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Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26
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Author:  pop2748 [ Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

if you spend more time and effort packing and preparing for yThe our dog's stay in a kennel....
You might be a.....
I got nothin'
Sitting outside PetSmart waiting for them to open.
Need new tags.....
For the dogs.....

Author:  KirkG [ Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

So true.....needed a good laugh this morning, thanks !

Author:  patrish [ Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26


Author:  pop2748 [ Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Plan was to hit road around noon. Didn't happen.

On the road at 3:00.
VA line she hit back seat for nap and I enjoyed the drive to Winston Salem.
Watching her crawl between the seats while I hit the sharp curved ramp onto I 40 was highlight of the day.

Of course. Flying by seat of pants we didn't have room booked for tonight.
Hit High Point at 7:00 and figured might be good idea to start looking.
Don't know who laid that town out but I'd love to have what they were drinking.

At 7:00 the sun is low on the horizon. I don't care which way you turned at intersections you were looking right into sun.
No sign of Courtyard we saw sign for at ramp. Hit Jersey Mike's to search motels on phone while we ate.
Motels listed on Bing but couldn't make heads or tails of maps and reviews weren't very good for any of them.
Moved search to Rockingham. Called Days Inn. Plenty of rooms. Right off RT 220.
We're on our way honey.........

Shut er down at 9:00.
Not the greatest but eyes will be shut for most of our stay here. Half the cars in lot are from WV. Already met some of them. Same boat as we were in. Heading to MB and needed a bed..
Should be a fun breakfast......................

Author:  pop2748 [ Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Lousy breakfast. Most pitiful offering I've ever seen. Bad enough there was only three choices. Yogurt, toast and cereal. There wasn't enough of any of it. 20 guests. Ok. Lets put out enough food for 5.
Didn't try the coffee. Was warned ahead of time. Worst coffee on the planet according to one guest.

Stood out front for awhile talking to the other West Virginians. Just want to point something out.
Five of us. Never met. Simple nod of head. "Where ya from?" "Charleston." "Clarksburg here."
Not one person.
Not one.
Raised their hands in the air and start calling out letters of alphabet...........
Just sayin'...........

Took a small detour this trip. Been wanting to check something out for last several trips. Straight drive down a two hour detour pretty much out of question. Today after stopping half way. Perfect opportunity.
Headed to Bishopville to check out Pearl's Garden. If you haven't heard of it research it. Great story.

Instead of hitting RT 74 we ran on down RT 1 through Cheraw. Brought back memories of trips riding in backseat of parents car in the 60's. The homes, churches and fields. Smelling the pine trees. Don't see this stuff from the big roads.
Did look at map. Awhile back. Semi knew where I was going. Knew it was on down RT 1. After Cheraw I realized I needed route numbers....Back to the old way of beach navigating......
That town name sounds familiar. That one too. In Rosewell saw signs for Bishopville. Never lost. Just confused sometimes.

The gardens are like a miniature Brookgreen Gardens. Difference is the plants....are the sculptures. Another guest had been there before. Stops in every time he's passing through town. Pearl came out to see him and told us his story. A bus tour showed up. He was going to give them tour. Was told we could join in but didn't feel right doing it. Besides. Beach was waiting.

Booked Sands Beach Club using Wyndham points through RCI. Another settle for what ever was available. Not bad. Not perfect but have had worse.
The oceanfront building is timeshares. The frame building behind is for points members. Guess where we're at? Building does sit at an angle. Most balconies have a decent view down the beach. We're in the last end unit. Farthest from beach. View is marsh/swash and some beach. Not as nice as surf but....Beats looking at a street or roof of another building.

Walk in front door. Door swings in to left. Hallway to the right. Halfway down hall you have kitchen built into wall. As well equipped as most condos but.......It's in the hall. Who the heck designs these places?
Living room average size. Around corner is bedroom.....
What the.........Bunk beds.......
Considering some of our previous experiences with Wyndham/RCI..... I wasn't that surprised.....I was laughing about it.....Then looking back down hallway. Closed front door. There it was. Other bedroom was to the left of front door.

Walked up to pier. Beach not terrible crowded except around Ocean Annie's. Packed.
Back to room to cool off and head to Basil's for dinner.
SOS gathering in Ocean Drive. Auto traffic not bad but people were walking and standing everywhere.

In front of Barefoot Landing. Big event. Seen it all now. People paying money. Lined up. To have feet washed off. So they can stand in barrels and crush grapes. No thanks.

Wal Mart for groceries and haircut. Yeah. Another beach first.

Author:  RogInVa [ Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

I wish this site had a like button. :lol: :cheerleader:

Author:  patrish [ Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Loving this trip review, Alan! :cool:

Author:  pop2748 [ Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26


First full beach day. Position of unit makes it hard to judge sunrise. Might get pics later in week but not happening today. I was out early for morning walk. Tide halfway out. Easy to cross swash/inlet below the building. Haven't been here long enough to get feel of tide schedule. Didn't go far before I realized tide was coming in. Played it safe and headed back. Crossing back still wasn't bad but even in that short half hour there was enough difference it would be easy to get trapped on wrong side.

Went in and fixed my usual "I'm at the beach" egg sandwich. Pretty much a "Dagwood" with egg.

Lathered up with sunscreen and off to beach by 10:30. We walked up to pier again. Still crowded in spots. Probably weekend visitors. Didn't expect this many in Sept.
Back to chairs and took our normal positions.
Beer, book, etc.......
Stack of books at home from previous trips. I know there's one that I didn't read and saved for next trip. Left so fast the other day I picked up first book I saw. Quick scan of preview. Didn't ring a bell. Turned out I have read this one. Thought I'd read it again. Few pages into it...
Why bother. Easier to nap.......

Entertainment for the day was a surfer, a catamaran sailing up and down the beach. I'll never understand how the wind can blow east and west and a sailboat can move north and south.......
The most fun was watching the walkers get to the swash and their reactions.
For some it's was end of the world. "What do we do now?".
Some would walk up the swash thinking there was an end and they would just walk around it,,,,,,
Then you had the brave explorer types. They'd tip toe their way into it. Some would turn and come back. Others would make it across in knee deep water. Few minutes later somebody crossing in same spot would be waist deep if not swimming.

Went in mid-afternoon to eat sandwiches and leftover Basil's. Watched 2nd quarter of Steelers. Niner's looked pretty bad.

Back to beach for couple more hours of people watching. No dinner out plans for tonight. Some Wal Mart goodies to cook in plus a few leftovers we packed from home vs throwing out as we ran out of the house....
And football. Cowboys and Eagles played so bad they made Niners look good.

From the balcony I had my eye on the gas grills. Planning on steaks or something later in week. "IF" we can get to the grill. I understand other nationalities have different customs. A large group of I'm not sure tied up the grill area for three hours last night. Will wait and see if it's an every night event.

And then the big let down. Another area of pool separated by shrubs. I had heard somebody say" Oh look a hot tub". After day of sun and walking I was looking forward to a good hot soak. When things cleared out. I headed down......It was a baby pool.......Major disappointment.......

Author:  kish73 [ Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

I always look forward to reading all trip reports, but I do so love to read Alan's! So much fun to read!

I am surprised to read that it's not more crowded since this is SOS Week in NMB! Hope the crowds don't become a problem this week! And for those of you who are interested, 94.9 The Surf is broadcasting live most of the time! You can listen all day long or by using their app if you have an iPhone!

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Author:  pop2748 [ Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Most of the shag activities are up in Ocean Drive. Other than a few license plates and bumper stickers you don't notice the gathering. Nothing like a bike week.

Think I say this every trip. Taking "do nothing" to new level again.

Ran through office to trade book for something off their shelf. On the beach around 11:00. Perfect weather. Few clouds. Lots of sun. High 80's.
assorted walks, naps and reading........
5 1/2 hours of strenuous relaxation.

Only excitement today was a lost child. Wandered off but was found few "camps" from his parent's. The family had been set up close to us for two days. Dad was spending most of time with the two pre-school aged kids. Mom spent all her time laying under umbrella.
When the dad started yelling his son's name everybody in earshot could tell by tone of voice this wasn't good. Everybody sat up or stood to look around. Dad dropped little girl of at their umbrella and continued up the beach.
Few seconds later the son was found.
While all this was going on. Mom......Barely raised her head. As Dad was going to get son....Mom was standing up.....Making sure her big wide brimmed hat looked right........
As dad came back to umbrella. Mom decided to walk to water.......Turned....Two steps......Then fell in hole the kids had dug while she wasn't paying attention.......
Can't make this stuff up...........

Off the beach around 5:00. All other trips we alternate eating out and eating in. I was looking forward to going out but....She wasn't getting ready.
Game plan changed for this trip and I didn't get the memo.
New idea is eat in first few days then eat out second half of week. "Should" cut back on leftovers and extra food in fridge at end of week. Only way this will work is I don't go to store with her or I walk through store with hands tied in pockets.
We had enough from first store trip to get through another night in.

The grill area looked a lot better tonight. Decided to head to store to buy goodies and steaks for Tuesday. Not wanting to spend my entire beach trip grocery shopping I suggested a run through Tanger's.
50 feet into the place I was slapping forehead. What was I thinking? I hate shopping. Did find a kitchen supply place. My new hobby is smoking meats and there are a few odd ball tools and such you don't find at Wal Mart. While in there Ruann decided to start Christmas shopping. End result. I walked through Tanger's like a pack mule.

Over to Wally World for Tuesday's dinner items. Ooooops. I grabbed a large steak for two of us. She decided she'd rather have pork chops. Smart thing to do would have been put steak back....or....Get a smaller one..........
Not sure if the new no leftover plan is going to work.
Fridge is getting crowded.

Up early for sunrise. Cloudy. Still enough bright sunlight through the clouds to make you appreciate the new day.
After breakfast we hit the beach. The tide was out but starting in. Took this as opportunity to cross the swash and go down the beach. Shelling was much better down that way. Fewer people. Still only found a few keepers but the piles of shells to search through were much larger.
Time on beach today was limited. Cloudy and windy. Weather for rest of week isn't looking much better. Storm off Outer Banks. Depending on which station you listen to we might have a day of decent weather left. Hope they're wrong.

Wind was blasting us with sand. Flies were biting. Ruann went in after an hour. I decided to stay out a little longer.
The last straw was group at water's edge. As tide came in they moved straight back. Not to the left. Not to the right. Straight back almost in my lap. Icing on cake. Radio playing so loud they had to talk even louder to be heard.
Dealing with sand and flies is one thing. Loud and discourteous people. I draw the line.
Headed to the pool.
3 hours by the pool. Ruann up above on the balcony. One thing to wake yourself up with your own snores when your wife is sitting next to you. You look at her. "Did I?" "Yes, you did....."
Bit embarrassing when you're alone around strangers. Well...After the first couple times you quit worrying about it. I love naps.......

In around 5:00. Washed up and hit the grill. Bit confusing getting it to light. Could hear and feel one burner was lit but couldn't tell what other two were doing.
Without thinking I shut lid to get heat to build up.....POOF.......Guess the other burners finally lit.....
Steaks and chops were great. Taters and ears of corn. $20 for a fifty dollar dinner.

Headed down to Boardwalk for the evening. Seldom ever go there unless there's a meet up at the pier. Think last time we were there was for a meet up with Patrish and Wally at Landshark Grill.
Crossing the first street we had a young drunk hit us up for money. Be honest with you. He was more civilized than the time share hucksters in the area. Several other "non tourist" types hanging around but he was only one hitting us up for anything. One came walking our way through the grassy park area. She stopped short. Turned out there was a post with electrical outlets. 2-3 smartphones plugged in recharging. Bumming smokes and money with a smart phone. This is a great country.

Walked the Boardwalk. Checked out Gay Dolphin and Landshark. Bought some ice cream at the slowest place in town. That was enough downtown MB for this decade.
Headed back to condo. One thing we noticed that we've never noticed on other fall trips. Several of the large Eagle, Wings. etc beach shops were dark. Not all but enough to be noticed.

Author:  patrish [ Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

>…Then fell in hole the kids had dug while she wasn't paying attention.......Can't make this stuff up...........
God works in mysterious ways.

>…He was more civilized than the time share hucksters in the area.

>…That was enough downtown MB for this decade.
Party pooper.

See you at the meet-up! :lol:

Author:  ohiojo [ Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

This report is seriously awesome...made me laugh! Thanks pop!

Author:  MBKY [ Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Good report. Thanks for sharing. I like how you find a good laugh in some awkward situations.

Author:  beachwally [ Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Fun report Alan... Laughed a bit too! Just like siting with you in person... Looking for story on the hand full of shells... Good to see you! :cool:

Author:  pop2748 [ Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sands Beach Club 9/18-9/26

Out for morning walk around 7:00. Very cloudy. No sunrise to be seen. Temps felt ok. Little windy but not bad. Looked for shells but went in empty handed.

Back out later with Ruann for walk up to pier. Very windy. Half the chairs were turned sideways facing down the beach so wind would hit square in back. Many people wrapped in towels. Around shoulders, legs and some both, Real enjoyable weather.
I can run 70 mph in convertible and not lose ball cap. Had to take it off walking into this wind.

We had a movie in the week's plans in case of rain...Guess wind counts too. Headed out to see Walk In The Woods. Soon as we hit RT 17 I started have second thoughts. Sky was brighter. Not as windy. Felt like I was wasting last good beach day.
Enjoyable movie. Might not be award winner but some good laughs.

Ran back to condo and hit beach before meet-up. Wasn't much better than it was earlier. Sat out there and suffered an hour or so just to say I didn't waste entire beach day.

Off to meet up. Good times as always. They called Emmy. Between bad hearing and background noise......I think I talked to her. Took a picture of Vickie's park job. Leave it to a Buckeye to diagonal park in a straight in space.

After meet up Ruann and I walked through Barefoot. Bought some bumper stickers and T-shirts. She reminded me of something I've been looking for. The search was on. Two people who hate shopping were off on a hunt looking for one of those oval shaped rubber change purses.(long story) No luck at Barefoot. Headed to condo....................

Rained over night. Ok at 7:00 so went out on beach. Solid cloud cover. Not even a sunbeam peeking through. Count people on beach on my fingers. Found a couple shells and went in.
Out a second time at low tide. Guess it was first and only time this trip I saw it all the way out. At the inlet/swash the beach was close to 200 yards wide. Took pics from several different angles. At one point I looked up and down beach. There wasn't another person in sight either direction. Now that's an eerie feeling.

Back towards building. Still looking for mother lode of shells. Found it. 50 foot stretch. Just as fast as I'd pick a couple up. Next couple waves would drop in another layer. Filled up cargo pants pocket. That was the handful Wally was asking about. All picked up in one spot in about 15 minutes.

Headed in to empty pockets. Watched some tube til she was ready to go out. Up to pier and back. Probably not four or five chairs on beach. Now those are beach diehards.
We headed for truck and went......Shopping.

Down south of MB for Soccer Locker. If anybody in family plays soccer it's a great stop to get them something from beach.
Back through town. Hit a couple Eagles/Wings looking for change purse. Unbelievable. They have rocks with words of encouragement on them, two pound pencil erasers, every shape of key ring with every name imaginable and pens with electric fans on them. Change purse. No way.......

Cleaned up and headed to Duffy's in Cherry Grove. It was good. Not sure if menu changed or if I forgot to specify. Instead of usual broiled and boiled everything was fried. It was good but probably the most fried food I've had in one setting for a long time.

Cross street to Boulineau's and the Barnacle Beach Shop. Found my change purse. How many years have I told you guys they have everything..........

We're back at condo. Semi packing. Very good chance we'll hit road in morning. 40-50% rain today was pretty wet. Not sure I want to sit in room and watch 90-100% predicted for tomorrow.

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