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Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th
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Author:  budwash435 [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:10 am ]
Post subject:  Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Monday, August 7th
I went into work from 7-12, Corine did the same. I stopped at the bank and filled my gas tank on my way home, backed into the driveway and started to pack up the car. We were taking my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. Going down was Corine, my brother, Lux, and myself. My parents and sister were going to leave the following day. We got everything to fit perfectly in the car and were on the road by 1:00 I think. We made a brief stop at McDonalds for a lunch and were on 81, 83, 15. It was raining all day, nothing too heavy, but it was annoying. We made our first stop outside Manassas VA, and I took over the driving from Corine. We then hopped on 29, 17, 95 with minimal rain. Our next stop was at The Answer Brew Pub in Richmond VA. We spent about 90 mins there, picked up some crowlers and were on our way. Of course, it started to rain heavy once we got back on 95. We booked a room on our way at the Country Inn & Suites in Smithfield NC. We stayed here last year as well. I believe we got there around 10pm or so. We watched Monday Night RAW for a little bit then went to bed.

Tuesday, August 8th
We woke up to...more rain. It stopped though and we were at Cracker Barrel by 9am. I believe we were on the road after a gas stop by 10am. We were going to hit up the Outlets in Smithfield but opted out. We had some off and on rain from 95, 74, 701, 9. Of course after we got to NMB it started storming. We had a room booked at the Beach Cove, but check in was not until 4pm. Last year it was nice upon our arrival and we just used the pool/beach. With it storming we had to find something else to do. We hit up Jersey Mikes for lunch, went to the Pavillion ABC store for some crafties, then headed to Bully's for a couple of beers. We checked in around 3:30 and got in the room. We brought a lot of our own beer down so we moved that right to the fridge and waited out the storm. It didn't really clear up, but the rain stopped long enough for us to get down to the beach for at least an hour +. We got in the hottub, then headed to the room to get showers for dinner. We ended up at River City again this year. I wasn't going to go here again, but I figured I would give it another shot. The burgers are average and dry but we liked it I guess. We walked around Barefoot, got Lux some ice cream, then went to Bilo for some essentials before heading back to the room. We watched the end of SmackDown Live and I Ended up passing out early. Our room at Beach Cove was rather odd. I don't know which place was less dungy? That or The Avista. It served its purpose for the night though.

Wednesday August 9th.
We got up and had pop tarts for breakfast. It was once again pretty gloomy outside. We got down to the beach and just let Lux play in the sand. Before heading down my brother and I packed up the car again and he checked out for us. We stayed on the beach until 1230-1pm I think. We got hungry so we headed down to The Shak for lunch. This was probably one of or the best meals of our stay. My parents/sister were arriving in town, so we met them at one of the beach shops across the street from Overtime Café. We still had some time to kill so we headed to Flying Fish for a few beers before checking in. Our room was unit 238 in Edgwater. After we checked in we didn't do much besides unpacking. The parents picked up some pizza and wings from Papa Johns.

Thursday August 10th
Guess what? We woke up to more rain! With that being said we decided it'd be best to take Lux to the Aquarium since we wouldn't be missing much at the ocean/pool. Only Corine, Lux, and I went. It started pouring upon our arrival and was pretty crowded. Lux liked the aquarium, and it was a lot smaller than what I remembered it being when I was there as a kid. I forgot to mention that before we went there we stopped at the American Tap House for some beers and a light lunch. The rest of our group tried out the pool that day but got sent away by the rain. They went for an early dinner at Flying Fish. We decided to meet up w. them after at Barefoot, but it was too nice out so we went back to the condo and got ready to hit the beach. With it raining nonstop for 3 days we thought the sun would have been limited for our stay. After 2 hours on the beach my brother and I headed to Taco Bell and bought a ton of food.

Author:  Sun n' Fun [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

We got hungry so we headed down to The Shak for lunch. This was probably one of or the best meals of our stay.

You are so right!!! The best bang for your buck and the food is sooooo good!

My favorite commercial EVER...backbones and rice and tomato pie!!

Author:  budwash435 [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Friday, August 11th
I was woken up by Lux saying "lets go to the beach". It was the first day we've seen the sun that early in the day. We packed up and were on the beach around 1030...and it started to rain! My parents/sister stayed back and hit the pool up this day. We were there until 230-3pm and headed back to Jersey Mikes for some food. We waited I line forever. After we ate, we all headed to the pool to meet up with the rest of the family. We sat there for a while and figured out what we were going to do for the night. We decided on Boardwalk Billy's. This place is always solid. After dinner, we went to Duplin, then I think we only headed to Bilo to get some food for the week.

Saturday, August 12th
We opted for the pool this day instead of the beach. After the pool, we made sandwhiches, mac and cheese, ramen noodles that day, then my brother and I headed down to the ABC Pavillion to get some Cirac and more crafties. My parents/sister went out for dinner early so we waited for them to come back to watch Lux, and we headed to Bimini's. The wait was 45mins or so for a table so we just sat at the bar and ate. It was a lot of fried food, but it was good. I met some other Panthers fans that live on Lake Norman NC. After dinner we just headed home, my brother was pretty drunk this day.

Sunday August 13th,
Beach day again! This time everybody went over. Our umbrella started to break on Friday, and today it broke completely. We ended up renting one from the city for the day. It was ubz hot, but we stayed until 230 or so and got some lunch at Clucky's. This place always was empty while we were there, and for some reason we tried it. We waited almost a half hour for our food and it wasn't the greatest, but whatever now we know. My brother and I headed to the pool for a couple of hours and drank some beers there and in the hottub. We drove down to BATB for the night, bought some hot sauce from Pepper Palace, and hats from Lids. We got some light food and beer at Liberty and just sat outside.

Monday August 14th
This week was flying by. We woke up early, went to the pool for 2 hours, then headed back to get ready to hit up Gordon Biersch. The beer isn't great by any means, but my burger was solid. Corine and I were the only ones impressed with our meals, everyone else said we aren't going back next year. We wanted to finally hit up The Brass Tap, got there and it was closed due to a broken AC. Next up was the Carolina Ale House. Their beer selection was more of a beginner type list, but they had some decent brews. We only stayed for one and headed back. My mother, sister, Corine, and Lux were heading to a show at the Alabama Theater, so my father, brother, and I headed to Liberty (not the brewery) for a few beers. We then headed to Bilo and went back to the room for the night.

Author:  budwash435 [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Tuesday, August 15th
We woke up and went to the beach this day, this is the last day everybody went. Since our umbrella broke on Sunday, we went and bought two new ones to use at one of the beach shops down the street from Barefoot. I forget how long we were there but it was from 11 until atleast 230-3pm. I'm pretty sure we had lunch in the condo then headed to Grumpy Monks for dinner. They had a nice craftie selecting and the food was pretty decent too. I had chicken and waffles. After this we took a ride into Myrtle Beach and stopped at Hurricane Maggies for a beer. This is usually our BNO stop, but my dad didn't want to go there the day before. After a beer we went back to Barefoot briefly and headed back to the condo for the night.

Wednesday, August 16th
Corine and I kept debating whether or not we should go to the pool or the beach, we ended up going to the beach and getting some use out of our new umbrella. It was only us two and Lux that went this day. We didn't stay super long as we usually do. We ordered Jersey Mike's again by using their app that way we can just walk in and pick it up. Lux hated the ocean the first week we were there, then all of the sudden she loved it on Tuesday. My parents/brother/sister hit up the pool, but came back early to go out for some wine at Duplin and other things. This was Corine and I's date night. While they were gone, I headed to the pool by myself since it was so hot out. Corine and Lux were supposed to meet me but fell asleep instead. I sat there for over an hour and had a few beers then walked back right before a huge storm rolled in. We headed to Greg Norman's for our night out together and my parents watched Lux. This place was pretty decent, but pricey. I feel you can get just as much good food for a cheaper price at other places in the area. After dinner we headed to Duplin for wine and wine slushies, then went to Putter's Pub for the first time for a beer. After that we headed home around 1030 I think.

Thursday, August 17th
The dreaded last day. Corine, Lux, and my brother all headed to the beach. We drank the last of the beers we brought from home this day..used the Jersey Mikes app again for some lunch, then my brother and I headed to the pool only to get forced out by lightning 15 mins later. Dinner tonight was Chuck's. This was our first time there. It was pretty good. We then hit up the Tanger Outlets, but didn't buy anything. Shortly after that we went to the beach for family pics etc. We then headed back to the room and watched GFW Impact Wrestling.

Friday, August 18th
I woke up at 630 am and started getting ready. We were on the road after a fueling up by 830. Stopped for lunch at Chick Fil A in NC somewhere. We went back to The Answer in Richmond and got a ton of crowlers to take home and sell. After that we stopped again in Leesburg at Crooked Run Brewing for a beer. We made it home by 830pm I think.

Author:  Christine [ Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Thanks for the trip report. Wow! You had a lot of rain. Too bad with a little guy. Kids usually love spending time at the pool and beach. I appreciate all the restaurant reviews as well. It sounded as if you had a good time in spite of the rain.

Author:  patrish [ Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Thanks so much for taking the time to post your review! I'm sorry you had to put up with all that off and on rain, but you still managed to get a lot done. Sounds like and your family had a great time. Thanks too for the restaurant reviews!

Author:  ohiojo [ Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Sounds like you had a good trip despite the rain! Thanks for letting us tag along!

Author:  budwash435 [ Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Edgewater at Barefoot Resorts August 9-18th

Yes, the rain was only an issue the first 2 days total. It kind of defeated the purpose of getting an extra beach day, but at least we weren't at work lolz.

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