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Author:  patrish [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Bovine Murrrells Inlet

The last time I wrote a review on this restaurant was in Dec. 2013. It is posted in Seafood section, and it was a positive experience.

We’ve always considered Bovine’s an excellent dining experience…a chance to get away from the chain restaurants and experience something above average. This was our expectation but when we dined there on 12/21/2015 it turned out to be a huge disappointment.

We were seated promptly by a window in the main dining room and given a basket of hush puppies with butter. We each picked up a hush puppy and said “yuk.” They were too chewy, small, and did not taste fresh.

Our waiter Justin came to the table and introduced himself. After taking our drink order, he came back to to ask if we had enough time to look at the menu, and if we were ready to order. He took our entree order and said “I’ll be right back with your salad plates” (for the salad bar.) We waited at least 15 minutes for the plates to arrive, and I said to Wally “At this rate we will probably be eating salad when the entrees arrive.” My prediction proved to be true.

The salad bar was as good as we remembered from past visits. But we had just begun to eat when Justin arrived with our entrees. What is the matter with this waiter? Doesn’t he know you don’t serve the entree until the salad has been finished or at least close to being finished? Wally pointed out to Justin that we just began to eat our salads and that the entree had arrived way too early. Sure, we have experienced this in the past, but we did not expect it at Bovine’s. A good waiter should know better. Justin apologized and said he would taken them back to the kitchen to keep them warm.

The restaurant was far from full…just about what you would expect on Dec. 21. But we felt neglected, and now were in a hurry to finish the salads..

The entrees arrived. I looked at my plate and said “What’s is in the 2 small containers? 
“Oh,” said Justin. “These are on the wrong plates.” He switched my two containers to my husband’s plate, and put Wally's container ( a spiced butter for my baked sweet potato) on my plate. OK, this can happen but it just added to our other disappointments.

My 1/2 cob of corn did not look fresh. The ends were a very dark brown and the large kernels were tough and chewy. Even the Jolly Green Giant can do better. Wally said his baked potato had the look and taste of baked potatoes that were prepared in advance and later warned up for dinner. My fried flounder was fairly tasteless. I have had better for half the price at other local restaurants.

According to Bovine’s menu, Local Carolina fluke flounder is served with hush puppies and cocktail or tartar sauce $20.95. I had to ask Justin if I could get some tartar sauce. He did not ask if I wanted cocktail sauce. It took him awhile to produce the tartar sauce.

The only item that was good was Wally’s salmon.

Basically, we were looking forward to an above-average dining experience. But the meal and service were very disappointing, and we are not people who usually complain about our meals.

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