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 Post subject: Bluewater Resort (#619)
PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:06 pm 
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We booked our report through HomeAway, so please note, this is individually owned.

Commons areas/Non rental specifics: Since we booked privately, I cannot comment on the specifics regarding resort service and that experience, but will rather comment about the common areas and items not controlled by the owner.

They have a couple of pools. Our favorite pool was the outdoor ocean front one. It got plenty of sun and while small, did the job. This was the kids’ favorite part too. It was right next to the hotel bar which was convenient too (even if we didn’t use it, I know we would have gotten some drinks if we didn’t have kids) They played a fun assortment of music which we really liked. It kept the atmosphere light and fun. They had a mini kiddie pool (few feet long by a couple feet side), hot tub and a pool that also went indoor. Those pools were COLD. Since they were located on the North side, they barely got any good sun. There were also a lot of leaves/bugs in them from being so shaded towards the end of the day but we did see them get cleaned (must have just been the location that caused issues). The indoor/outdoor pool worked for us, but wished it was a bit larger indoor. The small lazy river was across the street at one of the villas (which we knew from the website), but wished it would have been onsite, especially with the kids.

They have a bar on the 15th floor, which we didn’t go to (kids…), but went up to see. They have a small oceanfront deck that was to die for too!! We ate at their onsite restaurant twice for breakfast and it was pretty good.

We liked that you could park curbside to get unpacked and then they had ample parking on the side for bringing your luggage up to your room. They had the normal luggage carts and shopping carts available. This was actually nice so items didn’t fall off the luggage cart. They had the main doors and then doors further at the end (very convenient for us since we didn’t need to check in, and it was much closer to our room).

We didn’t spend too much time roaming around the resort, but what we saw was clean. The elevators also worked well, which was nice. We saw plenty of security guards walking around, which was reassuring. Just wished they would have been inside more when we saw someone smoking on the elevator!! (and smelled it several other times).

The rooms are keyless entry (just use a code) which we really liked. It’s SO MUCH nice than worrying about a card, HOWEVER, our excitement was quickly diminished when we discovered we had to use a key card to gain access to the parking garage… The parking garage was one of our least favorite things. It’s not only across the street, but across the next street as well… VERY inconvenient with two small kids and that alone would make our decision to probably never stay there again. It’s not that we disliked our stay there, it’s more that there are SO MANY places to stay in MB, we would prefer trying something else more convenient. In addition to needing a keycard for the parking garage, you also needed it to get into the pools and doors other than the main lobby ones. So, again it all kind of defeating the purpose of the room being keyless. We misplaced the key card once on our trip and the front desk couldn’t replace it since we didn’t book through them.

The Bluewater is on the Southern end of the main strip. This is by far the most South we had ever stayed. We were apprehensive, we enjoyed the location actually. It’s kind of fun branching out from what we are used to doing! The rooms are small, but the design was well thought out. The bedroom is by the door, then you have a galley-style kitchen of decent size (worked well with kids!) separating the bedroom and living area. The bathroom was the same width as the kitchen and also separated the living and bedroom. Essentially the room was a rectangle with large spaces with a kitchen/bathroom in the middle. The bathroom had a vanity area and then a separate toilet/shower area. We really like the separated areas, made it much easier for someone to shower or use the bathroom while the other gets ready.

Overall the resort was decent, not 5 star and not 1 star. Like I said earlier, we probably won’t stay there again – so many places to try with things that are more convenient for our family. However, it’s not that we wouldn’t ever stay there again either, if that makes sense.

Rental specifics:
The owner was quick to keep in touch with us. He is a real estate professional in the MB area, so that made us feel pretty good about booking through him. The owner made great use of space in the rental unit. The unit had a decent view, but not our favorite. I wish the door was a sliding glass door for the fact that you can see more in the room then, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

Pros: guestbook in unit – it was fun to read other visitors’ experiences and also update our own. Couch and loveseat were good size and comfortable. One of the two queen beds were really comfy. The owner provided an abundance of towels – appreciated that so much! The shower head was an upgrade – not one of those cheap drizzly ones. The paint color and decorations were tasteful (not boring white and hotel decorations). Laundry basket in the bedroom was great! I don’t think we have ever had one of those in unit before and will miss it if we never do again! It was SO CONVENIENT to throw dirty stuff in there and not get them all confused with 4 people! There were DVD directions and directions for how to contact the owner or cleaning lady with emergencies (good communication!) There was a lot of kitchen items available – plates, glasses, silverware etc. We never felt like we had to go buy any of that stuff (even wine bottle openers!) Overall we liked working with this owner.

Cons: The first thing I noticed was when I walked by the bathroom and saw the rugs… OMG… they were brown shaggy rugs with tons of debit in them!! We are very mid-range people. We don’t expect 5 star, but do expect CLEAN, no lying and getting what we paid for. They were so gross… they had this thick weird texture/film on them. We put towels over them from day one and on. The sower was dark – the liner and shower curtain were dark, so no light could get into the actual shower. It sounds nit-picky, but it was a hassle for us. The ceiling in the bathroom was definitely caving, you could touch it and it moved up quite a bit – that’s concerning! The table had a pretty distasteful cover and the chairs didn’t match (again nit-picky, but it stuck out to us right away). We had planned to utilize the sofa-bed the owner advertised, to find it was completely broken and gross. There was no way you could even sit on the bed when it was pulled out – we were pretty disappointed by that. One of the two queen beds was not as comfortable, felt like a pretty old mattress. The kitchen cabinets were falling… literally. They weren’t property anchored to the ceiling/wall so in one large long line of cabinets, they weren’t even connected. They end part was propped up against the wall, catching its fall. Now while these might be nit-picky again, I wanted to mention them. Whoever painted the unit was clearly doing the least amount possible and the tile work was probably a non-professional. So while in photos it looked nice, it was of lower quality. The paint wasn’t above the doorways, or below the mirror. While a smaller detail, it was noticeable right away. The floor tile was uneven, therefore some of the corners were really sharp to walk on, especially for my 10 months old crawling around on. To us we just felt like it was obvious that some of the upgrades were done as cheap as possible, but again to us, that just shows you don’t care as much. One other small thing we didn’t like were the hangers. While I appreciate that there were hangers available, I truly think that is a cheap necessity to have that can be decent quality. You can get the basic plastic hangers for very cheap. There were a mesh of very old wire ones, a couple plastic ones, and a number of hangers you get off the rack from the store….?? Those were annoying to see. I know it sounds dumb, but it really makes you feel like an afterthought.. like you couldn’t use real hangers?! What else are you skating by with?

Anyway, like we said before, it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst. There were some things we really liked, and stuff we really didn’t like. We will try a different place next time.

~ Ash ~

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:39 pm 
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Ash, thanks for this excellent review.

I realize your unit at Bluewater was rented from the individual owner, so most all your cons were attributed to the individual owner, not the resort itself.

The shag brown rug would have grossed me out. I don't think you are nit picking at all....sofa broken and gross, old uncomfortable mattress, kitchen cabinets falling...yikes! And the caving ceiling? Get me outta here! I hope you reported all your cons to the owner. If he is indeed a "real estate professional" he should want to get it right for the next people and it's going to take him awhile to make it right, No, your comments about the hangers did not sound at all dumb. It shows you are observant, and I wasn't surprised to see it. That goes right along with the bad paint job and the poorly decorated furnishings.

Your comments about Bluewater itself were detailed and informative. It's a great review for anyone interested in Bluewater. It has pros and cons and things that are important to one person may differ from another. What you did here was to lay it all out in black and white....and you did a great job!

Thanks so much for taking the time to write all your reviews. I know it's not easy.

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