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 Post subject: Sea Winds 9/29 - 10/13
PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:23 pm 
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Saturday 9/29
My parents and I left Maryland a little after two 7am. We stopped off at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. Back on the road a little before 7:30am. I slept for a majority of the ride but I heard that traffic was okay. Dad went to AAA a couple days before we left and got a trip print out because he was worried about closed roads. The roads we took actually got us there a little quicker this time, so that was nice. We stopped for lunch a little after 1pm in Wallace, NC at the Village Store. We’ve gotten subs from Village Subs the past couple years. Unfortunately, this year will be our last. Mom ordered a half clubhouse sub (turkey, ham, bacon, American cheese) with mayo, lettuce, tomato. She liked the sandwich but the bacon was barely cooked. I ordered the half Bob Johnson (House of Radford chicken tenders, provolone) with pickles and mayo. It was terrible with a capital T. The chicken was so hard and dry that I couldn’t even bite into it. I brought it to the
employee's attention and they couldn't have been nicer. They profusely apologized and made me a ham sub instead. My dad ordered a tuna sub with lettuce and pickles. He thought it was okay. One major con was there was a ton of flies around the toppings area. I witnessed a fly land on the lettuce, then the pickles, then tomato before an employee swatted it away and proceeded to put it on the sandwich for the man behind me. Yikes! This year, my Aunt and Uncle were coming down with us. They stayed for one week, while we stayed for two. They recently moved about 2 hours away from the town my parents and I live in, so we only see them for big occasions now. They hadn’t joined us on vacation for 5+ years, so it was a treat to have them along. They drove separately and had about a two hour advantage from where we left from. They arrived about 2 hours before we did.

We finally arrived in North Myrtle Beach a little after 4:30pm. We stayed at Sea Winds in Windy Hill. It’s been a good 10 years since we stayed there. The lobby was very different from what we remember. It had a fresh coat of paint, a bench, bead board around, and a table where workers and maintenance people sign in. The pool area was exactly the same, as was the parking lot. My parents used to own a condo in Carolina Winds, but sold it two years ago. We stayed in another unit in Carolina Winds last year but it was very dated and was just okay. As a child, I grew up staying at Sea Winds when we took our yearly MB vacation, so I was happy we decided to stay there this year. I did a lot of research on different units in the building and eventually found a unit we were happy with. We went through VRBO and rented a 3 bedroom condo (with a discount since it was just 3 of us) from an incredibly nice man who was very responsive with any questions we had. I had the VRBO app on my phone, so I was able to contact the owner via the app if there were any problems or concerns. The condo was very pretty. It looked like we were stayed in someone’s fancy house! The condo was fully stocked. There was even a printer, golf clubs, and various toiletry items in the bottom cabinets of the bathrooms. The place was clean, no dust to be found anywhere. It’s such a relief to go right into a condo with no problems after hours and hours of driving. Unfortunately, my Aunt and Uncle weren’t so lucky. They rented through Elliott Realty. As soon as they opened the door, they were hit with smells of smoke. The units are supposed to be non-smoking. Elliott apologized profusely and sent an air purifier up. You could have 20 air purifiers running and still have the smoke smell inside the condo. The smell lingered the entire week.

We settled in for about an hour or so. We invited my Aunt and Uncle over to see the condo. We talked for a bit and headed out to dinner to Hamburger Joe’s. Mom, Aunt, and Uncle went back to the condo. Dad and I went to Super Bi-Lo to pick up some groceries. Back to the condo to sleep.

Dining room and living room of the condo

View of the beach from the balcony

Sunday 9/30
Mom and Aunt walked on the beach early this morning. I slept in until 10am and sat on the balcony for a while to feel the ocean breeze on my face. Dad watched TV. Uncle stayed in to read. Aunt and Mom went to Rose’s to look around. They picked up lunch at Fenway Grille & Icecream and brought it back to the condo. Relaxed until dinner at T-Bonz. We forgot the one in Barefoot Landing closed until I went to look up the address. Uncle, Aunt, and Mom went back to the condo. My Dad and I went to 6 different places trying to find the Sun News. We finally found one at Circle K. Back to the condo to relax and go to bed.

Monday 10/1
Mom and Aunt went to the beach. I slept in again. Mom and Aunt came back up from the beach as my Dad went down. Mom, Aunt and I went to lunch Blueberry’s Grill in Barefoot Landing. We stopped off at Walmart for a few groceries and to find a beach chair for my Aunt. It was a bit difficult trying to find a chair that didn’t sit low to the ground but she eventually found one. Stopped off at Little Pigs Bar-B-Q to get a sandwich for my Dad. Back to the condo to relax and get showers. Dinner tonight was at Flying Fish. Back to the condo to sleep.

Tuesday 10/2
Mom and I ate breakfast early. My parents and I went to the beach around 9:45am. We rented two chairs and two umbrellas. It was $80 for two days. The tide was finally low enough to be able to walk on the beach without feeling like you were walking on people. There was lots of foam in the ocean. Mom and I read in our chairs while my dad took a walk down down the beach. Aunt came down an hour or two later. Dad came back from his walk and ran errands. Dad called and asked what we wanted from Jersey Mike’s. Mom and Aunt weren’t hungry. I took him up on the offer! I got a #11 Stickball Special. It was really good. Mom, Aunt, and I stayed on the beach until quarter to 2pm and headed up to the condo. We met my Aunt and Uncle in the lobby at 6:15 to go to dinner. We chose Flamingo Grill tonight. Back to the condo.

Pictures from the beach:




Wednesday 10/3
Mom and dad went down to the beach around 9:30am. I followed about a half hour later. Dad took a walk on the beach, mom read, and I listened to my iPod. My aunt came down about 30 minutes later and we sat around and chatted. It was quite humid outside. The tide wasn’t as high as it was earlier in the week. Back to the condo at 12:30pm for lunch. We went to American Tap House for dinner. We walked to the Paula Dean store after dinner. My dad, uncle, and I sat in the rocking chairs out front while my mom and aunt shopped. The store was running a special where if you bought a certain amount of money, you got a “free” cookbook. My aunt came out with a bunch of goodies. We walked back to the car and drove around to River Street Sweets. We bought a pound of pralines and got a 1/2 pound free. The employee was a young kid, very kind and enthusiastic. Back to the condo for bed!

Thursday 10/4
I slept in today. Mom and dad went to the beach. My uncle went down to sit with them. I read a little on the balcony. Leftovers for lunch. We ate at Joe’s Bar & Grill for dinner. We had plans on going to Melt after dinner, but we were so stuffed that we put it off for the next day. Back to the condo to rest.

Friday 10/5
My aunt and uncle’s last night with us! Mom went down to the beach pretty early this morning. Dad and I stayed back in the condo. I got a message from the owner via the VRBO app that the cable people and a building manager were going to all the units to look at the cable hookups. Of course they never came! Or if they did, it was later on in the afternoon when we were at dinner. My aunt and uncle went to Barefoot Landing for a couple hours. Dinner tonight was at Villa Romana. After dinner, we went to Melt and sat outside and ate our ice cream. There were a ton of bikers at a restaurant/bar around the corner. We headed back to the condo. About 40 minutes later, my aunt came over to chat for a bit.

Saturday 10/6
Aunt and uncle left early this morning. I will miss them! They texted a little before 9am to say they were having breakfast at Plantation House and that they’d be on their way home. Mom and dad went out to do some errands. They got lunch at Fenway Grille & Icecream. They brought back lunch for me from Mediterranean Bistro. We had quite a few leftovers from our dinners earlier in the week, so we decided to stay in and clear out the fridge.

Sunday 10/7
I read on the balcony early this morning. Dad and mom went to a beach store to get clip on umbrellas for our beach chairs so we wouldn’t have to rent umbrellas for another week. They stopped off at Jersey Mike’s to pick up a couple of subs for lunch. Dinner tonight was a Taco Mundo. After dinner, we walked around Barefoot Landing. My, how it’s changed! My dad didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t drive around the shopping complex to get to the other side. I like the changes they made to Barefoot. I think the changes looked nice. We walked around the bend to Colette’s Popcorn. On the walk, I noticed a pumpkin patch that opens on the weekends (it was a little past LuLu’s). We drove to DQ for dessert. Dad got a sundae, mom got a mini blizzard, and I didn’t get anything. Back to the condo for the night.

Monday 10/8
Mom headed down to the beach but it started to rain as soon as she put down her chair. Dad and I headed to the hardware store to get some black electrical tape. My cell phone charger wire started to split. We headed down to Alligator Adventure. We hadn’t been there for about 10 years. We stayed for about 3 hours. After that, Dad dropped me off at the condo so I could eat lunch while he had some errands to run. He went to AAA for trip information and The Carolina Opry to get tickets for the Time Warp show on Thursday. We went to Lobster House Seafood Restaurant for dinner. After dinner, we went to the Tanger outlets and shopped around for a bit. I bought a purse and two new tops. Back to the condo for sleep!

Tuesday 10/9
No beach day for us! Our first stop was to the bank, then it was off to the Ripley’s Aquarium. After our fun time at the aquarium, dad walked over to River Street Sweets for a couple of goodies. We ate leftovers for a light lunch since we were having dinner in a couple of hours. Dinner tonight was at Chestnut Hill. After dinner, it was off to the Carolina Opry for their Time Warp show. Back to the condo to sleep.

Wednesday 10/10
We had plans to go to the beach but it was raining. Mom and dad went to the store to pick up a couple of things. They got lunch at Fenway Grille & Icecream and picked up a sandwich at Jersey Mike’s for me. I was going to read out on the balcony but it was rainy and windy so the seats were soaked. Dinner was at Angelo’s Steak and Pasta tonight. We stopped off at the Dollar Tree for some gum and candy and miscellaneous items. Back to the condo to rest.

Thursday 10/11
More rain and wind. The wind was so loud early this morning that it actually woke me up. We couldn’t really do anything outside, so we stayed in and occupied ourselves. The TV kept going in and out because of the weather. My uncle called and wanted us to leave immediately because he was worried about the weather for the rest of the week and didn’t want us to get caught in storm. We assured him we would be fine. We ate at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen tonight. We felt a little full from dinner, so we walked around the gift shop for a while. My mom bought Paula Deen’s biscuit mix and the Ooey Gooey Original Butter Cake mix. The shop has some really nice (expensive) stuff if you like Paula Deen and/or southern sayings and phrases. After dinner, we took a drive down the boulevard to see what’s new and what’s changed. Dad stopped off at Food Lion to get some items and a newspaper. Back to the condo for bed!

Friday 10/12
Dad and mom headed to the beach a little after 9am. I followed about an hour later. It was really cool this morning. The high was tide. The beach was pretty crowded. As soon as we settled in, here comes a family that sits practically on top of us. We had a chance to use our clip on umbrellas. They kept our faces out of the sun, but not much else. We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours. It started to get hotter outside. Dad and I played a round of golf at Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf. After a fun time at golf, I went to Mediterranean Bistro to get one last chicken lemon soup for lunch. Dad got BBQ at Little Pigs, and a hot dog at Sam’s Corner for mom. Sam’s Corner is under new management. The new owners said they when they took it over, the health department said they needed to a lot of work before they were allowed to re-open. It took them two weeks to clean up the place. The walls used to be covered in photos and said once they removed them, that cut down on half the grease! They had a lot to paint and repair. We relaxed a little while after lunch. I did some light packing since we leave tomorrow morning. Dinner tonight was at Flamingo Grill. Service was not up to par, unfortunately. We stopped off at the Dollar Tree to get some containers for our leftovers. We came back to the condo to finish up some packing and load the car up.

Saturday 10/13
Goodbye Myrtle Beach! We finished loading up the car about 10 minutes to 7am. We did a once-over with the condo to make sure we didn’t leave anything. We headed to Blueberry’s Grill for breakfast. After breakfast, it was time to hit the road. We used the directions from AAA my dad got a couple of days prior and had no problems getting home. We stopped a couple times for gas and a bathroom break. Overall, the trip home took a little over 7 and a half hours with all the stops. I can’t wait until our trip next year!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:45 pm 

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Sounds like my kind of relaxing vacation - lots of beach time, time to read and soaking up the sunshine! I was supposed to be there your 2nd week but my trip got cancelled...but I'm going in December instead. I want to say thanks for the very detailed restaurant reviews! I love when posters share the food pictures, I like seeing what it really looks like lol Your reviews are awesome!! :notworthy:


PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:03 am 
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FANTASTIC trip report!! Thank you so much! Great details, pictures, and the dining reviews were amazing! Sounds like a near perfect trip! Nothing better than relaxing, just enjoying the beach, and all the fun attractions MB offers. Thank you so much again for all the effort you put into this report :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: !!

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Hugs, Emmy

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:33 am 

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Great trip report and the pictures are awesome!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:48 am 
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What a wonderful trip review. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved "following you around!"

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My kind of holiday! Thank you so much for all the time you put into all your posts. The pictures add so much. I love the restaurant reviews and you have many. They are all such honest reviews of the good and bad and I greatly appreciate that. :hello:

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:16 pm 

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Great report. Love the late season reports.

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