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Oct 2015 Surfside
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Author:  ohiojo [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Oct 2015 Surfside

I have put off writing this trip report because this vacation did not turn out exactly as I had hoped...but it was still great in many ways. So here goes...

I have always wanted to spend more than a week long vacation in Surfside, off season, but until retirement I was never able to. So last July(2015)...I started browsing VRBO in hopes of finding a reasonably priced condo for a month long stay... I found one...OF...2 bdrm...2 bath...great! but the owner(a realty company) was located in Oklahoma...I was a little skeptical because it was so far away...however, I gave them a call...the price was I decided to book...the reality company was great to work with(Marion's Place). so I was all set except for one thing...I was planning on going on this trip by myself...I had to tell my husband...he is great and knows how much I love the beach( a feeling that he does not share)... He knew I would do this kind of trip at some point...he was not able to go due to things he had planned in October...he was a little concerned about the safety of me going...but he was willing to let me do this...great guy!

Anyway, the time approaches...and so does a hurricane...hmmm...not going to cancel at this at the end of September...I loaded the car and took off...drove as far as Asheboro, spend the night...well, due to the weather...I ended up spending 3 nights at the Holiday Inn Express...great thing...I was not alone, many other beach goers were holed up there, as well...the rain was nonstop & torrential at times...but we all made the best of it...and relaxed...

Most of us took off on Saturday..just drizzly rain and the roads I needed to travel were all open...but I did see lots of high water...I stopped in Bennettsville at McDonald's to grab a bite and use the rest room...honestly, this was the only time I felt uncomfortable about traveling alone...There were several people that kind of creeped me out...but no one bothered was a quick time in Bennettsville I will likely go through the drive the rest of the way into Surfside was rainy but easy...

I was slightly apprehensive about picking up my keys for the condo...but all was in order...just where the company said they would be...there was an office right in Surfside where I picked them up...and I had no trouble getting into the condo...and it was such a nice place...just perfect for one or two or a small family. I am quite familiar with the Surfside I unloaded and went to the Piggly Wiggly for supplies...when I got was dark...time change...but the parking lot was well were the stairs to my second floor no issues there...all set for a great time!

I am going to add here that our own Patrish was my contact person during this entire trip...we talked so many times during this adventure...about weather and road conditions...and lots of things...She even invited me to lunch with two of her other friends...we had such a nice time...they welcomed me like we were long time pals...

Next morning it was back to rain and clouds for several days...I did a lot of exploring. I did manage to get one walk a day in among the raindrops...sat on the condo balcony and spent hours watching the surfers who were loving the higher waves...

There were a few sunny hours here and there but I felt so bad for the people who were suffering with the flooding from the hurricane rains.

I went back to Ohio after the first week and a half to go to grandparents activities at the grands school...I had planned on this trip back...but that week, also,I had been drawn for the grand jury(did not know before I left) and I had a dear friend pass away that week back in Ohio was eventful...I did get dismissed for the jury duty...I was at the end of the list which called people alphabetically...

I did not do a lot of exciting things while in Surfside...spent time reading, walking, enjoying the beach without crowds, taking was great! And cellphones and technology make it so easy to keep in touch daily with everyone back in Ohio.

Returned to Surfside...the weather was so much nicer...met some locals on my beach walks...learned more about Surfside...came back to Ohio...then left a few days later with my sister and brother for a week in Florida.

So, if there is anyone is concerned about traveling alone to stay in the Surfside area...I say go for it...I plan on doing it again...hopefully, without hurricane weather.

Thanks, again, to Patrish for taking me under your wing on my adventure!

Author:  Christine [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oct 2015 Surfside

You are a brave soul. It is unfortunate the weather was the pits but sounds like Patrish helped save the day. We made a quick unexpected exit while on our beach holiday as well and that is how life rolls. Hopefully you get to go back on your own again and get to enjoy warm breezes and bountiful sunshine. Thanks for sharing and I hope your Florida trip was a good one.

Author:  patrish [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Oct 2015 Surfside

Thanks for the trip review, JoAnn. I felt so bad about the weather situation, but I was glad I was home to be available. At least the rental space was nice, ans you could get out a time or two.

Hopefully your next visit will be more (MUCH more) pleasant! Thanks for taking the time to write, and it was a pleasure for me to help keep you busy!

Author:  ohiojo [ Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oct 2015 Surfside

:sunny: :sunny:

Thanks Christina! The weather during the Florida trip actually more than made up for the rainy Surfside trip...We stayed in my sisters time share in Lido Key for a was HOT for November...She told me it was the hottest November trip she remembered...we had a great time as we had not been on a vacation together for a long time...

Patrish...I will be back in August with one of my friends...Hoping to get together with you then!
No plans for a fall trip, as yet, but you never know!

Author:  Christine [ Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Oct 2015 Surfside

Oh it was hot in Florida in November!! We were there and it was much hotter than it usually is in November. One night on the news they said it was 11 degrees warmer in November than is typical. Too bad you didn't have that weather while at the beach in Myrtle.

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