch and watched first half. Game well in hand. Hit the road.
Satellite radio has all games. Drawback is it was an away game and it was Kansas feed we were hearing. 3rd quarter was hard to listen to. Kansas was in control and Kansas announcers were REALLY enjoying it. WVU finally showed back up in the 4th....Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

Hit Lumberton around 5:00. Glad we didn't drive straight through to beach. Booked Fairfield Inn again. Drove by Little Tijuana Motel 6. Little if any change since May trip. Surprised it still had Motel 6 sign in front. Rested a while and walked over to Cracker Barrel.
Called it a day.

Breakfast at motel. On the road around 9. Easy drive on into beach. Unit not ready but took care of paperwork and had use of facilities while we waited.
First walk on beach. High tide give or take an hour. On the beach 30 seconds. 3 feet into water. Found my first sharks tooth. Could be an omen. Going to be good trip.
Really wanting to remove doors and top off Jeep. Go Full Monty. Doors are a problem. Metal doors. Where to store them? Maritime thought about it but couldn't help. Googling storage units found a link to Boulineau's.
Drove to store. First they'd heard of it. Checked at their hardware store. They do have warehouse space up the street but no storage "units". Talking to the clerks explaining our dilemma. They offered a spot in back of store for free. We weren't in unit yet so still loaded with luggage. Might take them up on it later.

Afternoon at pool and hot tub. In room close to 4:00. Rested....Maybe we're getting old.....Lots of rest breaks this trip.
Drove up to Basil's for traditional bi-annual first beach meal. Her pizza and my three fork Stromboli......
Across to Boulineau's for some groceries.

Back to unit. Short walk on beach. Saw a first. Great time to leave both phones in the room. Guy on beach playing bagpipes. Pretty good.
Went back and got chairs. Could be a story this trip. Several trips back we went through a spell where we "crushed" a couple wore out chairs. These cheap chairs are the ones that replaced those. They're due to break at anytime. Rusted. Bushings missing. Rods have to be pushed into place. Last night noticed a rivet on a bracket had broke and bracket hanging loose.
Decisions decisions. Start shopping or wait for it to break.......
Attacked by flies...Went in and watched tv. Slept with door open listening to surf.

Author:  KirkG [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Thanks - love late-season trips ! Getting a jeep was always on my to-do list, but have always been hesitant due to the handling issues you described... but no top and no doors sounds extremely fun !

"three fork Stromboli"

Ok.... why the name "three fork" ?

Author:  patrish [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Glad you got here and are having a good time! Got your voice message saying you were on the way to the beach, so I'll call you later. Or call me or Wally when it's convenient. Look forward to seeing you both.

Author:  pop2748 [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

KirkG wrote:

"three fork Stromboli"

Ok.... why the name "three fork" ?

Tried to post pic. Not that skilled.
Three meat stomboli. I add peppers, mushrooms and onions.
Cheese is so hot...
So long...
It melts the plastic fork to where you can't eat with it..
Takes three forks to finish the meal...

Author:  MBKY [ Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Thanks for the report. Nothing like a trip to MB.

Author:  KirkG [ Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Takes three forks to finish the meal...

Should be the BYOFork Stromboli !

Author:  pop2748 [ Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Overcast. Not even a crack for a beam of orange sunlight to peek through. Tide in. Beach is pretty steep in places. Guess from recent storms. Not prime time for beach space and walking area.
Went for short walk. Actually a bit chilly once outside in breeze. Down to Main Street and out to shops. Usually don't visit the Wing's, Bargain style beach shops but the "buy one get one" offers were hard to pass up. Went in to look at chairs. Not a wide variety. Even at bargain price. Left empty handed.
Out on beach around 1:00. Temps very comfortable. Flies still bad. Have dealt with them on past trips. Usually day after storm then gone on second day. Still waiting for these to die off.
Surf is pretty rough. Breakers probably 6'+. Some when they curl and hit the boom sounds like railroad cars banging. Tide rolling back off the steep bank rolls so fast every once in a while the roll going out is as large as one coming in for a big crash I've never seen before.
On beach till around 5:00. Hot tub then in.
Two days on the road this was our day to just hang and chill. Done for the night.

Short walk then started trying to store Jeep doors. Thinking the Boulineau"s offer was too good to be true plus I hate asking favors I called storage units. Month only rates and some couldn't understand my request. One woman thought I was storing entire Jeep. Found nothing. Sure enough. Stopped at Boulineau's and guys from Sunday weren't there. Six people I talked to rolled eyes and were afraid to do it.

Texted friend from Greensboro who has place nearby. They were supposed to be here this week but it didn't work out. He told me how to get into his garage so Full Monty was a go. But...Sun was out. Going topless could wait. To the beach.
Nope. Tide and erosion still our enemy. Sat by pool and read. Did get some short walks and shell finds. Guy saw my WV hat and stopped to talk. From Parkersburg and living here in Little River. Mentioned a guy from home living in Little River. Neighbors. Small world. Day wasn't complete wash.
Duffy's for dinner. Normally leave it for later in week. Knowing what we know now. Wish we had. Flies. Asked for table upstairs outside. With breeze and above the traffic it's more comfortable. Upstairs isn't screened. No food on table no problem. Couple at table next to us were finishing and complained about food and flies. Well. The girl complained. Her guy kept mouth shut. Manager came up and complaints repeated. Ate free. Funny thing is there was little food left. I'm sorry. Don't eat 95% of your meal and then complain it wasn't good.
Eating with one hand and waving napkin with other hand we managed to get through our meal without having a hissy fit.

Hit three beach shops on Sea Mountain shopping for chairs. Nothing. We'll probably crash and burn in ours before making big decision. Economy or Cadillac....
Cones at Ice Cream Hut before heading in.

Morning walk. Todays entertainment was from balcony. Watching the early birds place their encampments. Guy set up his umbrella and chairs. A woman was setting up next to him. She measured off heel to toe ten spaces from his chair. Her chair was sitting on the prime spot. She moved chair. Didn't mark her exact spot so had to heel to toe measure it again. Icing on cake was before she started twisting the three foot anchor into the sand she started talking to the guy. Stepped towards him. Placed anchor. Talked and stepped again. By the time she started twisting the anchor she had stepped halfway back towards the guy's umbrella.
On beach around noon. (she was still twisting anchor) Flies still a problem. They hang low to the ground. Land on you from knees down. Not bad when they just sit but when they bite. Dang it hurts. Constant trips to water to keep legs wet. Once the legs dry off the flies return.
On beach till 5:00. In cleaned up and headed out. Stopped by friends house and disrobed Sparky and off we went. Lots of fun.

River Cities at Barefoot. She asked in or out. We asked about flies. She suggested we go out and make our own call. We said in and she said "Good choice".
After dinner we strolled around Barefoot. Well. This side of lake. It was close to 9:00 and places were closing. We did notice a lot of changes. One row of shops now have a brick front.
The stores on one side were always a little higher than the ones across from them. The walkway sloped from one side to other so you walked right into stores no matter which side you were on. They've built a wall down middle of walkway and filled it in making the walk in front of the upper shops level. Took me a few to figure out what was different.
Headed back and called it a night.

Drove up to Boulineau's for...........
Bug spray.
Deet free cost the most. 25% deet was average price. 40% Deet was cheapest. Way I figure it. Deet works but probably not good for me. I was born, raised, and currently live in what was once known as "Chemical Valley"and"Chemical Center of the World". So far so good. I'm still healthy. I went with the can with the most Deet.

Across to book store. Because of tides and flies I haven't read as much but still needed another book.
Pulled back into Maritime she suggested good time to do our bi-annual trip to Soccer Locker for grandkids.
It's all the way south below Market Commons. I knew it was long drive but I looked forward to it with top down.
Stopped at photographer Jack Thompson's studio to look at old MB pics. If you've never stopped in there. Do. Actually too many to see them all.
Made it to Soccer Locker. Looking for indoor turf shoes. Rare down here where they play outside 12 months of the year.
Left empty handed. Long drive for nothing but it was fun drive.

On the beach around 1:00. Left chair up by pool. Walked and searched for shells and shark teeth. Somebody yelled my name. Not something you expect on vacation. But it is MB......
Former co worker who transferred to Charlotte a few years back. Staying at Avista next door. His first trip here. Spur of moment trip. 3 1/2 hour drive. He'll be back.
Lifeguards are few/far between this time of year. They've cleared the water several times this week for schools of fish working their way along the beach. Haven't seen any sharks but have to be careful.
Today it was a constant clear water situation. Entertainment today was watching the birds diving and the occasional splash of entire school jumping out of water at same time.
Remember few years back I wrote about same thing. We went out into the water to get closer look. Several times today we asked ourselves.
"What the h&%$ were we thinking....."
Stopped again by another couple who saw hat. They're from next town over back home. Moved here few years back. Living in oceanfront condo down the street.
And as expected. After purchasing bug spray..... Never saw another fly.
Off the beach around 6:00. Cleaned up. Quick snack in. Walked down to Main Street for street concert. Coastline. Good show.

Author:  beachwally [ Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Alan... You did it... I have not been on the Message Board in a while, but Patrish said I better go read Alan's report... He was doing a great job posting Ruann and his trip... Now what you said at dinner tonight makes a lot more sense... Hey, I really liked the new set of wheels... I'm intrigued by all that parts that may be interchanged... Also good to be on the board... Real Estate has been taking up too much of my time lately and must excuse myself for not spending more time enjoying all the posts. You know this place is like coming home. Thanks for getting me back home...

Also not happy to hear that you are packing up already to head home...It's never a good day when you have to leave the beach... Hope you found lots of shark teeth this trip... We'll leave some on the beach to find in the Spring... Hope it wasn't too muggy and hot this time... A bit unusual for late September.... At least you didn't get chased out of town by a storm... :hello:

Have a safe journey home and we look forward to breaking bread again soon... See you on Facebook and the Message Board!

Author:  patrish [ Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

So sorry about the malfunctioning camera/lens. We sent the lens back to the manufacturer once already and thought it was OK. Sigh. But by now everyone on the board knows what we look like anyhow.

Except for it being too loud,TBONZ at Barefoot was a good place to meet. No complaints about food or service. It was fun seeing you both once again and getting caught up.

Emmy, sorry facetime didn't work out! Again, it was just too loud in the restaurant. At least you knew we were thinking of you!

Have a good trip back home, Alan and Ruann. See you next time!

Author:  Sun Waves Sand [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

pop2748 wrote:
Flies still a problem. They hang low to the ground. Land on you from knees down. Not bad when they just sit but when they bite. Dang it hurts. Constant trips to water to keep legs wet. Once the legs dry off the flies return.

We had a horrible time with flies during our vacation too. We've never had that problem until the most recent vacation. They hurt!

Author:  pop2748 [ Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Just realized I never finished.

Last day. We like Sat-Sat rentals. Gives you a day to chill before going back to work. This was Sun-Sun so we decided to cut it short and head back early.
Breakfast at Golden Griddle. Said it before. Hash browns are great. Cast iron skillet. Seasoning I don't know. Love em.
Drove around a little to enjoy the top down. Ran by buddy's house to put doors back on.

Afternoon on the beach. Entertainment was the beach re-nourishment company. Moved equipment up the beach. Not on the beach but their boats. Three shrimp boat sized craft. Last one was more of a motorized barge than a "boat".
They traveled in straight line. Noticed small buoy type floats in between. The long hose/pipe they use to pump the sandy slurry was stretched out for maybe 1/4 mile. Interesting to see them move it. Parked everything up above Cherry Grove Pier.
Fun part was listening to others on the beach trying to figure out what it was.

Off the beach early. Cleaned up to head to Barefoot. T-Bones for dinner with Patrish and Wally. Always great to see them. Food was good. I ate more than the other three combined. The way I see it. Longer I eat. Longer we can tie up table talking.
Patrish asks Ruann every trip about work. Won't have to anymore. She had cold all week. Got home it got worse. Took time off. Decided heck with it. Not going back.

Back to Maritime. Zipped top back together and loaded what we could. Even the old rusty beach chairs. Might get another trip out of them.

On the road at 7:00. Home at 4:30. Not record time but will do. Said several times we probably wouldn't take Jeep again because of the drive. But. Already shopping catalogs for smaller half doors we can carry to room.
I really need to grow up.

Author:  beachwally [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

Enjoyed all the report Alan...Not so sure you ate more than the three of us, but hey, I'll roll with that... Bring those rusty beach chairs back real soon now, they won't work if you wait too long... Glad you always enjoy yourselves in Myrtle Beach... Sorry about the rain, but you did get some good days too... We look forward to the next meet up... I do like those new wheels. Hope it rode home better than the trip south...

Author:  patrish [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Maritime Beach Club 9/24-10/1

>...Took time off. Decided heck with it. Not going back.
Good for Ruann! :nanner:

Glad she finally quit. Tell her I'm proud of her.

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