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Suggestions: Myrtle Beach with my 1 yr old & 4 yr old
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Author:  carolinagal [ Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Suggestions: Myrtle Beach with my 1 yr old & 4 yr old

We are making a day trip to Myrtle Beach this weekend. We are actually staying in Ocean Isle NC & making the 30 mile drive to Myrtle for the day. I have been to Broadway at the Beach a few years ago & thought it was a lot of fun.

Can someone offer some activities to do with my 1 year old & 4 year old.

Also is there a laid-back beach-front restaraunt where we can grab a couple of drinks and kick back?


Author:  purplesummer79 [ Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:40 pm ]
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Have you thought about Ripley's Aquarium? I don't know what the one yr old would enjoy, but I think the 4 yr old would love it!

Author:  Dawne [ Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:34 am ]
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I agree with Ripley's Aquarium. The 1-year-old should like to watch the fish swimming by. You can get right up close to the glass, and the moving walkway is fun for any age. There's also some hands on stuff and 1 yo can get hands in water - just have wipes or something available to desanitize!

Another suggestion is that there is a nice little playground at BATB.

The Waccatee Zoo south of Socastee is also a nice place to take kids of all ages. It's not that expensive, and there's a coupon in the Monster coupon book for it. I'm thinking around $5 a person, but it may have gone up a bit since we were there last.

The Children's Museum of SC in the southern end of the parking lot where the Myrtle Square Mall used to be is a fantastic place for younger kids - LOTS of hands-on stuff to do. Katie posted about this, so maybe if you do a search you'll find her post and her pictures. It's also fairly inexpensive.

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