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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:38 pm 

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phroggy wrote:
If I remember right, the grand total with tip was $90-ish. Ok so the food was decent but nowhere near worth that price. The kids loved it though so I think small price to pay for their enjoyment. The bottom line for me is that I will NEVER go back...

...unless someone else is paying!


Margaritaville used to be our "kick off" to the beach stop. It was a yearly tradition to stop by for our Saturday lunch on check-in day. I guess it was coming at a time of the trip when the wallet was more full than empty and we really hadn't paid much attention to the cost. After a couple of years we finally woke up and realized that our four cheeseburgers and order of nachos was turning into one of our more expensive meals of the week. I like the atmosphere, but I can't justify spending the same price for a burger that I'm spending for seafood platters at other places.

I'm glad I'm the only one that didn't think the prices were a little on the high side.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:37 am 

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Saturday was our final day for the vacation which was really abnormal for us in that we always stay Saturday to Saturday rather than this trip of Sunday to Sunday. I can honestly say that I MUCH prefer Sunday to Sunday due to less traffic congestion arriving and departing.

The wind was pretty strong and thus the current was as well. It kept pushing us south. The waves weren't big but incessant. It was hell trying to keep everyone together and from getting pushed out too far. The lifeguards in our area seemed to never be around and we even caught them sleeping a few times. We were definitely on our own.

Neither of our umbrellas were much match for the wind so we left them down to avoid damage. We did see a few fly across the beach but no one was injured; at least that we were aware of anyway. It did eventually calm down in the early afternoon and the kids were able to once again enjoy boogie boarding. The adults pretty much stayed on the sand keeping a close eye. Chris and I drank more beer: Corona this go round.

Myrtle Beach is a family beach and the no alcohol on the beach is a great rule despite our total disregard for it. The purpose of the law in my eyes is to keep away the morons who can't handle themselves after a few beers. Case in point, the awesome group of early 20's males set up about 40 feet north of us that day. "Moonshine" by the gallon milk jug was being poured for their enjoyment. Now, anyone who's ever had REAL moonshine, knows perfectly well that a gallon milk jug would crumble with said concoction. None the less, they thought they had something and their goal was to drink, be merry and act like fools. They did not disappoint.

I have a foul mouth but I also know when to control it; alcohol involved or not. These BOYS had yet to learn. I almost felt embarrassed FOR them. The cat calls started and one young lady even fell for it. She parked her behind in their shade and the vulgarities continued. Foul language is nothing new to any of our kids. Hey, we're not perfect. But it was getting to be too much. What really had me fuming is their disregard for nature. They went into the ocean with their red plastic cups full of their beverage. A couple of these idiots could barely walk by this time. Two of them came out of the water empty handed. Chris ended up finding one of the cups and took it back to them. They're damn lucky I wasn't the one who found it.

Enough was enough. We packed up around 3 and headed in. Neither Kristi nor I had any intention of spending a fortune for dinner. The kids all wanted to go back to Hooters. I hadn't been there in years (12 maybe?). Kristi and Devin were ok with it so what the hell? I could go for a decent cheap dinner.

Then I remembered why I hadn't been in so long.

It was early so the it wasn't busy. I declined alcohol and settled on iced tea. Kristi and I both ordered buffalo chicken sandwiches. Neither was very good and I probably could have eaten 3 of them. The service was provided by a well-endowed young lady whose IQ was nearly equivalent to her bust size, though that may have been exaggerating. Perhaps I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. It was creepy watching the 50 year old manager guy trying his best to "hang" with the girls everyone comes to see. It must be a pre-requisite for managerial staff to be a tool.

Anyway, back to the resort to finish packing up for an early departure. We intended on scooting out around 5AM. Chris and Dawn ended up not being able to sleep well and left an hour before us. The drive home was outstanding and I was able to shave nearly an hour off our total time. We stopped only 3 times and I was at times 15mph over the speed limit.

All in all, it was a good trip though my liver is probably screwed. Apparently, next year's trip is already planned with my parents, sister and again my brother. Kristi and I have no idea if we can go due to the baby on the way. I'm taking a $10,000/year pay cut due to ObamaCare and that basically leaves us in the poor house. At this point, it's impossible for us to take a vacation any time in the near future.

That is all.

Adios y via con dios.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:26 pm 

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Awsome report Phroggy! Thank you.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:44 pm 
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Thanks for the great trip report. Things sounded like they went better than anticipated. Hopefully you can get back to the beach with that new baby next year :)

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill.

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