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Author:  labakaas [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

Hello - I am brand new to the forum and I will be on family vacation in NMB next week. Patricia was kind enough to provide her opinions to me, but also suggested I blog my questions here. There are a several of them. Any feedback you have would be appreciated. We are leaving for MB Friday morning.

1. Raw oysters: I love to find a “buck a shuck” or even better less than $1, either at a happy hour or at all times. What are the best bets for this if you consider price, fresh oysters, want a beer with it … Are there different types of oysters we should be looking for ? Any raw bars that serve oysters by the bucket instead of by the piece of dozen ?

2. Steak: Any places serving aged Porterhouse for a decent price. We love a place in NY that serves it family style, already sliced and are always trying to find a match for it.

3. Crabs: While I know places like Joe’s Crab Shack, we usually like to stray off the beaten path a bit and not go with chains. Do you know a place for a good crab bake or crab boil ? Any places that actually do it on a beach or with a hole in the ground ? Or even a seafood boil or Frogmore stew.

4. BBQ – What are the best choices for BBQ ? Prefer authentic regional – I guess this would be lowland Carolina style.

5. Can you think of any restaurants off the beaten path that might have outdoor seating in a more natural setting ?

6. While I did see the MB has a couple luaus, I did not see any Polynesian restaurants (Tiki hut style with fancy coconut drinks and pu-pu platter type cuisine). Are there any of these there and if so, can you please recommend ?

7. Are there any music or food festivals during the week we will be there (7/26 through 8/2) ?
Check this web page I put together. It lists all the free stuff that's going on this summer

8. Type of cuisine aside, what would be some of your top recommendations in terms of great taste, ambiance and not terribly expensive ? We typically trend away from your standard run of the mill American style restaurants opting either for some ethnic or specialty food, or somewhere you might be blown away by the venue-décor-setting.

9. Are there any places to visit where moonshine or whiskey is made and sampled ? Beer ?

10. Going crabbing / fishing – my kids have asked about this. I don’t want to have to buy a permit, nor am I looking to charter a boat. Any thoughts on where we can do this fairly easily and inexpensively and spend about 1-2 hours ?

11. Any place you can think of that would allow my daughter to do karaoke or sing with a band or something like that ? Typically these are for adults in bars and later at night.

12. Motor boat rental for the inlet, river or intercoastal – Is there a company you recommend for this ?

13. Are there any safer places to rent and ride jet skis – not in ocean but perhaps on intercoastal ?

14. Bike rental – a place to rent and a safe park to go bike riding without have to transport the bikes ?

15. Day trips – Can you recommend any day trips ? Is Calabash worth the drive perhaps for seafood dinner ?

16. My two girls are 12 and 15. Do you have a few recommendations on what they should not leave town without doing ?

17. As mentioned we will be in NMB. What might you recommend as being good reasons to venture into MB ? Dining/attractions/activities ?

18. Boardwalk or Barefoot ? Are these basically the same experience ?

Author:  budwash435 [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

I'll try and throw some of my input on a few of these questions.

2. Greg Norman's. I haven't been there but the rest of my family has and they love it. It's in the Barefoot Landing area.

3. Boardwalk Billys. If you go during happy hour they have specials...I beleive last year I paid $5 for a half pound of crab legs that's their web site.

5. Crab Catchers (Little River) The Shack (Cherry Grove) Quigleys (Murrels Inlet)

8. When I was your kids age I enjoyed going to Dick's Last Resort. Food is okay, prices may be high, its a one of a kind venue. If you want a cafeteria type experience hit up K&W at one of their locations. Both are american restaurants though

9. Liberty Steakhouse in Broadway at the Beach. I advise you don't have a meal there though, their service has gone down hill fast and may have hit rock bottom. Decent micro brew though. Also check out New South Brewing, I may go there this year.

12, 13 & 14. There are quite a few, I'm sure you'll see ads for them everywhere. Grab one of the coupon books as well.

15. Charleston SC, Calabash, Myrtle Beach State Park.

17. Myrtle Beach has the Boardwalk (I dont think it's that great) and it has a ton of restaurants, but nothing you can't really find in the NMB area. Broadway at the Beach is a must as well as Barefoot Landing for your daugthers. Might want to check out Pepper Palace, Margaritaville (if you're into the touristy stuff), Cheeserburger in Paradise, plus all the attractions BATB has.

Author:  Sun n' Fun [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

Ok, let's see what I can offer... First pick up any and all "touristy" type publications you can find when you get to town such as The Monster coupon book. They are available at grocery stores, restaurants, attractions etc. They will provide you with additional savings and suggestions as well.

1) Raw seafood always makes me nervous (honestly) so I will let someone else answer this.

2) Angelo's Steakhouse in MB best steaks hands down in the area. You may have to drive a bit but worth it.

3) Bimini's is good for your "steam pots" and "oyster roasts." Laid back Jimmy Buffet atmosphere in a very casual setting.

4) BBQ House in NMB won 2013 for best BBQ. It's economical and really tasty.

5) Calabash NC just over the border has some fun places to eat outdoors. Capt. Juel's and Crab Catchers in Little River SC also have waterfront dining. All beautiful natural settings and your basic fried seafood. Just a note... Budwash said that The Shack has outdoor seating. It does not but it does have some of the best southern regional favorites around at ridiculously low prices

10) Fishing/Crabbing from the Cherry Grove Pier does nor require a license and it's fairly inexpensive.

15) This page from has all day trips and fun things to do

18) Broadway is bigger than Barefoot. In my opinion Barefoot has a more laid back Carolina feel to it. Broadway has much more "energy" going on. Pics of Broadway

Author:  labakaas [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

Is a lisence required for crabbing?

Author:  Sun n' Fun [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

labakaas wrote:
Is a lisence required for crabbing?

I am not totally positive. I know fishing is allowed from the pier without a license so you would just have to ask when you get there about crabbing. You can read more here ... hing-pier/

Author:  SteinerK2 [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

I know when I go clamming in Myrtle Beach I have to buy a salt water fishing license. I think it would be the same for crabbing. You can always check the SC DNR.

Author:  patrish [ Wed Jul 23, 2014 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

The kind of crabbing you want to do does not need a license:

In the state of South Carolina, you don’t need a license if you are crabbing with three or less drop nets, fold up traps or hand lines. Fishermen need a license to crab with a crab trap or pot. Equipment is minimal – a bucket, a crab net (available at any hardware store, bait shop, or Wal-Mart), 10- to 12-feet of sturdy string with a chicken neck attached above a two-ounce sinker. A dock, pier, boat, or sea wall makes the best crabbing site, although you can do it from shore if there is no wave action.


Author:  pop2748 [ Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

Bike rentals in NMB would be Bike Doctor on Sea Mountain Highway next to Duffy's Seafood. Might check Duffy's for your oysters.
Should be boat/jet ski rentals in Little River on the inner coastal.
Horseback riding in Little River. Name of place slips mind right now. North Beach Plantation maybe.
Kayak tours. JL Kayak in Little River. Tours of Cherry Grove marsh.
Music. Might research City of NMB page. Not unusual for live music towards end of week on Main Street in Ocean Drive section.

Author:  patrish [ Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to respond. We only had a couple days before labakaas left for the beach, but hopefully, he will have internet connections and can still read all of your suggestions.

Author:  pop2748 [ Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

Saw it on the phone and didn't really see all the questions. Knowing which beach section you're at would help pointing in right direction. ... s|Holidays
Looks like live music on Main Street Tuesday and Thursday next week.....

Not a large fancy tiki bar. There is Coconut's behind Maritime Resort. Just a few blocks north of Main Street. More of a back patio. Have heard good things about drinks and sandwiches.

No need to haul bikes anywhere to ride. Park at Bike Doctor and ride. They have hour/day/ and week rates if you want to take them back to condo. Can ride back streets all through NMB and even on Ocean Blvd with little problems. Not that much traffic and there are sidewalks along both sides of Ocean Blvd. Head north up through Cherry Grove. Think around 50th Ave north is bridge over to island in marsh. Upper end is a nature walk area.
Far end of Cherry Grove is inlet. North side of inlet is Waite's Island. Uninhabited. Can get there with kayak tour. Can walk there at low tide but if not careful might get stuck over there until next tide cycle.

Think I did see a sign at Barefoot Landing for moonshine. Store a few doors to left of River City Café. Think it was ad for Full Throttle moonshine. Not made on site.

Calabash isn't that far from NMB. Well....... North end in Cherry Grove and Ocean Drive you're looking at maybe 20 minutes. From south end in Windy Hill it would take a little longer but not day trip. An evening would do. Dinner out at waterfront. Stop in Callahan's to shop. Ice cream. Putt putt.
Trip to south end of Grand Strand would be a decent day trip. Brookgreen Gardens. Shopping at Hammock Shops. Dinner along Marsh Walk in Murrell's Inlet.

Man...That's a heck of a list......Girls would probably enjoy parasailing or banana boat ride. Mornings the price is less. Rides might not be as long but for first time might be the way to go.

Author:  patrish [ Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

labakaas, if you are still reading, I hope that when you get home you will give us a review on what worked and what didn't. What turned out to be your favorite activities, and what would you never do again? As Alan mentioned, that was a heck of a list, and not much lead time. I think you got some very good answers, and again.....hope your Myrtle Beach vacation is all you expected! :cool:

Author:  gary2beach [ Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations

I'll just tackle the moonshine and beer question as others covered the other questions:

Moonshine, it's not the backwoods/home made stuff. On Hwy 17 Business heading south of the airport on the left side is a new moonshine store and they offer samples. (went to a party 2 weeks ago with the beach crowd and we went through
4 mason jars, I made pineapple/mango, also there was peach, strawberry and plain as well as a watermellon soaked)

For beer, Gordon Biersh at Market Commons, Liberty at Broadway and Quigleys in Pawleys, you may also want to take a tour of New South Brewery in Myrtle.


Author:  labakaas [ Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Myrtle Beach Dining and Activities recommendations


Thanks so much for all the recommendations. We are just starting our second full day here. First day was mostly beach and pool. Went to broadway beach ... Way to hot for my parents. We will go back at night. Had some oysters at rockafellers and duffys. Both good. My family likes them more chilled.

We are going to be looking for some fishing .... Inter coastal or river (shade would be good), a driving range, tomorrow is my parent's 64th anniversary. Want to take them someplace scenic and special.

Went to buy some whiskey last night for me and dad and discovered no sales on Sunday.

Keep the ideas coming. Thanks.

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