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More D.C. Beltway construction
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Author:  Arbond1 [ Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  More D.C. Beltway construction

Reposting this from another thread:

Just found this - in the Washington Post from Thursday:

If I read this right, looks like big time construction on the western side of the beltway - between I-270 and the Springfield Interchange hookup with I-95 for the next couple of years. :roll:

So, I'm staying away.

Time to work on the new route. So, 81 to 66 to 17? Or go down to 64 and over? Hmmmmm.

For you New England people, this just means stay away from the west side of the beltway if you are coming around D.C.

Author:  KirkG [ Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: More D.C. Beltway construction

If you have guts, stay on I-95 around the East side of the Beltway.... ouch !

Another alternate to the DC Beltway:

Just North of Baltimore, take I-895 South. 895 ends at Rte 97 South. Follow 97 South for ~20 miles to Rte 50 East in Annapolis (both are interstates, but 895 has a toll at the Baltimore Tunnel).

Follow Rte 50 West ~10 miles to Rte 301 South. Take Rte 301 ~100 miles to I-95 just North of the 295 Interchange at Richmond.

Some Comments on 301:

Rte 301 has a LOT of lights, especially in Maryland due to endless suburban sprawl.... be prepared and patient. While 301 is shorter distance than 95, with stoplights and residential areas it takes ~20 minutes longer than I-95 (if no 95 traffic).

Once into Virginia, 301 starts to cruise. Note the Potomac River Br is a toll and a very long/high/narrow bridge, make sure your driver is not spooked. After you reach Virginia's Fort "AP Hill", there are signs directing you to Rte 95 via Rte 207. Can't miss it.

So, if you are lucky enough to hit 95 South on a clear day, then 95 is faster. However.... if 95 is having it's usual heavy flow, it adds at least 30+ minutes or potentially much, much more (added 2 hrs to my wife's journey one time). Just a matter of accepting a predictable 20 minute trip delay with 301, or risking 95. As Dirty Harry asked.... Do You Feel Lucky ?

1500AM is a DC News Channel with good range and has frequent traffic reports 24x7, I suggest monitoring it as you get close to Baltimore.

One more.... if you stay on 95South through Baltimore, but hear 95 is heavy in North Virginia, Rte 301 can be accessed from Rte 95's exit 19 (Landover, MD). This puts you on Rte 50 East. Take Rte 50East ~5 miles, to exit 13 which is Rte 301 South.

Good Luck !

Author:  Dawne [ Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: More D.C. Beltway construction

See my thoughts in your other post.

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