The Drifters - Halloween

in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Thank you, Barb and Russell for hosting this fabulous party for your friends!!!

For any of you who uave not met Barb, she is one determined woman. When she got to thinking how much time had passed without seeing Russell seeing his friends, she went to work sending invitations and e-mails. Since Russell was one of the original Drifters, this task kept Barbara quite busy! Then she set out to decorate their beautiful home for Halloween...The Drifters and lots of company!

It's amazing when we remember how many lives this group has touched for over 50 years.

In addition to the Drifters, the Four Tops (performing at Legends through Oct.) were also there. These guys are terrific! They siong! Yes, that's what they do. If they hear something new on the radio or YouTube (or if they get a request) they put their heads together and are singing the new tune in no time. Their music makes you want to jump right up and start dancing!!

Or they are all together, sitting a a table... and spontaneously break into a song!

Each pf these gfentlemen are well-known in their own right. But put them together...and welcome to the eWOW factor! Be sure to chick the short videos just below!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

You may also enjoy The Drifter's Drifters Christmas at Barb and Russell's lovely home. (Their wedding photos are also in this page.).)

Click each photo to enlarge!

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The Drifters and friends singing their favorites!
Halloween party with the Drifters 2017
The Drifters and friends singing their favorites!
he Drifters and friends singing their favorites!
The Drifters and friends
The Drifters and friends singing their favorites!
Drifters and others singing oldies
The Drifters singing oldies 2017
 Andre with Legends in concert
Drifters and others singing oldies